Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 806 – Secret

Chapter 805 – Slaying the Purple Monarch

Envy flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and the trace of pride in his heart dwindled: “Since I seized the resources of numerous forces and practiced many secret methods, and my soul aptitude broke through the god-man boundary and advanced to the inferior level-9, I thought that my cultivation speed is already first-class in the Cangzhi Plane. But it seems that compared to a true peerless genius, I am still quite a bit behind!”

Yang Feng used xizu technology to create countless battle robots and destroyed one Warlock group after another, plundered all their cultivation resources, and used them to practice cultivation. This is why his cultivation speed is so amazing. Although he didnt voice it, but in his heart, he felt proud.

But now that he learned that Shi Xue has actually promoted to a Warlock Monarch, the pride in Yang Fengs heart was completely suppressed.

“You trash, you dare attack my big brother. Take your own life. Otherwise, if I have to do it myself, your death will only be more painful!”

Shi Xue, standing proudly in the air, looked coldly at the Purple Monarch as if hes a bug and stated matter of factly. There is a trace of anger in the serenity she portrays.

Ruthlessness suddenly surged in the Purple Monarchs eyes, and he uttered with a gloomy smile: “After I promoted to an Infinity Warlock, it has been already tens of thousands of years since anyone dared to talk to me in that tone! A mere fledgling Warlock Monarch dares to be so arrogant and domineering before me. It just so happens that Im lacking a beauty in the Purple Moon Monarch City. Bitch, wait until I capture you and turn you into my Purple Moon Monarch Citys beauty. Youll definitely be fun!”


Shi Xues slim eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and boundless ice force diffused from her. As if shes the incarnation of an invincible ice goddess, she pointed with a finger, and a world formed by the essence of ice suddenly appeared. This world, which has snow dancing in the wind and everything within which is frozen, slammed towards the Purple Monarch.

As soon as the weird world of ice and snow appeared, the temperature within a radius of 200,000 meters suddenly dropped, and snow fluttered in the air and enveloped the earth. The area within the radius of 200,000 meter appears to have changed into a divine country of ice and snow.

If a planet like the Earth was hit by this spell, it would instantly freeze into a ball of ice

“Purple Moon World!”

A dignified look in his eyes, the Purple Monarch erupted with terrifying world force, and a Purple Moon World, which appears to have existed for hundreds of millions of years, suddenly appeared.

That small world, which is who knows how many times stronger than Yang Fengs nine small worlds, has hundreds of millions of life forms chanting prayers, is filled with purple moonlight, exudes wisps of breath of an immortal world, and is enveloped by the essence of the purple moon, which can erode and purify anything.

The essence the Purple Monarch has comprehended is the essence of the purple moon, which possesses terrifying power of corrosion and purification. The power of purification of the essence of the purple moon is only slightly weaker than that of the essence of dawn. It is a first-rate essence with no shortcomings.

When the two essences propelled by world force collided together, an ice storm blew over from the essence of ice, froze the hundreds of millions of life forms in the Purple Moon World, and then continued towards the Purple Monarch.

The complexion of the Purple Monarch changed drastically, and he screamed in shock: “How is this possible? Shi Xue, how can you be this strong!”

The Purple Monarch is a peerless powerhouse who formed a small world in his body. Even among Warlock Monarchs, he is a first-class powerhouse with few opponents. In the core world, there are fewer than 20 human Warlock Monarchs who are more powerful than the Purple Monarch.

For Shi Xue to able to break through his essence of the purple moon with absolute power, this is simply outrageous.

At the moment when the Purple Monarch was astonished, an endless ice storm and a biting cold instantly swallowed him and formed a block of ice around him.

The block of ice has just formed, when the Purple Monarch opened his mouth, and the Monarch grade secret treasure Purple Moon Bead suddenly flew out, turned into a purple moon that twisted frantically and crushed the block of ice.

Strengthened by the Purple Moon Bead, the essence of the purple moon became extremely fierce. Everywhere it passed, the essence of ice shattered.

When the Purple Monarch broke out of the ice, the Purple Moon Bead radiated endless light that enveloped the land.

Within a radius of 200,000 kilometers, purple moon force and ice force intertwined and entangled.

Within this area, ice fluttered and purple light shone from time to time.

“It seems I underestimated you! In terms of strength alone, youre indeed above me. However, this Purple Moon Bead is a Monarch grade secret treasure. I asked a Monarch tier alchemist to forge me a secret treasure embryo, which I consequently refined into what it is now after spending 50,000 years and using countless resources. With this Monarch grade secret treasure, you are not my opponent!”

The Purple Monarch operated a secret method, endless world force poured into the Purple Moon Bead, and it shone brightly. The purple moonlight that spread from it purified the surrounding ice force.

“If I say that you are trash, then you are trash. This secret treasure is only so-so. Its only advantage is that it matches the secret method you practice. Its regrettable, but you arent an alchemist. This secret treasure cant fit you perfectly. To dare to show off in front of me while only amounting to this much, what a reckless thing.”

Shi Xue shone with divine light, countless ice runes revolved around her, and her beautiful eyes filled with pride and majesty. She looked at the Purple Monarch as if he were an ant.

Swept by the indifferent gaze, the Purple Monarchs heart trembled slightly, and he felt like he ran into a terrifying beast that he cannot resist.

“You trash, let me show you the true power of a Warlock Monarch!”

Shi Xue smiled indifferently and restrained all anomalies, appearing like she has become an ordinary person. With a fragrance wafting out from her, she took a step, appeared above the Purple Monarch, and grabbed the Purple Moon Bead, which the Purple Monarch regards as his final trump card.

White light gleamed, and the Purple Moon Bead was completely encased in ice, cutting off its he connection with the Purple Monarch.

The Purple Monarchs complexion changed drastically, as if he saw a ghost. Then, he released purple moonlight from his mouth and burst into thousands and tens of thousands of wisps of purple moonlight, which fled in different directions.

“Ice storm!”

Shi Xues fair hand burst out with brilliant light, and an endless ice storm covered the earth and froze the world.

The countless wisps of purple moonlight the Purple Monarch has transformed into were instantly frozen by the ice storm. Then, they converged together and formed the Purple Monarch, encased in ice.

The Purple Monarch screamed with a look of horror on his face: “Dont kill me! With the great tribulation approaching, every Warlock Monarch is a precious asset. Spare me! I will fight the great tribulation with everything I got.”


Shi Xue pointed at the the Purple Monarchs forehead, and a Monarch Core, frozen into ice, flew out and fell into her hand.

The Purple Monarch, who has been unbearably arrogant before, died to Shi Xue just like that.

Seeing Shi Xue easily vanquish the Purple Monarch, Yang Fengs heart filled with shock: “Shes strong, too strong!”

The Purple Monarch, the Warlock Monarch of the Purple Moon Monarch City, had amazing combat power. He could easily defeat Alexia, Sebas, Yu Yan, and Yang Fengs kindred grand duke without even using 10% of his strength. But when faced with Shi Xue, he suffered a crushing defeat. Shi Xues combat power can be rated as monstrous.

While coughing up blood, Yu Yan flew over and gazed at Shi Xue with shock and jealousy in her beautiful eyes: “So powerful! This is Yang Fengs sworn little sister Shi Xue? Although its true that her soul aptitude is superior level-8, but how could she become so strong in such a short time!?”

Ever since she submitted to Yang Feng and became his subordinate, Yu Yan has paid attention to information on Yang Feng. Naturally, she knows that Yang Feng has a sworn little sister named Shi Xue, who possesses superior level-8 soul aptitude; who, as soon as she entered the Battle Demon Sect, was accepted by Yue Wuxian as a personal disciple; whose cultivation speed is extraordinary.

But after the Battle Demon Sect evacuated from the Cangzhi Plane, Shi Xue, who traveled outside, unexpectedly returned as a Warlock Monarch, leaving Yu Yan stupefied.

In Yu Yans eyes, Yang Fengs cultivation speed was already outrageous. But compared with Shi Xues, it is nothing at all.

White light shone, and Shi Xue flew into the flagship where Yang Fengs true body is located, then plunged into his arms like a little kid and, with a fragrance wafting out from her, said softly: “Big brother, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you as well!”

Yang Feng hugged Shi Xue back, looked carefully at her, and smelled her scent, and his eyes filled with indescribable joy.

The fairy-like Shi Xue, who slayed the insufferably arrogant Purple Monarch, is curled up in his arms like a kitten, stroking Yang Fengs ego. He feels unspeakably comfortable.

Yang Feng flipped his hand, and four Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits, for which he went to great lengths in order to obtain them, appeared in his hand: “Xueer, these are the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits I obtained. I got a total of nine, and four are for you. You can use the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits to break through the god-man boundary and take your cultivation base up a notch.”

Shi Xue glanced at the four Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits, her eyes shone with an enigmatic shade, and she smiled, looking as beautiful as a flower: “Big brother, when I traveled the world, I had a tremendous fortuitous encounter. My soul aptitude has already reached superior level-9 full circle, which is how I was able to practice cultivation to the Warlock Monarch realm. I dont need the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits. However, big brother, your soul aptitude has yet to reach full circle. You need to take those nine fruits together, so that your soul aptitude can advance to intermediate level-9. Big brother, keep them.”

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