Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 808 – Evolving into an Abyssal Grand Duke

Chapter 807 – Advancement to an Infinity Warlock

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“It turns out that the reason why there are no human Holy Spirit Warlocks around is because they have sealed themselves and are accumulating strength. They plan to appear with peak power at the most critical time.”

“In that case, the being in the gold coffin must be the Death Lord who sealed himself. If it werent for the other Warlock Emperor rank existence, we would never be able to break through his barrier by ourselves. There is even a high possibility that we would have become his snack.”

Yang Fengs heart stirred, and he remembered the magic ban world with the Styx.

Most of the souls of the Infinity Warlocks who died in the fight over the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits were sucked into the Styx and became part of it.

The gold coffin underneath the Styx formed a weird symbiotic relationship with the Styx.

Shi Xue opened her hand, and a dazzling astral coordinate symbol appeared in her fair hand: “Big brother, what you lack most now is time. This is the coordinates of a plane located in a rift of the universe. There, the flow of time is 1,000 times faster than in the Cangzhi Plane.”

Yang Feng touched the symbol, and astral coordinates appeared in his sea of knowledge: “The time flows 1,000 times faster! Surprisingly, even such a plane exists! The universe is really big and full of wonder.”

“This plane, which I discovered a long time ago, is of no value to me at the time. Its just one of my fallbacks. Its yours now.”

“I must go now! Big brother, you have to work hard. Dont die.”

Shi Xue kissed Yang Feng on the check, then her figure swayed slightly, and she flew out of Yang Fengs arms, took a deep look at Yang Feng, and revealed a beautiful smile. All of a sudden, she disintegrated into countless snowflakes and disappeared.

Yang Feng looked at the beautiful snowflakes with enigmatic light in his eyes and said, enunciating each syllable: “I will definitely become a Holy Spirit Warlock, and then a Warlock Emperor. I will catch you and protect you, so that you wont ever run away from my side!”

A voice emerged from among the beautiful snowflakes: “I look forward to that day!”

The Purple Monarchs storage ring and corpse flew out of the snowflakes and landed in front of Yang Feng. This is evidently Shi Xues last gift to Yang Feng.

As soon as Shi Xue left, Yang Feng had the huge fleet return to the branch floating continent via a warp gate.

Ten days later, in the Bright Moon Province, in a secret chamber, a terrifying breath rose suddenly, and then was blocked by the magic array in the secret chamber.

Inside the secret chamber, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes. Wisps of junior Infinity Warlock rank breath spread from him.

“Thanks to the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits, I finally advanced to an Infinity Warlock! Now I truly am a pinnacle expert in the Cangzhi Plane.”

Yang Feng sensed the terrifying power flowing in his body, and the corners of his mouth rose into a smile.

With the power of the Navagraha Life Death Fruit Trees fruits, Yang Feng not only promoted his soul aptitude to the intermediate level-9. But at the same time, with the power released by the transformation of his soul, he broke through and advanced to an Infinity Warlock in one go.

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he disappeared from the secret chamber.

A leaf floating island below the branch floating continent. At this time, the leaf floating island is completely covered by countless xizu technology constructs.

Yang Feng strode into a large laboratory on the leaf floating island.

A huge crystal coffin suddenly appeared before him. Inside the crystal coffin, there is a majestic and mesmerizing woman. This mesmerizing woman is Agnipe, the commander of the first fallen angel legion subordinated to Poydul, the lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss.

A ray of light shone, and the runes on Agnipes body were unlocked. She remained motionless, as if shes dead. The dark force inside her is in a stagnant and listless state.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Agnipe, I know you are awake. Lets have a talk. Otherwise, I can only choose to seal you, or take your heart and cultivate another fallen angel.”

Inside the transparent crystal coffin, the sexy and beautiful Agnipe, who is exuding seduction from all over, opened her eyes, looked at Yang Feng coldly, and asked, exuding fearlessness and unrivaled confidence: “What is there for us to talk about?”

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “I want you to be my subordinate! Open your soul and let me set up a soul brand!”

Agnipe is a supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, only a step shy of advancing to the Warlock Monarch realm. Her soul and body are perfectly combined. Unless she opens her soul by herself, only an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse can forcibly imprint their soul brand on her soul.

Back then, Yang Feng was able to put a soul brand on Alexias soul because she was only a pinnacle Bright World Warlock.

The Infinity Warlock rank is divided into the junior, intermediate, advanced, and pinnacle Infinity Warlock ranks as well as the quasi-Warlock Monarch and the supreme Infinity Warlock ranks.

Among them, the quasi-Warlock Monarch and supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses may promote to the Warlock Monarch realm if they get a chance.

Unparalleled in the Infinity Warlock realm, supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses can instakill ordinary junior Infinity Warlock rank existences.

Agnipe, Knarissa, and Besskya are all supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. They were the core of Poyduls fallen angel legion.

At the time, Poydul led his fallen angel legion to slay a Warlock Monarch powerhouse. On one hand, it was because the Warlock Monarch was merely a junior Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, on the other hand, it was because of the three supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses Agnipe, Knarissa, and Besskya.

Agnipe replied coldly: “You killed my lord, and now want me to submit to you, fat chance!”

Yang Feng said full of confidence: “Fallen angels respect the strong. After Alexia followed me, she has been able to promote to the Infinity Warlock rank. If you are willing to submit to me, I will help you advance to the Warlock Monarch rank! You might even be able to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock rank!”

With that, junior Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power diffused form Yang Feng.

Agnipes beautiful eyes fleshed emotionally: “Junior Infinity Warlock, you actually advanced to the Infinity Warlock realm!”

It took Agnipe 60,000 years to evolve from an ordinary fallen angel to a an Infinity Warlock rank blazing fallen angel. But Yang Feng, who has practiced cultivation for less than 300 years, has already advanced to an Infinity Warlock. This speed is simply heaven-defying.

Agnipe replied coldly: “Thats right. But if you want me to be your subordinate, you have to defeat me by yourself first. Only then will I be willing to be your subordinate. Otherwise, you might as well kill me now. If you dig out my heart, you should be able to cultivate an Infinity Warlock realm blazing angel.”

Yang Feng frowned when he heard this.

If he digs out Agnipes heart, he can indeed cultivate an Infinity Warlock rank fallen angel. However, the value of an Infinity Warlock rank fallen angel is very different from that of a supreme Infinity Warlock rank fallen angel that can contend against Warlock Monarchs.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a black ray of light flashed and sank into Agnipes body, sealing her again: “If this is the case, then I can only wrong you and have you continue to sleep.”

Agnipes crystal coffin sank into the floor, and then the crystal coffin sealing Knarissa emerged. Runes flashed an untied Knarissas seal.

Yang Feng told Knarissa the same thing he told Agnipe.

Knarissa uttered coldly: “Just kill me! I will never work for you!”

Yang Feng replied coldly: “I will think about it!”

The crystal coffin sealing Knarissa sank into the floor, and then the crystal coffin sealing Besskya appeared.

Yang Feng lifted part of Besskyas seal and repeated what he said to Agnipe.

Besskya considered it for a while, and then finally her beautiful eyes shone, and she said with an enchanting smile: “3,000 years, I can serve you for 3,000 years. But after 3,000 years, you must return me my freedom and lift the soul brand. When the time comes, let me choose whether to continue following you or not.”

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he smiled: “Great. I promise you!”

Besskya is a supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, one of the strongest powerhouses among Infinity Warlocks. Now that she surrendered to Yang Feng, his power was greatly enhanced, and his rule became more stable.

The endless Abyss.

In a secret room in the place where Yang Fengs gold horned avatar is located, a magic array flashed, and the heart of a gold horned grand duke appeared on the magic array.

One after another, abyssal fiend hearts appeared on the magic array.

During the battle in the tomb of the Death Lord, Yang Feng slayed a large number of abyssal lords and harvested a large number of abyssal lord hearts. In the hands of his abyssal lord avatar, these hearts are top resources for raising subordinates.

Yang Feng grabbed the gold horned grand duke heart, smiled, and swallowed it in one go.

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