Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 799 – Eternal God Tree

Chapter 798 – Death Royal Guard

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With a flick of black light, Agnipe slayed dozens of Type II Undyings, and then flew back to Poyduls side. She stared coldly at Yang Feng and company.

The fallen angel legion, which suffered heavy casualties, also stopped fighting and flew back to Poyduls side.

Poydul looked deeply at the several abyssal grand dukes biding their time, then his gaze moved and fell on Alexia standing beside Yang Fend, and he said slowly: “Young master Lei Ming, you live up to you reputation. Alexia is my subordinate. Young master Lei Ming, can you return her to me? As long as you return her, I will offer you 10,000 beautiful virgins from the endless Abyss as well as a Warlock Monarch soul core!”

“Warlock Monarch soul core!”

“How extravagant! That is a Warlock Monarch soul core! If you use it well, you can create a Monarch grade secret treasure!”

“If it is used properly, you may be able to create an Infinity Warlock!”


As soon as Poydul mentioned the Warlock Monarch soul core, the eyes of the surrounding human Infinity Warlocks shone with a fervent shade and released enigmatic light.

A Warlock Monarch soul core contains part of a Warlock Monarchs mysteries and power. If pinnacle Infinity Warlock and quasi-Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses could get the Warlock Monarch soul core, their odds at breaking through the bottleneck and promoting to a Warlock Monarch would increase by a fraction.

If not for the fact that abyssal fiends and fallen angels have no use to the Warlock Monarch soul core, Poydul would have used it a long time ago.

Alexias complexion remained unchanged, but her gaze moved slightly and fell on Yang Feng, and nervousness streaked across her beautiful eyes.

Although the Warlock monarch soul core is useless to the abyssal grand duke Poydul. But to the human Warlock Yang Feng, it is a most valuable treasure.

Yang Fengs killing intent surged, and he uttered with a cold smile: “Alexia is my subordinate. In my heart, she is a thousand times, ten thousand times more precious than some Warlock Monarch soul core. Poydul, you taking back Alexia is a pipe dream.”

Alexia secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and a gentle shade appeared in her beautiful eyes.

Yu Yan looked at Yang Feng in surprise, and an enigmatic ray flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Even the Great Cloud Dynasty doesnt have a single Warlock Monarch soul core. After all, Warlock Monarch soul cores are consumables. Once they appear and fall into the hands of Infinity Warlocks, they will be used to understand the mysteries contained within them.

If it was an ambitious character like the Great Cloud Dynastys emperor Bai Wuqing instead, they would definitely take the offer.

Poyduls eyes flickered, and he said unhurriedly: “Unfortunately, this is not the place to have a fight! How about we have another battle after we get out of this tomb?”

Yang Feng replied resolutely: “Fine by me!”

With tens of Infinity Warlock in the tomb of the Death Lord, Poydul doesnt dare to fight Yang Feng here.

If Yang Feng doesnt have to, he is also unwilling to fight Poydul here.

Poyduls three marshals, who have gone through countless battles and even slayed Warlock Monarchs, none of them is easy to deal with.

An Infinity Warlock pointed with a finger, and a mage hand appeared out of thin air and extended towards the bronze coffins that are all over the square.

A bronze coffin trembled slightly, strange bronze runes shot out of it, and its lid was blasted away, revealing a pitch-black taboo stone inside.

Crack! Crack!

Along with brittle sounds, the taboo stone shattered, and a powerhouse, dressed in bronze armor, with black hair and black eyes, exuding advance Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power, climbed out of the taboo stone.

The Bright World Warlock jumped out of the bronze coffin, looked loftily at the Infinity Warlocks, showing not fear, and shouted: “I am Zhou Chao, an officer of the Death Lords Death Royal Guard! This place is the resting ground of the great Death Lord. If you dont leave here at once, all of your relatives will be executed.”

“The Death Lords royal guard, the Death Royal Guard, that is the peerless army that swept the world in the days of the Death Dynasty!”

“This is an officer of the Death Royal Guard?”

“Is the Death Dynastys Death Royal Guard sealed in these coffins?!”


The complexions of the Infinity Warlocks changed drastically, and they looked at Zhou Chao with apprehension in their eyes.

The Death Royal Guard is a royal guard, composed of countless powerhouses of different races, subordinated to the Death Lord.

In the Death Royal Guard, ordinary soldiers are at least in the Moonlight Warlock realm, while the four marshals are Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

After the Death Lord passed away, the invincible Death Royal Guard disappeared without a trace. No one could imagine that the peerless army that swept the world in the Death Dynasty era was sealed in taboo stones. After tens of thousands of years, it now appeared in front of everyone.

“Kill him! The Death Royal Guard must not be resurrected! Otherwise, well all suffer a tragic end!”

All of a sudden, a weird voice sounded, and a fiends right hand formed by magic slammed towards Zhou Chao.

Zhou Chao let out an angry roar, the bronze armor on his body burst out with green light, and he slashed with the bronze sword in his hand, and a green sword ray tore through the void and smashed the fiends right hand.


“A mere Bright World Warlock can actually contend with an Infinity Warlock! Is this the power of the Death Royal Guard?”

“They must not awaken, or else we will all be buried here!”


Soul fluctuations filled the square. The complexions of the Infinity Warlocks changed drastically, and they cast spells blasting towards Zhou Chao.

Lightning, poison arrows, curses, fire, and all kinds of other powerful offensive spells blasted towards Zhou Chao in wave after wave.

Zhou Chao, exuding a fearsome aura that resembles an ancient fierce beasts, swung his bronze sword towards the various spells.

Under the bombardment of all kinds of spells, Zhou Chaos bronze armor ruptured inch by inch, and his whole body became riddled with wounds.

“The Death Royal Guard is invincible! The great lord is eternally undefeated!”

Zhou Chao widened his eyes from anger and roared. As if he burned his life, his aura instantly climbed to the Infinity Warlock realm, then he exploded, and his flesh and blood dove into the surrounding bronze coffins.

The bronze coffins trembled one by one, and bronze runes began to emit green light.

“Use sealing spells! Dont let those antiques come out!”

A voice sounded in the area, and queer runes turned into all kinds of incomprehensible existences that sank into the bronze coffins.

Due to queer sealing runes, all the power of the bronze coffins was suppressed, and the Death Royal Guards powerhouses inside fell silent.

Since the rise of the Death Dynasty, human Warlocks have grown for hundreds of thousands of years. Although they repeatedly went through the process of prosperity and decline, but the secret methods of human Warlocks have been constantly improving nonetheless.

The Infinity Warlocks here are the top existences on the Cangzhi Planes surface world. Each one of them is a genius who stand out from among the masses, a genius among geniuses, without any shortcomings. Sealing spells is something that all Infinity Warlocks must master.

After the bronze coffins were sealed by the Warlocks. All of a sudden, the huge square shook violently, and a dark channel, seemingly capable of devouring everything, appeared and erupted with an attractive force.

The bronze coffins in the square were immediately sucked into the dark channel and disappeared.

The Infinity Warlocks looked at the weird dark channel and looked at each other, not daring to enter it.

With a wave of an Infinity Warlock, a ten-meter-tall steel golem engraved with many runes suddenly appeared.

As soon as the steel golem appeared, it took several steps and plunged into the dark channel. There were no more news from it.

Following flashes of light, various extraordinary life forms the Infinity Warlocks have subdued appeared one after another and flew towards the dark channel.

The extraordinary life forms disappeared without a trace shortly after they entered the dark channel, as if a peerless beast dormant in the dark channel devoured them.

While gazing at the pitch-black channel, Yang Feng ran the Fate Algorithm, and a frightening premonition of death suddenly welled up in his mind.

“The Fate Algorithm is warning me that once I step into the dark channel, I will definitely die!”

A dignified look in his eyes, Yang Feng waved a hand, and dozens of Type II Undyings flew into the dark channel.

When the Type II Undyings flew into the dark channel, Yang Feng lost all contact with them, making him even more apprehensive.

At this moment, an Infinity Warlock suddenly appeared at the border of the square and pressed a relief sculpture with Styx carved on it.

The relief sculpture with Styx shone, distorted, exuded dense black gas. The Infinity Warlock passed through the relief sculpture and entered inside.

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