Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 822 – Light of Eternity

Chapter 821 – Empyrean Grade Secret Treasure Fragmen


In an instant, the Gods Eyes changed from an ordinary person to a terrifying god with the power to move mountains and drain seas and extended his hand towards Yang Feng.

The Gods Eyes control of power reached a terrifying degree, with all his energy converged on the hand.

The hand blasted into Yang Feng with practically the speed of a clap of thunder.


Following an earth-shattering blare, the palace was torn to pieces.

1,000 meters above the Tianluo Citys imperial palace, the void suddenly collapsed, the space cracked, and countless pieces of the palace fell from the sky like meteorites.

A meteor flew out from that space and crashed into the ground.


Along with a world-shaking noise, a large hole was blasted into the ground, and countless stones splashed in all directions.

Dressed in a silver Warlock robe, with the temperament of an immortal, the handsome Gods Eyes flew out of the space, walked through air, and looked the ground coldly.

The Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks have invaded countless planes and mastered various methods for analyzing the plane origin will of planes. Since this world can tolerate the entry of Infinity Warlocks, it is not an ordinary low-level plane. The Gods Eyes has been here for hundreds of thousands of years and naturally has analyzed this worlds laws a bit.

Murong Qiang gazed at the Gods Eyes in the sky, who is dressed in silver, has queer eyes on his body, and exudes a terrifying sense of existence, and shock filled his heart: “That, that is the legendary Heavenly Reverend!”

Mu Baifeng watched the Gods Eyes in the sky, his heart filled with shock: “The Heavenly Venerable, that is the Heavenly Venerable! Such a mythical character actually exists!”

“The Heavenly Venerable!”

“Thats the Heavenly Venerable!”


Even though this world is strange and its laws of heaven and earth are completely different from those in the Cangzhi Plane, as an Infinity Warlock rank being, the Gods Eyes sense of existence is still extremely formidable, surpassing that of other life forms by far. No matter which world an Infinity Warlock goes, they will be regarded as an extremely powerful and terrifying existence at the top of said worlds food chain.

When the Gods Eyes used his power, his extraordinary and unparalleled sense of existence could no longer be hidden. People can understand at a glance that he is the mythical figure Heavenly Venerable.

A trace of terror surged in Murong Qiangs heart: “Since that is the Heavenly Venerable, then the person who was sent flying just now is the Demon Ancestor! What if the Demon Ancestor is defeated?”

The imperial guard commanders who have submitted to Yang Feng not too long ago looked at the Heavenly Venerable, who is standing proudly in the sky, with both shock and fear and their heart. They all hope for the tide to turn and Yang Feng to defeat the Heavenly Venerable.

Wu Shanming, who was taken by a Void Assassin outside, looked at the Heavenly Venerable who appeared in the sky, and then looked at his daughter Wu Meiying with complicated feelings in his heart.

If it was before, Wu Shanming would wish to see the Heavenly Venerable kill Yang Feng. However, his most beloved daughter is now going to become Yang Fengs woman. Once Wu Meiying is taught the secrets of longevity, then the Wu Family will achieve far greater accomplishments than before. He himself will be more likely to achieve longevity. This filled his heart with complicated emotions.

Wu Meiying stared at the direction where Yang Feng was blasted away with worry in her beautiful eyes. She is worried that if Yang Feng is killed, she wont be able to obtain the secret of longevity from him.

“Do you amount only to this much? How weak!”

In the center of the crater, Yang Feng opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of blood. Primal chaos runes appeared on his body as he operated the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, and the injuries he suffered just now healed swiftly.

Astonishment flashed in the eyes of the Gods Eyes, and he roared, exasperated: “How is this possible? The laws of heaven and earth in this world are completely different from those of the Cangzhi Plane. How can you recover so rapidly?”

Since the Gods Eyes did not control his voice, it echoed in the sky like thunder. Within an area 100 kilometers in radius, countless common people bled from their ears, while some of the weaker elders even exploded directly.

If it werent for the thin concentration of life magic energy in this world, then the Gods Eyes would be able to blow up the millions of people residing in the Tianluo City with this shout.

“So strong! Is this a Myth realm powerhouse? Thats just incredible!”

Bleeding from their ears, an acute pain in their head, the martial arts experts such as Murong Qiang and Mu Baifeng stared at the Gods Eyes in the sky with eyes full of shock.

To be able to defeat martial art experts a dozen plus kilometers from away with a roar, this has exceeded Murong Qiangs imagination by far.

“Its very simple, the gap between our strengths is too large!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and took a step. With a blur, he appeared in font of the Gods Eyes and sent a hand with the power to topple mountains pressing towards the other party.

The many eyes on the Gods Eyess body opened and his hands released gold light, trying his best to block the attack.


When Yang Fengs palm struck the Gods Eyes, there was a loud noise, and the eyes on the other partys body exploded one by one. A copious amount of blood splashed, and the other party fell to the ground and made a loud noise.

Murong Qiang is dumbfounded: “Killed in an instant? The Heavenly Venerable, the Heavenly Venerable was killed in an instant!”

Mu Baifeng is also dumbfounded: “That is the Heavenly Venerable, one of the three bigwigs of legends! He was killed just like this! Thats outrageous!”

Wu Shanming looked at Yang Feng standing proudly in the sky and muttered: “The Demon Ancestor, this is the Demon Ancestor? Hes too powerful! To lose to such a person, I have no complaints.”

In all fairness, Wu Shanming can be rated as a wise ruler. There is nothing to nitpick about the way he rules the Great Zhou Empire. If it werent for Yang Feng, the Seven Demonic Path Sects would not be able to raise any waves in the Great Zhou Empire. But now that he met Yang Feng, he could only admit that hes out of luck.

The tenth princess of the Great Zhou Empire Wu Mingshuang, who is only 13 or 14 years old and has a petite and exquisite figure, porcelain skin, and a lovely appearance, looked deeply as her older sister next to her, and her eyes shimmered with envy: “The Demon Ancestor is really strong! Damn it, why did he chose her instead of me?”

Although Wu Mingshuang is young, but since she grew up in a most sinister imperial palace, she matured much earlier than ordinary children. From Yang Fengs few words, she surmised that he will teach Wu Meiying a powerful secret method, which is why she is full of jealousy towards her sister.

Yang Feng said indifferently: “Dead, no, even though the laws of heaven and earth have changed greatly, but an Infinity Warlock after all is an Infinity Warlock and wont die that easily. Gods Eyes, stop pretending, it wont work on me.”

The Gods Eyes let out a frantic roar: “You forced my hand! Damn Supreme Sword, since you forced me to this point, then we shall die together!”

The Fate Algorithm inside Yang Feng suddenly throbbed, and a premonition of death surged in his mind. A dignified shade flickered in his eyes. Then, the Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared behind him, and phantom fluctuations rolled out in all directions.

“Go to hell!”

The Gods Eyes took out a 30-centimeter-long sword tip white as jade. But if you look at it with a top eye technique, youll be able to see that there are countless mysterious runes, which exude Empyrean grade secret treasure breath, inscribed on the surface of the white sword tip.

Eyes shot with blood, the Gods Eyes roared and activated the power of the Empyrean grade secret treasure fragment.

The white sword tip flickered, and runes full of mystery appeared on its body one after another. Every time a rune appeared, the breath of the Gods Eyes weakened by a fraction and his body wizened.

After three breaths of time, the Gods Eyes has become a desiccated body.


The Gods Eyes pointed towards Yang Feng and shouted sternly.

The Empyrean grade secret treasure fragment slashed the space, a thin white line flashed, and a huge rift appeared in the space.

A huge rift with a length of 100,000 kilometers and a width of 10 meters appeared out of nowhere and wiped out anything inside it without leaving a trace.

Panting, a look of exhaustion on his face, the Gods Eyes uttered in a low voice: “To oppose me, what an idiot! This blow has consumed at least 100,000 years of my lifespan! Due to that waste, who knows how long Ill have to stay in this accursed place to recover!”

“This is the power of an Empyrean grade secret treasure, color me impressed. Although it is far inferior to a true Empyrean Grade secret treasure, but it is indeed a rarity. With your Infinity Warlock rank power, to be able to operate this Empyrean grade secret treasure fragment, did you sacrifice your lifespan? Where did you get so much lifespan?”

A calm voice suddenly sounded behind the Gods Eyes.

The Gods Eyes screeched, a look of horror on his face: “You, didnt I kill you? With the power of the God Slayer White Jade Sword, even if it is an avatar that is hit, all other avatars and the true body will die along with it! How could you still be alive!”

Yang Feng replied flatly: “Its because you only cut air! Throw the God Slayer White Jade Sword here!”

The Gods Eyes suddenly realized that his body is out of his control with horror and threw the God Slayer White Jade Sword to in front of Yang Feng.

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