Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 80 – Killing Barry

Chapter 79 – Reigns

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Eunice glanced at the reinforced glass pool filled with the dragons heart blood, then clenched her teeth, directly stripped out of her clothes and also jumped inside. She was very clear about how precious the dragons heart blood was. Within the entire Turandot Subcontinent, there werent many people that could enjoy a bath in the heart blood of a Starry Sky Warlock rank dragon.

After Eunice entered the pool of the dragons heart blood, she also clenched her teeth, operated her secret method. Her entire body bloomed with streams of starlight, leading to her body absorbing the power of the dragons heart blood.

Inside the pool of the dragons heart blood, the faces of Yang Feng and Eunice were twisting, they appeared to be suffering great pains. Only Shi Xue was relaxed, easily absorbing the power within the dragons heart blood, without suffering any impact.

After a full hour, only then did Yang Feng felt the power from the dragons heart blood gradually fading away. He then gently jumped, leaving the pool of the dragons heart blood.

There was already a bath tub prepared. Yang Feng entered the bath tub and cleaned himself, only when he felt his entire body refreshed did he get out of the bath tub.

Yang Feng felt his body brimming with power, his life energy was boiling. He casually punched out, raising a terrifying airflow.

Yang Feng ordered: “Scan my body!”

Yang Feng muttered: “That black dragon at its peak was a terrifying being with the battle prowess of a Starry Sky Warlocks. I should simply extracted its bloodline and then directly transplant it into my body. After practicing a black dragon type secret method, I shouldnt mind it and tread the Bloodline Warlock Path.”

The Orthodox Warlock Paths requirements were very strict towards a persons soul aptitude and also required large amounts of resources to make its treading smoother. People with lacking soul aptitude would basically choose to tread the Bloodline Warlock Path.

The greatest weakness of Bloodline Warlocks was that once they practice cultivation until the limit of that extraordinary life form, then further evolution would stagnate, it would be difficult to advance by even an inch. The Advantage of Bloodline Warlock was the high cultivation rate. Moreover, the life span of Bloodline Warlocks was by far longer than that of Orthodox Warlocks.

From the long-term perspective, treading the Orthodox Warlock path would undoubtedly greatly develop ones potential. But Yang Fengs soul aptitude was really too lacking, forcing him into choosing the Bloodline Warlock Path.

“This is the taste of the heart blood of a black dragon!”

Along with a muffle voice, a 23 or 24 years old, dressed in a black Warlock robe, with golden short hair, an extremely handsome appearance and exuding a charming temperament from all over the body, a young man slowly walked out from within the woods.

Following the handsome young man was an old man with hair and beard all white, and dressed in a managers clothing.

Eunice had also already finished bathing, she wore a silver, low-cut, tight Warlock robe, a pair of slender and beautiful legs were faintly discernible, with a touch of fragrance wafting from her.

Eunice looked at the young man and said with her thin eyebrows slightly creased: “Reigns, what do you think youre doing here?”

Reigns looked at the beautiful and moving Eunice, deep in his eyes flashed a touch of greed. Acting as if Yang Feng was air, he said with a gentleman-like smile: “Eunice, you both smell of the heart blood of a black dragon. Where is that black dragon?”

Eunice didnt pay Reigns any attention and took the initiative to speak towards Yang Feng: “Sir, his name is Reigns, the most doted upon little son of Black Dragon Towers Master Anthony Bowright.”

“Black Dragon Tower!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar radiance.

Black Dragon Tower was one of the six strongest Warlock powers in Turandot Subcontinent. Reportedly, the one in control over Black Dragon Tower was a Bloodline Warlock Family with black dragons bloodline. The bloodline of a black dragon was extremely formidable. Adult black dragons were all terrifying beings of the Great Warlock rank. That Bloodline Warlock Family with black dragons bloodline was in complete control of Black Dragon Tower. Moreover, it was the strongest from among the six great powers in Turandot Subcontinent.

Reigns swept Yang Feng with a contemptuous glance and threatened loftily: “From these mechanical golems, you ought to be that waste Yang Feng from Steel City! These mechanical golems are quite good, Im quite fond of them, offer them to me and then scram! I can spare your pathetic life. Otherwise, with just a sentence from me, your entire Steel City will be wiped out.”

When Yang Feng heard this, he became furious within. He glanced at the old man beside Reigns, his eyes flashing with a touch of dread.

Reigns life force was quite lacking when compared with that of Eunice, he was just at the standard of an ordinary level-1 Warlock. Yet the life force of the old man beside him was enormous, comparable to that of a level-2 Warlock.

That old man gave a cold smile and threatened eerily: “Are you deaf? The young master of my family allowed you to offer him those mechanical golems. In other words, do you want to implicate your uncle and the entire Steel City be razed?

Eunices pretty face became solemn and she said coldly: “Reigns, what are you up to? Take a hike, or wait for me to go back. See if I dont complain to the council.”

Reigns exposed a trace of a depraved smile: “Beautiful Eunice, Ive already been wishing to catch you for a long time. But you have been all along hiding in Warlock College Antalya, making it impossible for me to put my hands on you. But after today, youll become my beautiful collectible. Either come with me now or wait for my familys old manager Berry invite you back with us, what will you choose?”

Berry exposed a trace of a smile, operated his secret method and a formidable life force spread from his body.

The level-2 Warlocks terrifying life force oppressed Yang Feng who had the physical constitution of a level-1 Warlock, somewhat adversely impacting his breathing.

Eunice felt cold within, gave the old man Berry beside Reigns a deep look and said full of fear: “Reigns, you even dare to lay your hands on me? Could it be that you arent afraid of my fathers revenge?”

Reigns smiled in disdain and said arrogantly: “Starlight Aldrich, that waste has some power inside the Southern States Coalition. But if he dared to come to our Black Dragon Tower, I can assure you that he wouldnt return.”

“Go, take care of them!”

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