Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 820 – Wu Meiying

subordinate. I will be lenient with your father and mother.”

Wu Meiying bowed and spoke with with joy: “Thank you for your benevolence, Your Majesty!”

“Thank you for you benevolence, Your Majesty!”

All the Wu Family members present bowed to Yang Feng and said with joy.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Wu Shanming, take that thing out! I would like to meet the Heavenly Venerable of legend.”

“The Heavenly Venerable, that Heavenly Venerable of legend is still alive?”

“Impossible! The Heavenly Venerable is a character of the distant age of mythology. It has been hundreds of thousands of years since the age of mythology. How can he still be alive?”

“The Demon Ancestor wants to fight the Heavenly Venerable. In other words, he is also a Myth realm powerhouse!”

“According to legend, above the Martial Sage, there is Myth. I didnt expect the legend to turn out to be true! Unexpectedly, there really are Myth realm powerhouses!”


The imperil guard commanders stared at Yang Feng with complicated looks in their eyes. Many people glanced at Wu Meiying with jealousy in their eyes.

Longevity is everyones dream. But in this world, no matter how powerful and wealthy you are, you can live to be 60 plus years old at most. There are very few people who can live to be 70 plus years.

If the Heavenly Venerable really exists, then he would have lived for hundreds of thousands of years. A living myth of longevity has presented itself before them. For Yang Feng to be able to oppose such a Myth realm character, he is naturally also a Myth realm powerhouse himself who grasps the secrets of longevity.

A peculiar expression appeared in Wu Meiyings beautiful eyes.

Wu Shanming replied: “Your Majesty Demon Ancestor, the Heavenly Demon destroyed the statue that enables one to enter his domain.”

“He destroyed it? It seems that I need to put some work into it.”

Yang Feng clapped his hands, then the void twisted, and Void Assassins flew out and landed in front of Wu Shanming and his party.

The Void Assassins grabbed Wu Meiying and the other Wu Family members, then their engines roared, and they flew away.

“Murong Qiang! Take everyone to evacuate from the imperial palace at once! There may be danger here!”

Yang Feng left this sentence behind, and then took a step forward, blurred, and disappeared.

Murong Qiang ordered decisively: “Withdraw! Men, withdraw immediately!”

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the imperial study, strange light flashed in his eyes, and he operated the Transcendent Pupils and looked around.

Thanks to the runes of the Transcendent Pupils, a weird distorted passage extending into the void appeared in the imperial study.

Yang Feng tore open a huge hole into the weird distorted passage, and strode inside.

The passage surged and roiled like some distorted maze. If an ordinary Warlock enters such a maze, they will get lost in it, never to come out.

Yang Fengs Transcendent Pupils shone brightly, and he stepped on the correct nodes one after another and headed towards the end of the maze.

After a dozen breaths of time, a beautiful and brilliant palace appeared in front of him.

In that beautiful and brilliant palace, there sits a handsome middle-aged man dressed in a silver Warlock robe.

The handsome middle-aged man dressed in silver looked deeply at Yang Feng and said with a smile: “You are a Warlock?”

Yang Feng said indifferently: “Yes, I am a human Warlock from the Cangzhi Plane! Are you the Heavenly Venerable?”

The Heavenly Venerable replied with an an unwitting smile: “The Heavenly Venerable? That is the name that the ignorant natives of this world gave me. I am Gods Eyes, a vagabond Warlock of the Great Cloud Dynasty.”

The names of Warlocks have a wondrous power. Some Warlocks can even use the enemys name to curse them. Therefore, many Warlocks like to hide their real names and call themselves by different aliases.

Yang Feng spoke with a smile: “I am the Supreme Sword of the Great Cloud Dynastys Battle Demon Sect and the Demon Ancestor of this world! Gods Eyes, Im rather curious, how can you live in this world for hundreds of thousands of years!”

An enigmatic ray flashed in the eyes of the Gods Eyes, and he replied with a smile: “Everyone has their secrets, and I am no different.”

Yang Feng said indifferently: “I like this world very much. However, I dont want others to know of it. Gods Eyes, say, what choice would I make in this situation?”

The Gods Eyes answered with a calm look in his eyes: “According to the Warlock style of conduct, you would of course eliminate everyone in the know and take full control of this world.”

Yang Feng stared at Gods Eyes and said: “Indeed! I give you two choices. Either be my subordinate and hand over all your secrets, or die here. Which one do you choose?”

“I choose the third choice, and that is to kill you here!”

The eyes of the Gods Eyes suddenly brightened, and a violent fluctuation of power filled his body. 100 eyes appeared on his body, each of which released weird light and strengthened the power of his fleshly body.

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