Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 805 – Slaying the Purple Monarch

Chapter 804 – Purple Monarch

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When he got the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits, Yang Feng ordered decisively.

The 4th generation battle robots, who were still fighting the Infinity Warlocks, and Alexia and the other two experts flew to Yang Fengs side, and then flew away while guarding Yang Feng.

“Lei Ming took the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits!”

Among the Infinity Warlocks, the eyes of a particular Infinity Warlock flickered with countless runes, his pupils shone with dim light, his gaze pierced through the fog the Mistwalkers have transformed into and locked on Yang Feng, and he shouted.

“Old Monster Cloud Sea took the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits!”

“The Nine Extinction Towers Tower Master took the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits!”


Almost at the same time, one voice after another rang from all directions.

A strong wind blew by, and the fog formed by the Mistwalkers distorted, a passage appeared, and the Infinity Warlock with the mystical eye ability was exposed to everyone.

Nine realistic Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits flew towards the Infinity Warlock with the mystical eye ability.


“Go to hell!”


Without hesitation, the dozens of Infinity Warlocks cast all kinds of powerful spells barreling towards the Infinity Warlock with the mystical eye ability.

These Infinity Warlocks have already become crazed due to the fighting. As long as there is something amiss, they will cast spells and destroy the enemy. Anyway, these Infinity Warlocks here are all enemies. They dont mind killing one another.

“Its, its not… me!”

The complexion of the Infinity Warlock with the mystical eye ability changed drastically. One after another, magic shields appeared round him, and then a giant black shield appeared and blocked in front of him.

Boom! Boom!

The a barrage of spells cast by the dozens of Infinity Warlocks blasted into the giant black shield, making a series of heaven-shaking rumbles.

The giant black shield shattered after a dozen plus spells hit it, and the remaining spells instantly swallowed the Infinity Warlock with the eye ability.

An Infinity Core flew out of the terrifying explosion of spells like a meteor and disappeared

Affected by the terrifying spells, the holographic projections of the nine Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits shattered into specks of light and disappeared.


“Lei Ming!”

“The Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming took the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits!”


Seeing the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits shatter, the Infinity Warlocks calmed a little. After a moment of thought, they vaguely inferred the truth from the current situation.

Projections of true dragons, fenghuangs, qilins, taoties [1], devils, and other fearsome existences suddenly appeared and slammed towards the battle robots that are in the way.

Under the attack of dozens of Infinity Warlocks, the 4th generation battle robots were blasted away, clearing a path to the outside world.

When the dozens of Infinity Warlocks flew out of the tomb of the Death Lord, countless Sea Hunters welcomed and besieged them.

The dozens of Infinity Warlocks cast various powerful spells and carved open a path amid the Sea Hunters. When they rushed out of the siege, they only saw a huge battlestar fleet escorting Yang Feng disappear into the distance.

“I finally broke away from those guys! What a great harvest!”

Yang Feng is covered with Devourers, which are devouring the tracking brand the Red Monarch marked him with.

As long as the Devourers devour the tracking brand, there will be no longer any hidden dangers.

“Surprisingly, the Red Monarchs tracking brand has been broken, what an interesting little guy!”

A chuckle suddenly came from the distance. A tall, ordinary-looking powerhouse, wearing a purple Warlock robe, with bright, spirited eyes, which look like the most precious jewels in the world, walked over while treading on air.

The powerhouse in a purple Warlock robe seems to be very relaxed. But with every step he takes, he crosses a distance of several kilometers. His movement speed is incredible.

As soon as Yang Feng saw the powerhouse in a purple Warlock robe, his heartbeat accelerated, all kinds of alarms went off in his mind, and the Fate Algorithm throbbed, declaring the horror of the powerhouse in a purple Warlock robe: “Who are you?”

The powerhouse in a purple Warlock robe smiled placidly and said: “I am the the Purple Monarch, the master of the core worlds Purple Moon Monarch City! Lei Ming, or should I call you Yang Feng, hand over the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits, and then submit to my Purple Moon Monarch City. Otherwise, today is the day you die!”

“What great confidence! Lets see if you have the ability to back it!”

With a thought from Yang Feng, countless 4th generation battle robots flew out like a tide and attacked the Purple Monarch.

The 32 Blazing Sun Battlestar flashed, and countless auxiliary artillery beams formed a screen of light barreling towards the Purple Monarch.

“Is this your mechanical golem art that has been rampant all over? Compared to the Golem Lords mechanical golem legion, its really lacking.”

The Purple Monarch smiled faintly. Warlock Monarch rank pressure slowly diffused from him. He pointed with a hand, and endless purple light flew out of his hand, forming a torrent of purple that swept towards Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Inside the terrifying torrent of purple, many 4th generation battle robots exploded, turned into a balls of fire, and fell from the sky.

Swept by the torrent of purple, of he hundreds of thousands of 4th generation battle robots, 200,000 were destroyed in an instant.

With a flash of black light, the fully armed Alexia, who had already stimulated her power to the limit, enveloped in Fallen Angel Fire, appeared behind the purple Monarch with a blur, and slashed at him.

Yu Yan, who looks like a black fenghuang enveloped by fire, along with a black fenghuang cry, stabbed with her spear towards the Purple Monarch.

His eyes shot with blood, Sebas stimulated his power to the limit and slashed at the Purple Monarch.

Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar leaped out from the void, with the Monarch grade secret treasure God Blood Sword in hand, carrying the law of blood, twisted and spiraled like a viper, and slashed at the Purple Monarch from queer angles.

“To subdue so many experts, Yang Feng, you are quite capable. Unfortunately, the strength of a Warlock Monarch is beyond your imagination!”

With a sneer, the Purple Monarch released endless purple light, and, like an eternal and immortal being, swatted at Alexia with a palm.

That palm appears to be extremely slow. But in fact, it is surprisingly fast. The palm, which gained the initiative despite striking second, slammed into Alexias abdomen, and purple light shone and disintegrated the Fallen Angel Armor on Alexias abdomen, and then a purple beam blasted Alexia away alike a broken rag doll. Alexia slammed into the ground and blasted open a huge hole.

Purple radiance suddenly converged and formed three purple stars, which appear to contain the power of a world, the purple stars suddenly hit Yu Yan, Sebas, and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar.

The power of the three purple stars broke out in an instant. Endless purple light dealt heavy damage to Alexia, Sebas, and Yang Fengs kindred avatar, and they fell in different directions alike broken rag dolls.

Yu Yan, Sebas, Alexia, and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke avatar are all experts among Infinity Warlocks, and any one of them can easily defeat a junior Infinity Warlock. Their battle prowess is comparable to that of the advanced Infinity Warlock realm. But although the four of them joined forces, they still couldnt withstand a blow from the Purple Monarch.

Yang Feng gazed at the Purple Monarch with a dignified look in his eyes. The Fate Algorithm throbbed, and a premonition of deadly danger surged in his heart: “So strong! So this is a Warlock Monarch, how truly powerful! I stand no chance against him in a frontal confrontation.”

A cold ray flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he gritted his teeth and thought: “It seems that I can only use my final trump card and escape from here! After I am strong enough, Ill go destroy the Purple Moon Monarch City.”

If Yang Feng escapes, then Alexia, Yu Yan, Sebas, and his kindred grand duke avatar will be left at the mercy of the Purple Monarch.

But right now, Yang Feng, whose cultivation base is only in the advanced Bright World Warlock realm, is not the opponent of the Purple Monarch. He can only choose to escape.

“Purple Monarch, you dare attack my big brother? Are you tired of living?”

Countless snowflakes fluttered, and ice flowers and singing beautiful ice sprite formed by ice force in the air.

Surrounded by countless ice and snow, a mesmerizing girl, dressed in a snow-white Warlock robe, with long black hair, a perfect figure, and extraordinary and majestic temperament, walked out.

Yang Feng looked at the mesmerizing girl with a majestic temperament, who stepped out of the void, in a daze and exclaimed: “Xueer!”

The mesmerizing girl is Shi Xue, the little beauty who came out of a taboo stone Yang Feng obtained when he still hadnt even reached the level-1 Warlock realm.

The Purple Monarch gazed at Shi Xue, his thoughts revolved, his eyes flashed with endless shock, and he cried out: “Your big brother is Yang Feng? Then you are Shi Xue, the direct disciple of the Battle Demon Sects great elder Yue Wuxian? How can this be? Yue Wuxian is but a mere Infinity Warlock, how can she nurture a Warlock Monarch!?”

A Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse is extremely powerful. Placed in the Eight Warlock Dynasties eras, they are overlords who can dominate a dozen plus planes.

Ever since the collapse of the Eighth Warlock Dynasty, there was practically no information on a Warlock Monarch being born in the Cangzhi Planes surface world. Yet Shi Xue has managed to advance to a Warlock Monarch. This is beyond incredible.


[1] – taotie

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