Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 81 – Planar Passageway

Chapter 80 – Killing Barry

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In a flash, 5 shielded robots arrived in front of Yang Feng and Eunice. Radiances flashed on their shields and congregated into five protective covers in front of the two people.

40 gunner robots quickly adjusted their muzzles, the cannons rumbled, spewing shell fire, forming a terrifying metal storm madly blasting at Reigns and Berry.

“Japalura Scales!”1

Barrys complexion changed slightly and he at once cast the level-2 bloodline innate defensive spell. In a split seconds, pitch-black scales grew from his body.

Under the bombardment of the vulcan cannon shells, traces of sparks were spurting from Berrys body, yet were unable to reap apart the scale armor covering his body.

The black robe draping Reigns body flashed and a black protective cover shielded his body, flicking away the shells.

“Yang Feng, you even dare to shoot at me! You bastard, you son of a bitch! Barry, kill him!! Dig out his heart! Kill him for me!!”

Reigns features became sinister as he madly yelled, his figure shook and he very practicedly entered the woods.

Barrys figure also shook and he disappeared from within the hail of shells.

In a split second, Barry appeared in front of the protective wall shielding Yang Feng, his eyes flashing with an extremely vicious radiance, his hands ejected 30cm long claws and ferociously clawed at the protective wall, penetrating it.


Accompanied by a crisp sound, the protective covers of those 5 shielded robots eventually stopped Barrys charge.

The 40 gunner robots quickly adjuster their muzzles, taking the advantage of the gap after Barrys charge, they frantically shot at him.

That extremely dense hail of shells bombarded Barry, directly blasting him away.

30 bladed robots seized the opportunity to pounce at him, they brandished their alloy blades and fiercely chopped at Barry.

“Fucking toys, break for me!!” Barry howled in rage, his claws directly piercing a bladed robots protective cover, forcibly tearing it into two.


In the split second that the bladed robot was being torn into two, was when the bomb buried inside it exploded, a terrifying shock wave instantly blew Barry away.

The defensive strength of the level-2 bloodline innate spell Japalura Scales cast by Barry was approaching that of the real dragons scales, even so, the terrifying explosion still shocked him to bleed from his facial orifices. It stirred his internal life energy, resulting in him spiting out a big mouthful of blood.

“Aim! Fire!”

The 30 level-7 artillery robots that were hidden at the side, locked down on Barry with their primary artilleries and opened fire.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying artillery shelling frenziedly bombarded at Barrys position without respite, the earth quaked and the mountains shook, smoke and dust everywhere.

After the carpet shelling of the primary artillery, the rocket launchers equipped by the level-7 artillery robots emitted flames, crazily launching densely packed mortars at Barrys position.

The terrifying explosions practically didnt stop.

Radiances from defensive spells flashed around Barrys position, and then were crushed.

After the terrifying carpet shelling continued for five full minutes, a dozen bladed robots rushed into the still not dispersed cloud of smoke and dust.

Shortly after, Barrys severed head and his broken body were carried by the bladed robots.

Eunice looked at Barrys severed head and his broken body and her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of incredulity: “He was killed!! They actually killed a level-2 Bloodline Warlock! Barry was however a Black Dragon Towers level-2 Warlock. He wasnt a good-for-nothing from the Fernandro Family, Eye of Demonic Snake, or Fang of White Bear. Such an expert was killed so easily! Steel Citys mechanical golem legion is too terrifying.”

Barry was however a Black Dragon Towers level-2 Warlock and had access to an intact inheritance from Black Dragon Tower. With his terrifying battle prowess as a level-2 Bloodline Warlock, he could even somewhat contend against a level-3 Warlock with a somewhat lacking inheritance or even defeat a weak level-3 Warlock. Such an expert against Yang Fengs mixed mechanical legion, was killed merely after destroying 1 bladed robot. That mechanical legion was far more powerful than what Eunice had imagined.

Yang Feng looked at the corpse of the level-2 Warlock Barry, he shivered within as he said: “A level-2 Warlock was so easily killed! The black dragon Veidarnia was really too strong and too dreadful. Veidarnia was heavily injured as well as sealed. At most, it could only exhibit the strength of a Great Warlock rank expert. A genuine Great Warlock is definitely much stronger than it was. Additionally, those genuine Great Warlock rank experts possess treacherous means, they definitely wouldnt stay still and let themselves being killed by me. In other words, it would be very difficult for me to deal with genuine Great Warlock rank experts with my current strength.”

“I surrender! Dont kill me!! I surrender!” When Reigns saw Barrys body, he promptly screamed in dismay.

Reigns obediently came out under the escort of 3 bladed robots.

Reigns eyes flashed with a touch of hatred and viciousness, yet he lowered his body and said somewhat humbly: “Yang Feng, let me go! I can pay you a ransom. How about 10,000 magic stones? As long as you let me go then Ill give you 10,000 magic stones.”

Yang Feng said with a smile yet not a smile: “10,000 magic stones? The most cherished son of Black Dragon Towers Tower Master, are you only worth 10,000 magic stones?”

Reigns recovered his calm and said slowly: “My father Anthony has more than just me as his son. 10,000 magic stones! As long as you let me go then Ill give you 10,000 magic stones. My father set up a secret method imprint and sealed it in my body. If you kill me, then hell definitely wont let you off!!”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “I want all of the secret methods practiced by your Black Dragon Tower that you know of.”

Reigns eyes flashed with a touch of appall and he said loudly: “Impossible! Those are the highest classified secrets of my Black Dragon Tower, I definitely cant leak those secret methods. Even if you kill me, I still wont say a word about them.”

“I think that youll tell me obediently!”

Yang Feng waved, a bladed robot immediately took out a bottle of Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir and went directly towards Reigns.

Eunice swept the bottle of blood-red Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir with a glance, then her gaze landed on Reigns and she revealed a trace of sympathy.

“What are you doing? If you dare to harm me then my father definitely wont let you of!” Reigns felt a trace of an ominous premonition within, then screamed loudly and continuously struggled.

2 bladed robots ejected mechanical tentacles and tightly bound Reigns. The bladed robot with the vial directly pricked Reigns in the neck and injected him with the elixir.


Reigns handsome face instantly twisted, he was issuing extremely mournful and miserable shrieks, while continuously rolling on the ground.


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