Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 810 – Floor Lord of the 666th Floor of the Abyss Warren

Chapter 809 – Succubus Empress

Succubi are very beautiful and are born with extraordinary charm. Even abyssal fiends and abyssal monsters who are not humanoid feel attracted to them, becoming their protectors or masters.

Succubi are also a common currency among abyssal lords and a symbol of wealth. The more succubi an abyssal lord has, the more prestige and wealth they possess.

Succubi have never been known for their fighting ability, but the Succubus Empress is different. Not only does she look maddeningly beautiful, but her own fighting power is equally formidable. When she was fighting for the position of 777th floors floor lord, she killed a bakt grand duke.

Bakt grand dukes are considered powerful combatants among abyssal grand dukes. For the Succubus Empress to be able to kill such a powerhouse, her battle prowess must be formidable.

After the Succubus Empress became the floor lord of the 777th floor, there were many powerful existences who wanted to make her into their pet. As a result, in the past tens of thousands of years, three abyssal grand dukes died by her hands.

The two-headed lion fiend grand duke and fallen kindred grand duke Ballon, the two Infinity Warlock rank abyssal fiends looked at the Succubus Empress with intoxication and apprehension in their eyes.

Even if it is an abyssal grand duke, if they are careless before the Succubus Empress, they will be completely absorbed by her charm and submit to her.

The tip of the black leather whip of the Succubus Empress shook slightly, and then turned into two snakes that bit the hearts of the two abyssal marquises.

Two abyssal lord sovereign authorities flashed suddenly and shot into the City of Depravity.

From the City of Depravity, a bone crown, studded with countless bones, exuding thick wicked breath and abyssal authority, suddenly flew out.

The skull crown hovers between real and illusory, it is formed the power of abyssal lord authorities. Once the number of dead abyssal lords reaches a certain number, the crow will turn real and become a genuine Crown of the Floor Lord. And once a floor lord seizes the Crown of the Floor Lord, the crown will turn illusory and merge with the floor lord. Before the previous floor lord is slayed, no one can become that floors floor lord.

“Gentlemen, would you please renounce the position of the 666th floors floor lord and leave it to me? Of course, as a compensation for your loss, I will invite you to my 777th floor as guests and let you enjoy the best treatment the world has to offer!”

The Succubus Empress showed a beautiful and bewildering smile to Yang Feng and the other two.

When the two-headed lion fiend grand duke and fallen kindred grand duke Ballon saw the Succubus Empresss smile, they trembled slightly, and flames of greed ignited in their eyes.

The Succubus Empresss 777th floor is a paradise that male creatures long for the most. On the 777th floor, you can see succubus girls, that are rare in the outside world, roam everywhere. Additionally, there are also countless beautiful women of different races, top liquor, and most delicious food. Many abyssal grand dukes are both apprehensive of the 777th floor and yearn for it.

The abyssal grand dukes who were lucky enough to go to the 777th floor to enjoy themselves are full of praise for the floor.

The two-headed lion fiend grand duke suddenly transmitted its voice, saying: “Warren, the Succubus Empress is stronger than any one of us three! Lets join forces and get rid of her!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered for a while, and then he agreed: “Okay!”


The two-headed lion fiend grand duke suddenly screamed, blurred into motion, and rushed towards the Succubus Empress.

The fallen kindred grand duke Ballon turned into a bloody ray, and then transformed into a sea of blood that rolled out towards the Succubus Empress.

The Succubus Empress smiled. Suddenly, the Whip of the Succubus in her hand shot out and transformed into countless one-eyed snakes. The eye on the forehead of the one-eyed snakes shone and fired gray rays into the sea of blood.

Exuding a fishy smell, with countless resentful souls twisting and wailing inside, the sea of blood instantly reverted into the fallen kindred grand duke Ballon.

A fierce light flashed in the eyes of the two-headed lion fiend grand duke, and it stabbed the fallen kindred grand duke Ballon in the chest, violent demonic qi surged, and he pierced though the other parts chest and dug out their heart.

“Riva, you bastard, you backstabber!”

A look of terror and incredulity on his face, Ballon roared, then his body broke down into bloody rays that fled in different directions.

“Dance of Ten Thousand Snakes!”

The Whip of the Succubus in the hand of the Succubus Empress shook slightly, and the one-eyed snakes suddenly rose and formed weird arrays. The one-eyed snakes fired gray rays from their single eye that shot towards the bloody rays, forcing them to reverse their flow.

When the countless bloody rays reverted back into Ballon, the countless one-eyed snakes bit him one after another, causing him to scream in pain.

Riva turned around and stared coldly at Yang Feng. With a trace of vigilance and killing intent in its eyes, it asked frigidly: “Warren, how did you discover that I conspired with the Succubus Empress?”

Yang Feng replied coldly: “In the endless Abyss, people who easily trust others tend to die early. That Ballon should be a friend of yours, right? Otherwise, he wouldnt have been so easily fooled by you.”

Riva smiled malevolently and said frostily: “Thats right, Ballon and I have known each other for 15 thousand years. During that time, I have been his bestfriend. If he hadnt competed with Her Majesty for the position of floor lord of the 666th floor, I would still be his bestfriend. Warren, against Her Majesty and me, you stand no chance of winning. Leave here, and we will spare your life!”

In the endless Abyss, betrayal, conspiracies, and massacres are the norm. Evenold friends who have been with you for more than 10,000 years will become someone that will take your life at a critical moment. Therefore, in the endless Abyss, only cunning individuals who trust no one can live like a fish in water.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Spare me? What a joke! A dead one dares talk to me like that, how amusing!”

“Dead one!”

Anger flashed in Rivas eyes, and it suddenly felt a sharp pain in its chest. When it turned its head around, to its horror, it discovered that a right hand has stabbed its chest and scooped out its heart.

Yang Feng beckoned with a hand, and Rivas heart flew out of the right hand and fell into his hand.

“What… what magic is this? How… how can this be!?”

Riva widened its eyes and screamed, then twisted in pain and fell on the ground, dead.

As soon as Riva died, a powerful sovereign authority instantly turned into a stream of light that poured into the Crown of the Floor Lord in the sky.

The Crown of the Floor Lord suddenly turned real. An ancient and mysterious crown, looking like it is formed from the most evil forces in the world, suddenly appeared in the void and formed a black beam.

“What an impressive secret treasure, it even unwittingly confused a grand duke like Riva. Really amazing!”

The Succubus Empress clapped gently and smiled sweetly. Strange runes appeared in her beautiful eyes, and she saw an eye, which the Phantom Ruler has transformed into, on Yang Fengs hand. Strange phantom threads, which even Infinity Warlocks cannot see, retracted from Rivas side and entered Yang Fengs hand.

Yang Feng looked at the majestic and glamorous Succubus Empress with a cold gaze, killing intent surged in his eyes, and he said slowly: “Riva is dead now! Succubus Empress, I am dead set on obtaining this floor! Leave here, and we can still make friends. Otherwise, I will have to slay you and turn you into nutrients for this floor.”

Two Infinity Warlock rank breaths suddenly broke out and locked on the Succubus Empress, and then disappeared.

“Since this is the case, then let me congratulate you in advance on becoming the new floor lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss, grand duke Warren. If you are interested, you can come to my 777th floor as a guest to enjoy yourself.”

The Succubus Empress took a deep look in the direction the two Infinity Warlock rank breaths came from with apprehension in her beautiful eyes, then smiled and waved her porcelain hand, and a palm-sized green jade mirror with a beautiful succubus pattern on its face flew out and entered Yang Fengs hand.

Along with green light, the Succubus Empress broke down into specks of light and disappeared.

Yang Fengs gold horned grand duke avatar glanced at the abyssal lords that survived until now, then his figure swayed slightly, and he turned into a gold ray that plunged into the midst of the earl rank abyssal lords.

“I am willing to surrender!”

“Spare me!”

“Your Majesty, I am willing to be your lackey!”


The complexion of the abyssal earls changed dramatically, and they pleaded bitterly. Facing the grand duke rank Yang Feng, they have no power to resist.

Yang Feng ignored the pleadings of the abyssal lords and killed them one after another.

Rays of light shone, and abyssal lord authority plunged into the Crown of the Floor Lord.

After Yang Feng and his subordinates slayed all abyssal lords in the area, the Crown of the Floor Lord fell down, and Yang Feng grabbed it.

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