Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 796 – Illusion Ancestor

Chapter 795 – The Formidable Phantom Ruler

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Yang Fengs heart stirred and he asked: “Phantom Ruler, can you take me to to and from the Dream World freely?”

The Phantom Ruler quickly sent back a message: “I cant. The three dream hunters I devoured just now are the lowest level dream hunters. They can only exist in the Dream World. They cant leave this world, they only know how to travel in this world. Only Infinity Warlock rank dream life forms like the astral dream snake, who has formed a real body, can master the ability to freely shuttle between the Dream world and the real world.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “How many of these low level dream hunters do you need to devour before you can attain the ability to travel between the two worlds freely?”

The Phantom Ruler answered: “Between 100 million to 1 trillion. These low level dream hunters have very little dream force and contain very low level dream laws. Furthermore, many of the dream laws they contain are repetitive and useless, so the exact number cannot be determined.”

“Dream force?”

Yang Fengs heart stirred, he spread the fingers of a hand, and powerful dream force transmitted to his hand from the Phantom Ruler and condensed into a sword.

Yang Fengs close combat prowess is slightly inferior to that of the Sea Goddess of War Bosana, who has the divine authority of martial. But compared to other Warlocks, it is already incredibly formidable.

With the dream force sword in hand, Yang Feng strode outside.

The outside is a wide field that extends without end. However, there is a teddy bear, a giant snake, and a 100-meter-tall cloud giant floating above the field.

Huge holes are suspended in the air, which appear to be connected to unknown channels.

Suddenly, countless thumb-sized dream tooth insects, with no eyes, a pair of strong wings, and a large maw on the head, flowed out from a dark hole.

Thousands and tens of thousand of dream tooth insects rushed towards Yang Feng in a terrifying swarm.

“Phantom Ruler!”

When Yang Feng saw the dream tooth insects, he realized that he alone has no power to resist them, and thus summoned his currently strongest trump card.

The queer and transparent Phantom Ruler, which looks as if it doesnt exist, suddenly appeared. One after another, eyes opened on its body and fired strange rays of light into the insect swarm.

As if sprayed by insecticide, the thousands and tens of thousands of dream tooth insects tremble. Like moths flying to the flame, they rushed towards the Phantom Ruler, and then were absorbed.

When the dream tooth insects were devoured by the Phantom Ruler, weird fluctuations full of anger transmitted from a dark channel. “Who is it? Who dares to kill my children!”

A huge tentacle shot out from the dark channel. On the huge tentacle, there are faces of humans, elves, devils, fiends, and other intelligent life forms. Those faces are distorted and emit anguished screams.

At the top of the huge tentacle, there is a squirming eye engraved with countless weird runes. The eye locked on Yang Feng.

The eye on the huge tentacle stared at Yang Feng and sent powerful fluctuations: “I am Eros, a great ruler of the Dream World! Human Warlock, report your name!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered and he replied unhurriedly: “My name is Xing! Eros, release my people! Let me and my people get out of here.”

“I can release you all. However, you have to play a few games with me. After clearing these games, I will release you all.”

Eros showed an extremely amiable expression. The faces on the tentacle burst open, and 20 bizarre mathematical problems formed in midair.

Those 20 bizarre mathematical problems are full of traps and cunning. Even Infinity Warlocks, which are like human-shaped super computers, cannot solve them in two hours.

Yang Feng suddenly smiled at Eros: “Actually, I have a better option.”

Eros asked curiously: “What option?”

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Its to kill you!”

The Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared beside Eros, then nine eyes opened on its body and fired nine rune chains that barreled towards the other party.

In an instant, the rune chains stabbed into Eros and frantically devoured Eross dream force and dream laws.

“What is this? Dont!”

Eross complexion suddenly changed dramatically, and it rapidly withdrew to the dark channel while screaming.

A transparent chain fired by the Phantom Ruler stabbed into Yang Feng, and Yang Feng was pulled into the dark channel along with Eros.

After passing through a dark, winding wormhole, Yang Feng appeared in a huge square covering an area of thousands of square kilometers.

In the center of the huge square, there is a 10,000-meter-long strange dream life form, which looks a bit like a dragon, with hundreds of huge tentacles, faces growing everywhere, and no head.

There are hundreds of huge wormholes around the weird dream life form. Evidently, it is using those wormholes to attack different powerhouses.

Wisps of dream force spread from the bizarre dream life form, which even Yang Feng couldnt identify.

The chain runes fired by Phantom Ruler continued to stab along the tentacle and extended towards Eross main body.

Every time a rune chain stabs, Eross main body lets out a painful roar, and a section of the tentacle is drained of all dream force and turns into ashes.

Eross tentacles instantly withdrew from the hundreds of black holes, and a three-meter-long, gold, vertical eye engraved with countless mysterious runes extended from the most central part of its body.

The gold vertical eye flashed, and a gray ray of distorted nightmare light, which can make people sink into the Dream World forever, shot out and barreled towards the Phantom Ruler.

Unable to dodge, the Phantom Ruler was hit squarely by the gray ray of nightmare light, and then it twisted and shook, as if about to crumble. It blurred into motion and landed on Yang Feng, forming a set of transparent mecha.

The Phantom Ruler, which is an ultimate weapon of the xizu, can be used to fight by itself. But at critical times, it can also be turned into a skin-tight mecha to protect or assist the master in battle.

The gray nightmare light spread to Yang Feng from the Phantom Ruler. In an instant, the soul force barrier he formed around him shattered and he fell into a groggy state. Only a trace of his spirit has not been confused.

If it werent for the power of the Phantom Ruler, Yang Feng would have sank completely into that state, unable to believe in and maintain his own existence.

“Human Warlock, even if it is a Warlock Monarch, when my nightmare light hits them, their soul will be deceived, and they will lose all resistance and become my food. I have devoured more than five Warlock Monarchs, and you will be no different! Moreover, via the nightmare light, I will trace your bloodline source, draw all people related to you into this world, and annihilate all traces of your existence in the world!”

A distorted, vicious threat transmitted by Eros, with a strange rhythm, passed through the defenses of the Phantom Ruler, pierced into Yang Fengs soul, and made his soul release burst of fear.

In the world of Warlocks, there are many strange and terrifying extraordinary life forms. Some Transcendent rank extraordinary life forms can annihilate a Warlock family with a single look.

As such a terrifying existence, Eros can easily exterminate a Warlock family.

Eroded by the nightmare light, the Phantom Ruler kept withering and crumbling, and Yang Fengs body was reduced to the size of a fist.

What Eros hadnt noticed, is that although the Phantom Ruler looked like it was crumbling, but in fact, it kept shining and absorbing the power of the nightmare light.

The moment when the Phantom Ruler was about to collapse, the strange nightmare light was devoured completely.

Yang Feng, who had fallen into a groggy state, with only a wisp of spirit awake, also regained his consciousness in an instant, and his eyes shone with confidence.

“Eros, thank you for your help, for letting me experience the power of the Dream World! Now you can go and die!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, took a step, instantly appeared in front of Eros, and spread the fingers of a hand, and the Phantom Ruler transformed into rune chains that stabbed into Eros huge body in an instant.

A tremendous amount of dream force was madly extracted and poured into the Phantom Ruler, making the Phantom Ruler turn even weirder and more terrifying.

Eros screamed loudly, a terrified and desperate look in his gold, vertical eye: “No! No! Dont kill me! I dont want to die! Spare me! Spare me, I am willing to serve you. Spare me!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and said: “Unfortunately, I think Ill rather have you devoured and make my Phantom Ruler evolve!”

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