Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 807 – Advancement to an Infinity Warlock

Chapter 806 – Secret

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“Superior level-9 soul aptitude!”

When he heard those words, Yang Feng was speechless. A storm rose in his heart.

In order to compete for the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits, Yang Feng mobilized numerous experts and countless robots, only to be nearly killed by the Purple Monarch.

Only when all nine Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits are taken at the same time, can Yang Feng promote his soul aptitude to intermediate level-9. If Yang Feng wants to promote his soul aptitude to superior level-9, hell need to obtain three eternal god trees and form an Eternal God Fruit, or get a treasure on the same level.

In less than 100 years after she parted ways with Yang Feng, Shi Xue has advanced to a Warlock Monarch, and her soul aptitude has advanced to superior level-9 full circle. She is much more incredible than Yang Feng.

Shi Xues big expressive eyes turned slightly and filled with the shade of spirit and cunning, and she uttered with a smile: “Big brother, arent you curious about how I could surpass you in terms of cultivation speed?”

Yang Feng frowned, sighed, his eyes flashed with a complex shade, and he held Shi Xue tightly: “If I didnt guess wrong, Xueer, you should be the avatar or the fallback of a great figure.”

Yang Feng has plundered countless resources and had numerous fortuitous encounters, which enabled him to cultivate to the advanced Bright World Warlock rank. He is clear about the difficulty of Warlock cultivation.

Shi Xue is an existence of mysterious origins who emerged from a taboo stone. To be able to promote to a Warlock Monarch in such a short period of time, there is only one possibility — she must be connected to a great figure.

Not unlike the antique Brilliant Great Holy from the 1st Warlock Dynasty, who died who knows how many tens of thousands of years ago, once they are resurrected, they will be a terrifying existence that can shake the world.

Shi Xue smiled, looking dazzling and matchless: “Big brother, youre really smart.”

Yang Feng asked suddenly: “Will their resurrection affect you?”

For Shi Xue to be able to promote to a Warlock Monarch in such a short period of time, the great figure behind her must be a Holy Spirit Warlock or even a Great Holy step existence.

Each Holy Spirit Warlock rank existence is the patron saint of a race, they have transcended worldliness and attained holiness with body and soul. If Shi Xue is the resurrection fallback of a Holy Spirit Warlock, then when that Holy Spirit Warlock is completely resurrected, it is when the personality known as “Shi Xue” will be digested, swallowed, or directly wiped out.

A touch of tenderness flashed in Shi Xues beautiful eyes. She curled up in Yang Fengs arms lazily like a kitten, closed her beautiful eyes, and sighed with a very enjoyable expression: “Big brother, you should strive your hardest to improve your strength. Knowing too much about them wont do you any good.”

Yang Feng clenched his fists, then relaxed them shortly after and put his arms around Shi Xue, silent.

The strength of the great figure behind Shi Xue is absolutely tyrannical. Even if they are a Holy Spirit Warlock, they are definitely a top figure among Holy Spirit Warlocks. Like the Nine Realms Lord, they must be a peerless genius who fought once over the position of Warlock Emperor.

At the moment, Yang Feng is but an advanced Bright World Warlock. Even though he can vanquish ordinary Infinity Warlocks, but in front of a true great figure, he cant withstand a blow.

Yang Feng uttered: “Xueer, how long can you stay?”

For Shi Xue, who is already a Warlock Monarch rank existence, the cultivation resources in Yang Fengs hands are of no use. Only the resources from the branch floating continent of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root could be useful to her.

Shi Xue closed her eyes tightly, as if to engrave everything about Yang Feng into her mind, and said faintly: “Im leaving in a while. The great tribulation is approaching. I must try my best to improve my cultivation base before the great tribulation really arrives. It would be best if I can promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock, so that I would have some ability to protect myself. Big brother, if you want to protect me, you have to at least have the cultivation base or the battle prowess of a Holy Spirit Warlock.”

Yang Fengs eyes glittered, and he asked curiously: “What is the great tribulation?”

Shi Xue answered: “Big brother, do you know the legend about of the Eternals?”

Yang Feng uttered: “I do.”

Since the time the Time Lord established the First Warlock Dynasty, the legend about the Eternals have become wildly known. According to legend, the Eight Warlock Emperors have all explored the relic sites of Eternals, pursued their footsteps, and attempted to become eternal and immortal beings.

Shi Xue said: “Do you know why the Eight Warlock Emperors have been so short-lived? Why they cant compare to many long-lived races in terms of lifespan!?”

A hint of curiosity flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, vaguely realizing that Shi Xue is going to tell him a major secret: “I dont!”

Each one of the Cangzhi Planes human Eight Warlock Emperors was a terrifying existence who surpassed the Brilliant Great Holy and many other race Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses in terms of strength by far. They could squash a strong divine force rank god with a finger.

However, the lifespan of the Eight Warlock Emperors was pitifully short compared to that of other powerful existences. After reaching the throne, they only lived for tens of thousands of years at most before their souls decayed, and they died.

“Thats because human Warlock Emperors are too powerful. If the soul of a Moonlight Warlock rank human Warlock is likened to a candle, then the soul of a Warlock Emperor rank existence can be likened to a sun that burns at all times and releases formidable power.”

“Moonlight Warlock rank human Warlocks can absorb various extraordinary forces and continue to evolve. The consumption of their souls is naturally replenished by the universe, so that the consumption isnt high. However, souls of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses are too powerful. Just by existing, the consumption of the souls is astonishing. The soul force in the universe cannot sustain the existence of those Warlock Emperors. Therefore, their lifespan is short, and they die much earlier than some Infinity Warlock rank other race powerhouses.”

“A treasure like the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruit, which can prolong the lifespan of an ordinary Warlock Monarch by 100,000 years, it can at most add 100 years to the lifespan of Warlock Emperors.” Shi Xue spoke.

A strange light flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he mused: “So thats how it is!”

Yang Feng has always been baffled by why human Warlock Emperors, each of which who is a terrifying existence that established a Warlock Dynasty and even slayed Warlock Emperor rank other race existences, only lived for tens of thousands of years. This is simply outrageous.

“In ancient times, our universe had Eternals. The bodies and souls of those Eternals had immortal characteristics. Even if this universe were to be destroyed, they wont be affected. Their lifespan is endless.”

“After the end of the Eternal age, our universes energy level has dropped by a level, reduced to the point that the universe can only give birth to Warlock Emperor rank existences. No matter how talented a powerhouse is, the Warlock Emperor rank is their limit. This is the limit of the universes energy level.”

“The so-called great tribulation is actually a process in which another universe that is half an energy level higher than ours is superposed and merged with our universe in an incredible way.”

“During that process, the powerhouses of the other universe will come to our universe to destroy everything and transform it into resources for their universe.”

“Similarly, if we can slay the other universes powerhouses, they will be turned into our universes resources.”

“If our universe can devour the power of the other universe, it will advance and become a powerful universe that can bear Eternals.”

“The great tribulation is the process of two universes devouring each other and evolving. In this process, we have to kill the powerhouses from the other universe and bring the corpses back to our universe to become resources for our universe. The same is true conversely. Therefore, the relationship between the powerhouses of both universes is that of irreconcilable enmity. In the latter part of the war, the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses will take action.”

“On a battlefield with Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, Infinity Warlocks are but cannon fodder. Only Holy Spirit Warlocks have the power to protect themselves. By the time the great tribulation is fully unfolded, you will only be reduced to cannon fodder if you havent advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock, big brother.”

Shi Xue looked deeply at Yang Feng, her eyes flashed with worry, and she sighed.

In the Cangzhi Plane, it is very hard to promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock. It is even harder to produce a Holy Spirit Warlock before the great catastrophe arrives.

A look of astonishment flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “Superposition and devouring of universes! This is really unheard of!”

Yang Feng had already seen many weird things in the world of Warlocks. Many laws here are completely different from those of the Earth. In this weird world, cold air can freeze flames, stones can give birth to life, dead people can be resurrected, and so on. He has seen all sorts of phenomena that would be unimaginable on Earth. However, it was the first time he heard about the superposition and devouring of universes.

“In ancient times, our universe was able to give birth to the Eternals of legend because it was the victor of a superposition and devouring of universes. Of course, the ancient times are too distant, so the specifics cannot be verified. If our universe can devour the other universe, then the energy level of our universe will rise, and we who are living in this universe will naturally gain tremendous benefits.”

“Many Warlock Monarch, Holy Spirit Warlock, and Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have sealed themselves using taboo stones or other equivalent methods. When the two universes are superposed and merged to a certain degree, they will awaken and recover.”

“The powerhouses of the Eight Warlock Dynasties will all appear when the universes are superposed and merged. Big brother, we are running out of time.” Shi Xue sighed faintly.

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