Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 817 – Demon Ancestors Overwhelming Might II

Chapter 816 – Demon Ancestors Overwhelming Might I

816 – Demon Ancestors Overwhelming Might (I)

“It is said that the Demon Ancestor descended onto our world on a peak of the Chaoyang Spirit Mountain along with a meteorite. He slayed the Great Grandmaster Reverend Lingkong, subdued Lightless Sword Li Wujian, the Myriad Flowers Temples Temple Master, and many others, and established the Myriad Demons Temple.”

“With the Myriad Demons Temple as foundation, the Demon Ancestor conquered one place after another and gathered the scum from the Martial World for his use. Not long ago, his ambition was exposed when slayed the Wei Provinces armys generals and forced the army to surrender, and then proclaimed himself as an emperor in the Wei Province.” A civil official said unhurriedly.

A general showed an expression of mockery: “What a fool! The Wei Province is located in the middle of our Great Zhou Empires 36 provinces and has a sparse population and poor resources. The Wei Provinces army is the weakest army in our Great Zhou Empire. Since he staged the rebellion in the Wei Province, it means that he has to worry about threats from all sides. What an overconfident fool.”

Many generals showed looks of approval.

From a strategic point of view, occupying the Wei Province and proclaiming himself as an emperor was a most foolish thing to do. Moreover, as soon as Yang Feng proclaimed himself as an emperor, he became a target that the Great Zhou Empire must eliminate at all costs.

A general uttered solemnly, a dignified look in his eyes: “However, the Demon Ancestor has reportedly killed the Wei Provinces armys 2,000 armed cavalrymen by himself before the Wei Provinces 20,000-strong army submitted to him. Such a powerhouses is very difficult to deal with.”

A general sneered: “Killed 2,000 cavalrymen with a stone, that is definitely an exaggeration. We all have a fairly good understanding of the Wei Provinces army. Most likely, the Demon Ancestor killed 100 plus cavalrymen, and then the moral of those cowards plummeted.”

Following this remark, the generals in the army camp nodded in agreement. They have all heard of powerhouses who defeated 100 enemies by themselves. Martial arts practitioners whose cultivation base has reached the Great Grandmaster realm have indeed such terrifying strength.

A cold ray flashed in Hu Yanhaos eyes, and he said: “This time, I specifically requested His Majesty to mobilize the 20,000-strong Black Tiger Corps from the border army. Even if hes a Martial Sage, we can use the human wave attack to slay him!”

The eyes of a burly general flashed with excitement, and he uttered with a smile: “With the Black Tiger Corps here, the Demon Ancestor is toast!”

The Black Tiger Corps is the most elite cavalry corps in the Great Zhou Empires border army. They are jagged veterans who fought the Gold Canopy Imperial Courts elite cavalry all year round at the border.

After the casualty rate of ordinary cavalry units reaches 10%, there is a possibility of the unit collapsing. But the Black Tiger Corps can guarantee a fearsome morale even if the casualty rate reaches 60%. This is the biggest difference between elite cavalry and ordinary cavalry.

With an order from the commander, even if there are mountains of swords and a sea of flames in front of them, the Black Tiger Corps will jump in without hesitation. Only this kind of most elite, jagged unit can grind a Martial Sage realm powerhouse to death.

A general uttered with an excited smile: “Those clowns are dead with the Black Tiger Corps.”

Another general spoke with a worried expression: “Those clowns naturally wont stand a chance against the Black Tiger Corps. But the Demon Ancestor is strong. If he steps in and attacks us generals, how can we defend against him? In the Myriad Demons Temple, there are several Great Grandmaster realm experts. Although they might be unable to fight the Black Tiger Corps head on, but they are first-class masters when it comes to assassination!”

Led by an excellent general, 1,000 troops can besiege and kill a Great Grandmaster realm expert. But a Great Grandmaster realm expert who has dabbled in the path of assassinations can easily remove the head from the shoulders of a general.

Hu Yanhao replied with a smile: “Theres nothing to worry about. Gentlemen, please take a look, who is this?”

A handsome middle-aged man, with short hair, a burly figure, a greatsword on his back, and an overbearing temperament, looking like a sharp, unmatched blade, slowly stepped into the camp.

“Lord Sword Sage!”

“Its Lord Sword Sage!”

“Greetings, Lord Sword Sage!”


When the generals saw the middle-aged man, a shade or reverence flashed in their eyes, and they got up and bowed respectfully to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man is a pinnacle martial arts master in this world, one of the seven Martial Sages, Sword Sage Ding Tong.

During his travels in a prairie, Sword Sage Ding Tong encountered the most elite guard corps, 1,000-strong Gold Wolf Riders, directly subordinated to the Gold Canopy Imperial Courts Khan of Heaven, killing and pillaging. Furious, he drew his sword and slayed the 1,000 Gold Wolf Riders cavalrymen by himself. He established his supreme prestige as the Sword Sage with this terrifying battle record.

In the military, the strong are revered. Sword Sage Ding Tong, who slayed 1,000 Gold Wolf Riders cavalrymen armed to the teeth by himself, has become an idol of the Great Zhou Empires border army.

Ding Tong strode forward boldly, came to Hu Yanhaos side, sat down, and said with a confident smile: “Gentlemen, no need to worry. If the Demon Ancestor dares to come near the army camp, Ill cut him down!”

“With Lord Sword Sage here, if the Demon Ancestor dares to come, he wont be able to leave!”

“With Lord Sword Sage here, we can be at ease!”


The generals, filled with confidence, shrouded the army camp with words of praise.

“The Great Chu Empires emperor, the Demon Ancestor, has arrived. You rebels, come out at once and surrender to His Majesty!”

Suddenly, a loud voice reverberated within the camp and entered everyones ears. The voice was so clear that it gave the impression that the speaker is right beside each and everyone of them.

A dignified gleam flashed in Ding Tongs eyes, and he uttered slowly: “With such a profound inner force, it should be a Great Grandmaster realm expert. To be able to subdue experts of this caliber in such a short period of time, it looks like the Demon Ancestors methods are extraordinary.”

Hu Yanhao spoke with a cold smile: “Lets go out together and see what ability the Demon Ancestor has!”

Following Hu Yanhaos command, the 100,000-strong army stepped out of the army camp in an orderly manner and assumed formations.

Filled with spears and swords, the 100,000-strong army of the Great Zhou Empire arrayed in neat formations has the demeanor of a strong army.

On the other side, on the Great Chu Empires side, there are 16 beautiful girls in white clothes carrying a luxurious litter. Inside the litter, there sits Yang Feng, who is embracing the Myriad Flowers Temples Temple Master Qiao Mengluo and the leader of the Myriad Flowers Temples Ten Flowers Lagerstroemia Qinghe Ziwei. Behind Yang Feng, there are 3,000 “cavalrymen”.

The 3,000 “cavalrymen” are of complicated origin. 500 cavalrymen are soldiers of the Wei Provinces army and the remaining 2,500 are martial arts masters who can ride horses but are not proficient at fighting on horses.

In front of Yang Fengs luxurious litter, there stand two people, one of which is Lightless Li Wujian and the other is Young Master Yuemo.

Young Master Yuemo is clever and capable. With Yang Fengs help, he easily advanced to a Great Grandmaster realm expert.

“A mob!”

Hu Yanhao looked at the “army” of the Great Chu Empire with contempt in his eyes.

When the other generals saw the 3,000-strong mob, they sneered, and their eyes filled with disdain.

Against the 3,000-strong “cavalry”, as long as they take 500 men and charge at the enemy, they will be able to defeat the 3,000-strong “cavalry” in one fell swoop.

“Marshal, if I take a 3,000 cavalrymen, I can kill them. Please allow me to be the vanguard!”

“Marshal, I only need 1,000 cavalrymen to take them down. If I let even one of them escape, you can take my head. Let me be the vanguard.”


Excited, eyes glowing, the generals of the Black Tiger Corps slapped their chests and gave promises, trying to outdo one another.

Yang Fengs Great Chu Empire is an enemy state. For a general, the feat of destroying a state can enable them to be granted an aristocratic title and enjoy fame and wealth.

A touch of pity flashed in her eyes, and then Qiao Mengluo spoke with a smile. “A bunch of idiots, they dont even know how terrifying the monster they are facing is.”

Yang Feng also smiled and quietly watched the generals of the Black Tiger Corps fighting over the position of vanguard.

A cold ray flashed in Hu Yanhaos eyes, and he shouted sternly: “Hua Muxiong.”

A burly man, with many sword scars on his body and a valiant temperament, urged his mount to step forward and said: “Here, marshal!”

Hu Yanhao pointed at Yang Feng and company with his sword and ordered coldly: “Take 10,000 cavalrymen and wipe them out!”

Hua Muxiong glanced at Yang Feng and his party, showed a fierce and excited smile, and said crudely: “Yes, marshal! I promise to cut them into pieces. If even one escapes, you may take my head and kick it like a ball!”

“Brothers, come with me!”

With a roar, Hua Muxiong rode his horse and took the 10,000 cavalrymen, who have experienced numerous wars, to charge towards Yang Feng and his party.

The earth shook as 10,000 horses galloped.

Donned in armor, with a lance in hand, a fierce expression, and a bloodthirsty smile, the 10,000 cavalrymen look like cruel humanoid beasts.

On the side of the Great Chu Empire, when the 3,000 “cavalrymen” saw the Black Tiger Corpss charge, except for the 500 Wei Provinces cavalrymen who have witnessed Yang Fengs terror, the complexion of most of the remaining martial arts masters changed drastically and they spurred their horses to fall back slowly.

Dozens of the Great Chu Empires cavalrymen even turned around and escaped.

“This is an excellent cavalry! Unfortunately, I am their enemy!”

Yang Feng looked at the ferocious 10,000 cavalrymen, smiled faintly, and flicked a finger, and 10 stones suddenly shot out like shooting stars and fell into the midst of the cavalrymen.

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