Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 820 – Wu Meiying

Chapter 819 – Breaking into the Imperial Palace

Translator: Xaiomoge

“The Demon Ancestor! The emperor of the Great Chu Empire!”

“The Demon Ancestor, its the Demon Ancestor who killed 100,000 troops in an instant!”

“The Demon Ancestor, dont tell me its the Demon Ancestor who captured 20 provinces in 10 days!”


Upon hearing Yang Fengs name, the insufferably arrogant young men and women trembled, their teeth chattered, and their eyes filed with terror.

“The Demon Ancestor!”

“He is the Demon Ancestor!”

“Its the Demon Ancestor!”


When the captors heard Yang Fengs name, their complexion changed drastically, and they took 20 plus steps back.

The demon ancestor is a terrifying being who wiped out 100,000 troops by himself and conquered 20 provinces within 10 days.

All the people present are well-informed. They are well aware that it is not a rumor that the Demon Ancestor killed 100,000 troops by himself, but a fact. Such a terrifying being is not an opponent that humans can contend with.

The young man Yang Feng has grabbed trembled and shouted: “Lord Demon Ancestor! I am willing to serve you, Lord Demon Ancestor! Please spare my life!”

“Talents are everywhere. However, they can be seldom recognized. Even if someone of this disposition is cultivated, Im afraid that theyll only be someone wholl bring disaster upon their teacher and disgrace upon their ancestors. Besides, with so many talents in this world, it doesnt matter if one or two die.”

Yang Feng sighed and touched the young mans forehead with a finger, and the young man immediately exploded into bloody bits and pieces.

Seeing this scene, the other young men and women trembled, their eyes filled with fear.

Yang Feng swept the captors and guards who surrounded him with a glance and uttered with a smile: “Im going to break into the imperial palace, will you stop me?”

The head captor suddenly broke out in cold sweat from his back and trembled, and his eyes flashed with horror, not daring to come forward.

The captors fell silent, not daring to stand out. Many even quietly stepped back.

If previously someone had told them that they are going to break into the imperial palace with their own power, these captors and guards would have thought that that person is a lunatic. But if the living legend the Demon Ancestor says that he is going to break into the imperial palace, then who knows how long the imperial palace can last.

Yang Feng smiled and strode towards the imperial palace.

The captors who stand in his way stepped aside at once, not daring to stop Yang Feng.

“Whats going on here!”

When the black guard commander leading hundreds of black guards saw the strange scene, he felt startled at once, and an unclear premonition surged inside him.

The black guard commander used sound transmission and asked the head captor: “Mu Baifeng, what happened? Who is that person?”

Mu Baifeng replied using voice transmission as well: “That person claims to be the Demon Ancestor, the emperor of the fake Chu Empire. Hes going to break into the imperial palace.”

The black guard commander is both surprised and angry: “The Demon Ancestor! So its the Demon Ancestor! How, how is this possible? He should be in the Gan Province hundreds of kilometers away. How come hes here? This must be a fake, he must be a fake. Mu Baifeng, your Zhao Family owes a ton to the imperial family! Hurry up and take down that fake Demon Ancestor!”

Mu Baifeng transmitted his voice: “This guy doesnt look like a fake! Zhang Qingcheng, you are the commander of the black guards. It is your duty to suppress such evildoers, so its better that you black guards step in and arrest him. This is definitely a great achievement.”

Zhang Qingcheng snorted coldly and looked deeply at Yang Feng, full of wary: “Humph, thats natural. I will step in at the right time and arrest him.”

Zhang Qingcheng led the hundreds of black guards to follow after Yang Feng from a distance.

“Whats going on!”

When the commander of the city guards Zhou Jin arrived along with 3,000 elite city guards and saw the captors and the black guards following Yang Feng from several hundred meters behind, he felt confused.

“Whatever! That guy killed the son of the Marquis of Guanjun! Even if he is a Martial Sage, with so many experts surrounding him, only death awaits him.”

Zhou Jin only hesitated for a moment before his desire to carry favor with the Marquis of Guanjun welled up inside him, and he pointed at Yang Feng and shouted: “Arrest him! If he dares to resist, kill him!”

The 3,000 elite city guards, equipped with sword, shield, and light armor, charged towards Yang Feng like a tide. They completely blocked this space, sealing the space necessary to execute agility techniques that martial arts masters are so proud of.

Excitement shimmered in Mu Baifengs eyes: “Great!”

Zhang Qingcheng showed an excited smile, and the inner force inside him raged, ready to take action at any time: “Zhou Jin, that fool, well done!”

With a flick of Yang Fengs finger, a stone flew into the midst of the 3,000 city guards.

A mist of blood rose as the heads of the 3,000 elite city guards burst apart, and the street turned into a scene from hell.

Zhou Jins headless corpse fell down from his horse.

The young men and women, captors, and black guards turned pale and trembled, and their teeth chattered.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

With a clear sound, the weapons of the captors and black guards fell on the ground.

Yang Feng glanced at the captors and black guards behind him with an enigmatic smile and said flatly: “Since you have witnessed my power, do you surrender, or die? If you want to die, then Ill grant you the same death.”

Yang Fengs voice is flat, but the content of his words is cruel. With the corpses of the 3,000 city guards as background, it gives off a hair-raising feeling.

Zhang Qingcheng knelt on the ground decisively and said loudly: “I, the black guard commander Zhang Qingcheng, am willing to lead the black guards to serve you, Your Majesty!”

The hundreds of black guards also knelt on the ground and uttered respectfully: “I am willing to serve you, Your Majesty.”

Mu Baifeng released a long sigh, and then knelt on the ground and uttered respectfully: “I, head captor Mu Baifeng, am willing to lead the captors to serve you, Your Majesty.”


With mixed feelings, all the people present knelt on the ground and spoke respectfully.

Yang Feng said indifferently: “Get up. Follow me to take over the imperial city and maintain its order.”

Mu Baifeng breathed a sigh of relief: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

Suddenly, fireworks rose in the imperial city and various alarms sounded.

Troops began to gather in the direction of the imperial city.

The Great Zhou Empire is one of the three empires in this world. It has survived for hundreds of years and is currently at its strongest. Its rule is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Yang Feng glanced at the fireworks, smiled, and continued to walk towards the imperial palace.

Mu Baifeng looked at the fireworks rising in the sky and smiled bitterly: “With him as the opponent, everything is meaningless!”

The imperial palaces Green Dragon Gate is closed shut. Above the the gate, there are fully armed imperial guards gazing into the distance as if they are facing an enemy.

Yang Feng, leading a 3,000-strong mob of people who surrendered to him along the way, appeared in front of the gate.

Yang Feng walked to a place two arrow shots away from the city gate and flicked a finger, and a stone shot out like a cannonball and blasted into the gate.


Along with a loud blare, the steel gate weighing hundreds of thousands of kilograms was blown to pieces that splashed around.


Yang Feng flicked his finger again, and a stone slammed into a section of the outwall and blasted open a huge hole.

The morale of the imperial guards on the outwall instantly dropped to the bottom. They are trembling all over, and their eyes are full of horror and despair.

In a siege, when a gate is breached, it generally indicates that the defending party is already set to lose. Next, it is time for the victorious party to harvest the fruits of victory.

“Long live His Majesty!”

“Long live His Majesty, long live!”


When the 3,000-strong mob Yang Feng gathered saw that the imperial palace was breached, excitement filled them, and they shouted.

Yang Feng glanced at the outwall and said coldly: “Surrender, or die! I only give you three seconds to consider! After that, those kneeling will be spared!”

A burly and handsome young general with the air of a powerhouse walked out from the gate and said loudly: “Theres no need. Your Majesty Demon Ancestor, I, Murong Qiang, am willing to lead the 5,000 men stationed at the Green Dragon Gate to surrender to you. Please take us in, Your Majesty.”

Zhang Qingchengs eyes flashed, and he thought: “This Murong Qiang is really cunning. By taking refuge with Lord Demon Ancestor at a critical time, he will have a very high status in the future.”

Yang Feng said indifferently: “Murong Qiang, you are in charge of the troops. Maintain order in the imperial palace. This imperial palace belongs to me, I dont want to see it in chaos. Kill anyone who dares to cause trouble!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Murong Qiang gave Yang Feng a military salute, his eyes flashed brightly, and he uttered solemnly: “Your Majesty, I have many friends among the imperial guards. I am willing to be a vanguard and persuade them to surrender to you, Your Majesty.”

Yang Feng replied: “Okay!”

When Murong Qiang surrendered, the imperial guard commanders in the imperial palace knew that the situation is hopeless. Just like that, Yang Feng easily took control of the Great Zhou Empires imperial palace.

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