Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 798 – Death Royal Guard

Chapter 797 – Vanquishing Infinity Warlocks

Poyduls eyes flashed and he shouted sharply: “Lets join forces and kill the Undying Mountains Lei Ming! Or else, we will become his prey!”

Standing next to Poydul, the figure of the first marshal Agnipe fluttered, and she turned into a ray of black light and flew towards Yang Feng like a bolt of lightning.

A black fenghuang suddenly rose, and, accompanied by a fenghuang cry, Yu Yan stabbed at Agnipe with her spear.


Agnipe slashed down with her sword and, as if endless dark force was gathered on her sword, forcibly blasted Yu Yan hundreds of meters away.

Blasted away by Agnipe, Yu Yans heart is filled with shock: “So strong! So this is one of the three strongest marshals subordinated to Poydul, a top powerhouse who has besieged Warlock Monarchs!”

Yu Yan, who has two Monarch grade secret treasures, is in the top three among the Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Marshals in terms of strength. She has amazing battle prowess.

However, Agnipe flung Yu Yan away with a single sword strike. It is evident who among the two is stronger. If she was alone, Yu Yan is definitely not Agnipes opponent.

Engines roared, and a swarm of Type II Undyings rushed towards Agnipe and swung their blades.

Agnipe slashed with her sword, and a black sword ray enveloped hundreds of Type II Undyings.

The hundreds of Type II Undyings broke apart and turned into many fragments.

Suddenly, the many fragments flew up rapidly and turned back into Type II Undyings, which continued to rush towards Agnipe.

Surprise flashed in Agnipes beautiful eyes. She swung her sword again, and a sword ray, containing powerful dark force, engulfed Type II Undyings, and the powerful dark force eroded the resulting fragments, microchips and all.

At the moment Agnipe was intercepted, Yang Feng turned into a Devour Black Moon, appeared above the Illusion Ancestor, and slammed towards him with a terrifying force.

“You bastard, you want to kill me by yourself!”

A fierce light flashed in the Illusion Ancestors eyes, and pitch-black runes and black qi gushed out and formed a three-meter-tall evil spirit engraved with countless mysterious runes, with a black horn on the head, an eye full of illusions, and the other eye full of fire.

The fire in the left eye of the evil spirit of unknown origins suddenly erupted and burned the void. The evil spirits fire, which looks like it can even burn the sun, rumbled and rolled out towards the Devour Black Moon.

The evil spirit the Illusion Ancestor changed into is called illusion fire evil spirit. The illusion fire evil spirit was an Infinity Warlock rank variant evil spirit from the Evil God Plane during its lifetime. The right eye of the illusion fire evil spirit is called the Eye of Illusion, while the left eye is called the Eye of Extinction Fire. The flames released by the Eye of Extinction Fire can burn even the sun to ashes.

The Illusion Ancestor obtained the illusion fire evil spirit corpse during an adventure. He spent 1,000 years to collect countless resources and absorb the essence of the illusion fire evil spirit corpse and experienced untold hardships before he finally advanced to the Infinity Warlock rank. The Eye of Illusion and the Eye of Extinction Fire are the Illusion Ancestors strongest trump cards, and they have never failed him.

When the evil spirit fire released by the Eye of Extinction Fire blasted into Yang Fengs Devour Black Moon, the Devour Black Moon shook slightly before swallowing the flames.

The essence of devour launched and, with world force as the power source, rapidly obliterated the evil spirit fire.

After three breaths of time, the Devour Black Moon devoured the evil spirit fire.

That Devour Black Moon swept towards the Illusion Ancestor, and then engulfed him.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and the Devour Black Moon shrank and flew into his hand. Screams of the Illusion Ancestor came from the Devour Black Moon.

“So strong!”

“The Undying Mountains Lei Ming is actually this powerful!”

“Thats an Infinity Warlock! A trifling advanced Bright World Warlock was able to vanquish an Infinity Warlock! What a monster!”


When the onlooking Infinity Warlocks saw Yang Feng vanquish the Illusion Ancestor, their complexions changed dramatically, and a solemn shade flashed in their eyes.

Every Infinity Warlock has the power to destroy a grade 9 plane by themselves. They are not an existence that Bright World Warlocks can challenge. Even if it is a Bright World Warlock who formed a virtual world, most such peerless genius can only contend against junior Infinity Warlocks.

Although the Illusion Ancestor is only a junior Infinity Warlock, but with the Eye of Illusion and the Eye of Extinction Fire, even intermediate Infinity Warlocks are apprehensive of him. Yet now he was easily vanquished by Yang Feng. This naturally prompted the surrounding Infinity Warlocks view Yang Feng as an equal.

As Yang Feng held the Devour Black Moon in his hand, the corners of his mouth rose into a smile: “Infinity Warlock! This is the first Infinity Warlocks that I personally quelled! I finally reached this point!”

Even in the Eight Warlock Dynasties eras, Infinity Warlocks were powerful combatants that were in charge of a region.

In the Cangzhi Plane, the strongest powerhouses of the Great Cloud Dynasty and the Western Worlds three dynasties are just Infinity Warlocks. For Yang Feng to be able to quell an Infinity Warlock, even if it is a junior Infinity Warlock, he can already be regarded as one of the Cangzhi Planes top powerhouses.

Poydul looked at the Devour Black Moon in Yang Fengs right hand with shock and fury in his heart: “Curses! How did he mature so fast?”

If wasnt for the unclear attitude of the other abyssal grand dukes and if it wasnt for the Infinity Warlocks in the square, Poydul would have gone all out and dispatched his three strongest marshals to slay Yang Feng.

An Infinity Warlock in a black Warlock robe, enveloped by black gas, said coldly: “Lei Ming, the Illusion Ancestor is an old friend f mine! Give him to me, and Ill turn a blind eye to what transpired!”

Yang Feng scanned the Infinity Warlock with cold yes, his killing intent surged, and he ordered frigidly: “Youll turn a blind eye? To oppose the Undying Mountain, you should just die! Alexia, kill him! ”

“Yes! My lord!”

With a cold flash in her pretty eyes, Alexia turned into a ray of black light, appeared in front of the Infinity Warlock in an instant, and slashed at him with her sword, which is enveloped in endless dark force.

The Infinity Warlock raised his right hand, and a plain, mysterious green shield secret treasure suddenly appeared, then bright stars emerged and formed one star vortex after another.

Alexia slashed at the star vortexes, and a black sword ray crushed one star vortex after another.

After the star vortexes ultimately prevailed over the black sword ray, star sparks combined into arrows of light that shot towards Alexia like raindrops.

Even though Alexia tried desperately to resist, she was still blasted hundreds of meters away by the numerous arrows of light, and numerous cracks were blasted open on the Fallen Angel Armor shes wearing.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered gravely: “Impressive, this person should be an expert among Infinity Warlocks.”

The Infinity Warlock realm is divided into tiers, and the gap in strengths between consecutive tier is immense. The Infinity Warlock has a level-9 secret treasure Nine Star Vortex Shield, which agrees very well with his secret methods. It is thanks to this secret treasure that he can blast Alexia away with one blow.

Almost at the same time, from a shadow behind the Infinity Warlock, Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night avatar appeared silently and stabbed with the strong divine force grade god armament Dagger of the Night at the Infinity Warlock.

One after another, magic shields appeared behind the Infinity Warlock. But the Dagger of the Night, which exudes dark and abstruse fluctuations of power, easily pierced through the magic shields and stabbed into the body of the Infinity Warlock.


His eyes shot with blood, the Infinity Warlock issued a dismal scream. In a flash, countless black runes welled up inside him and spread all over his body.

Alexia suddenly appeared in front of the Infinity Warlock, slashed down with her sword, and cut off his head, and fearsome dark force formed a ray that slashed the Infinity Warlocks Infinity Core and extinguished his soul.

Yang Feng beckoned with a hand, and the beheaded corpse of the Infinity Warlock flew directly into a storage ring. At the same time, he closed the other hand, and the Illusion Ancestor inside this hand was annihilated by the Devour Black Moon.

“So strong! The Undying Mountain is indeed full of experts!”

“Awesome! So this is the strength of the Undying Mountain, how formidable!”


When the other Infinity Warlocks saw this scene, apprehension flickered in their eyes.

The several powerhouses who wanted to fight with Yang Feng over the Infinity Warlock corpse exchanged looks, and then disappeared noiselessly. Seeing that Yang Feng has many experts under his command, they dont dare to confront him head on.

Seeing this scene, Poydul narrowed his eyes and ordered: “Agnipe, come back!”

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