Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 803 – Getting the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees Fruits

Chapter 802 – Magic Ban World Collapses

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“Red Monarch? Since you dare make an attempt on my life, not even the Heavenly King Lao Zi [1] can save you!”

Killing intent surging in his eyes, Yang Feng slashed down with his sword again and bisected Hong Lei, wiping out all her life force.

“Who! Who dared to kill my daughter! Ill wipe them and their entire line out!”

A wisp of Warlock Monarch rank breath diffused from Hong Leis remains, and then red light suddenly flew out, landed on Yang Feng, and formed a weird brand.

Yang Feng scanned the bloodline tracking brand carved by the Red Monarch, and smiled coldly: “Tracking brand? Unfortunately, this kind of spell is ineffective against me!”

Although, among the many secret methods Yang Feng has mastered, there is no secret method that can deal with the tracking brand carved by a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. However, if he uses Devourers, one of the ultimate weapons of the xizu, which can devour any kind of energy, the bloodline tracking brand can naturally be broken easily.

Yang Feng beckoned with a hand, and the various treasures on Hong Leis body flew into his hand.

“What a cruel guy!”

“To dare kill the Red Monarchs daughter, how daring!”

“A mere Bright World Warlock dares to kill the Red Monarchs daughter, what a reckless fellow!”


One after another, secret fluctuations diffused among the Infinity Warlocks, and they looked at Yang Feng with apprehension in their eyes.

The Red Monarch is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse from the core world, he is in charge of a huge Warlock group called the Red Monarch State, which is full of experts.

Apprehensive of the Red Monarch, the Infinity Warlocks here have somewhat avoided his daughter Hong Lei, which led to Hong Lei become full of herself and ultimately die at Yang Fengs hands.

Distorted light flashed, and an Infinity Warlock broke through Yang Fengs mechanical legion and flew in the direction of the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Tree.

In an instant, the Infinity Warlock slammed into an invisible barrier and got stuck, like a bug glued to a spiders web. The Styxs water poured on him and, as he issued miserable screams, washed his soul into a blank slate. Then, his figure fluttered, and he sank into the Styx and became a part of it.

Seeing this scene, the blood of the Infinity Warlocks who were getting restless ran cold, and they gazed at the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Tree with greed and fear in their eyes.

An Infinity Warlock said: “Lei Ming, stop! Lets first break the barrier, and then compete for the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Tree!”

“Okay! After I destroy those guys from the Abyss, I will break the barrier with you all!”

Yang Feng replied decisively, and the 4th generation battle robots that were besieging the other Infinity Warlocks flew away and attacked the four abyssal grand dukes.

Various beams slammed into the three abyssal legions, causing them the disastrous casualties.

Although the fleshly body of abyssal fiends is far stronger than that of human Warlocks. But after losing the support of abyssal force and dark force, the lives of the abyssal fiends were reaped like wheat by Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Yang Feng has never heard of that Warlock Emperor rank existence of the Abyss, causing him to feel an indistinct premonition. He is unwilling to let the plot of that terrifying existence succeed.

As countless abyssal fiends died, the four abyssal grand dukes were forced to show their strongest form and plunge into the battle with Yang Fengs battle robots. If they dont step in, only death will await the abyssal fiends.

Yang Fengs figure flickered, and he appeared in front of the gold horned grand duke like a ghost and slammed a hand carrying primal chaos breath towards the other party.

“Lei Ming, there are no grievance between us, why are you attacking me!?”

The gold horned grand dukes complexion changed drastically, countless gold veins protruded underneath his skin, and he bellowed and slammed his fist towards Yang Feng.

“Your heart is of great use to me!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and uttered inwardly, then his speed erupted, and his hand pierced the chest of the gold horned and scooped out his heart.

When the gold horned grand dukes fist blasted into Yang Feng, Yang Feng only shook a little.

Yang Feng sealed the corpse and heart of the gold horned grand duke, then shifted his gaze, and his eyes fell on the bakt grand duke.

The eyes of the bakt grand duke flashed coldly, and then he suddenly fled in the direction he came from. He knows that Yang Feng wont give up the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Tree for just him.

“A bunch of useless trash!”

All of a sudden, from among the countless abyssal fiends, a very ordinary-looking Glorious Sun Warlock rank bakt fiend uttered coldly and spread the fingers of a hand, and a black rhombus crystal appeared in his hand.

As soon as the black rhombus crystal appeared, Yang Fengs Fate Algorithm trembled frantically and set off all kinds of alarms. His complexion changed drastically in an instant, and he immediately retreated to the side, giving way to the gold coffin.

A dense crowd of shielded robots flew out in an instant, raised their shields, and opened their energy shields, blocking in front of Yang Feng.

Additionally, countless other battle robots flew from all directions, opened their energy shields, and protected Yang Feng.

The Glorious Sun Warlock rank bakt fiend gave Yang Feng a deep look, and then uttered a series of ancient words that Yang Feng has never heard before.

All bakt fiends exploded in an instant and transforming into pure black light that plunged in the black rhombus crystal.

All of a sudden, the black rhombus crystal shone brightly, countless strange symbols and characters that Yang Feng had never seen before gleamed, and horrifying Empyrean might capable of shattering countless worlds diffused.

When they sensed the horrifying Empyrean might, the Infinity Warlocks at the scene trembled violently, and their eyes shimmered with despair.

Although Infinity Warlocks are the strongest powerhouses in the Cangzhi Planes surface world and could even proclaim themselves as hegemones over a territory during the Eight Warlock Dynasties eras. But in front of a Warlock Emperor, they are no more than ants.

The black rhombus crystal shattered and turned into a 10-meter-long, pitch-black claw engraved with never before recorded symbols and characters.

As soon as the huge black claw appeared, terrifying Empyrean might spread in all directions, and strands of black gas that appear to be heavier than mountains crushed the earth and distorted the space.

1,000 meters away from the huge black claw, the energy shields of 4th generation battle robots collapsed one by one, and the units themselves fell to the ground.

The pressure from a Warlock Emperor rank existence is already tangible and has substantial power.

Originally, in this magic ban world, most powers Warlocks have mastered are sealed. But as soon as the huge black claw appeared, it distorted the laws and extracted the nether force of this world.

“My lord, you are eternal and immortal!”

The Glorious Sun Warlock rank bakt screamed zealously, and then exploded and merged into the huge black claw.

The huge black claw slammed towards the gold coffin along with terrifying fluctuations of power that can destroy anything in the world.

All of a sudden, the gold coffin that seemed to have no sense of existence burst out with light. The entire magic ban world appears to have come to life.

The lid of the gold coffin was slowly moved aside, and a strand of Empyrean might containing flawless grade essence of death diffused from the coffin.

When the strand of Empyrean might diffused, a Netherworld projection, containing countless branches of Styx and filled with countless dead, including a considerable amount of Warlock Emperor rank existences, suddenly appeared.

A terrifying existence slowly awakened inside the gold coffin.

The huge black claw stabbed into the Netherworld projection, pierced through it in an instant, and slammed into the gold coffin.


An angry voice came from the gold coffin, erupted next to the ears of the Warlocks here, and shook their eardrums violently, and the Warlocks bled from their ears.

A large hand that looks ordinary, yet contains countless mysteries, extended from the gold coffin and slapped the huge black claw.


The magic ban world disintegrated and the Styx fell apart and its water splashed about. A terrifying force rolled and churned in the magic ban world.

Six Infinity Warlocks near the gold coffin turned directly into ashes under the terrifying force.

Countless battle robots close to the gold coffin collapsed and turned into nothing.

The battle robots that stood in front of Yang Feng were shattered by the terrifying shock wave.

At the moment when the magic ban world disintegrated, Yang Feng sensed the fetters binding his body collapse. With a flick of his wrist, the Mountain Shield appeared in front of him and turned into a huge mountain range that protected him, Alexia, and the other two powerhouses.


[1] – Heavenly King Lao Zi is a chinese idiom that means to describe the most noble person with the greatest authority

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