Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 824 – Appear in the Flesh

Chapter 823 – Shocking the World

After the Great Zhou Empires imperial palace was destroyed, the emperor issued an imperial decree and ordered the remaining provinces of the Great Zhou Empire to surrender to Yang Fengs Great Chu Empire.

Aware that the situation is hopeless, the provinces obeyed the imperial decree and surrendered to the Great Chu Empire.

The Great Chu Empire replaced the Great Zhou Empire as one of the three empires of this world.

Soon, the news that the Great Chu Empires emperor the Demon Ancestor took Wu Meiying, a daughter of the Great Zhou Empires emperor Wu Shanming, as his consort spread throughout the entire Great Chu Empire.

After learning this news, the old officials of the Great Zhou Empire felt relieved by a lot.

After all, the foundation of the Great Chu Empire is too shallow, it has developed too fast. Most of the officials in the Great Chu Empire are old officials of the Great Zhou Empire. Only in the center administration of the Great Chu Empire are there some officials who came from the Myriad Demons Temple.

Yang Feng taking Wu Meiying as his consort can greatly appease the old officials of the Great Zhou Empire. At the same time, it can make the governmental chain of command more smooth.

Five days after Yang Feng married Wu Meiying, he announced that he will command 20,000 cavalrymen to attack the Gold Canopy Imperial Court in the grassland.

As soon as the news reached the Gold Canopy Imperial Court, the state fell into a panic.

The grassland is the pasture of the Gold Canopy Imperial Court. As long as the Gold Canopy Imperial Court is willing, it can even mobilize 500,000 cavalrymen in a short period of time.

The 500,000 cavalrymen are virtually invincible in the grassland. Therefore, the Gold Canopy Imperial Court has always been in the position to attack the Great Zhou Dynasty.

In the Gold Canopy Imperial Court, the Khan of Heaven Boorchu is sitting on the throne.

There are ministers and marshals sitting in front of Boorchu. An air of nervousness, fear, and even despair pervades the Gold Canopy Imperial Court.

Boorchu uttered slowly: “Our people have already confirmed. 20,000 elite cavalrymen of the Great Chu Empire commanded by the Demon Ancestor have invaded the grassland. They have already destroyed 36 tribes. The Demon Ancestor has wiped out the Black Wolf Tribes 20,000 elite cavalrymen. If you have any good ideas, feel free to voice them.”

Silence pervaded the Gold Canopy Imperial Court. When the marshals made contact with Boorchus eyes, they looked away, their eyes filled with fear.

If the Great Zhou Empire dared to send 20,000 cavalrymen to attack the Gold Canopy Imperial Court before, these marshal would have fought over the opportunity to wipe them out. But now none of the marshals dares to step up and fight Yang Feng.

The news that Yang Feng destroyed the Great Zhou Dynastys imperial palace by himself has reached the Gold Canopy Imperial Court. The Gold Canopy Imperial Court has numerous spies placed in the Great Zhou Empire, and all of them sent back the same information. The attitude of the Gold Canopy Imperial Courts ministers changed from complete disbelief to half belief and half doubt.

The Black Wolf Tribes 20,000 elite cavalrymen intercepted Yang Fengs army, but then were all eliminated by Yang Feng in one move. When the news reached the Gold Canopy Imperial Court, everyone fell silent.

The Gold Canopy Imperial Court has many ways to deal with the Great Zhou Empires elites. But when it comes to Yang Feng, who wiped out 20,000 elite cavalrymen in one move, no one can do anything about him, no one is willing to throw their life away.

“I can help you!”

At this moment, a voice suddenly rose in the tent. Everyones eyes blurred, and a person appeared in the center of the tent.

When this person suddenly appeared in the center of the tent, everyones eyes were deeply attracted by him in an instant, as if he is the center of the universe.

Boorchus eyes flickered, and he asked in a deep voice: “Who are you?”

“I am the Heavenly Venerable!”

The Gods Eyes said flatly, and wisps of Transcendent rank pressure spread from him slowly.

“The Heavenly Venerable! Its the Heavenly Venerable from mythology just like the Demon Venerable!”

“He is the Heavenly Venerable!”

“No, this pressure, he really should be the Heavenly Venerable!”


Gazes full of shock and awe focused on the Gods Eyes. The Heavenly Venerable is a peerless powerhouse of legend who has the terrifying power of destroying a state by himself. In the grassland, the strong are respected. Therefore, they are naturally even more reverent of the Gods Eyes.

A look of awe is his eyes, Boorchu said respectfully: “Your Excellency Heavenly Venerable, I wonder what is the occasion for you to grace us with your presence?”

The Gods Eyes uttered flatly: “I am here to look for the Demon Venerable! Boorchu, since you are the current Khan of Heaven, you should have a way to communicate with the Demon Venerable. Call him at once and tell him that I was defeated by the Demon Ancestor. None of the three of us are the Demon Ancestors opponent. Only if we work together can we vanquish him.”

“What? The Heavenly Venerable was defeated!”

“Whats going on? How did the Heavenly Venerable lose?”

“The 100,000-kilometer-long trench that suddenly appeared should be a vestige left by the fight between the Demon Ancestor and the Heavenly Venerable!”


Filled with shock, the aristocrats in the Gold Canopy Imperial Court commented emotionally, a look of incredulity in their eyes.

The Heavenly Venerable, the Demon Venerable, and the Dragon Emperor are three mythological figures whose names are the most wide spread in this world. The three have fought over this world hundreds of thousands of years ago. To this day, there are still traces left by the fighting between these three existences everywhere.

Yet now one of the three mythical figures is actually standing in front of them. Furthermore, he admitted to have lost to the Demon Ancestor, who has emerged a short while ago. This naturally came as a great shock to the aristocrats.

“Yes! Heavenly Venerable!”

Boorchu replied respectfully, then took out a statue from a chest pocket. The statue depicts a ferocious-looking evil god with a burly figure and a pair of dragon wings on the back.

Boorchu slit his wrist, and blood flowed out and entered the evil god statue.

After the evil god statue absorbed a large amount of blood, it opened its eyes, and a vortex emerged from its eyes, pierced into the void, and revealed a deep, dark passage.

“Gods Eyes, you old fart! Did you come looking for me because your lifespan is running out? Do you want me to help you open the seal gate?”

From the dark passage came a faint, devilish, androgynous voice.

The Gods Eyes uttered flatly: “Pokiryet, a Cangzhi Planes Warlock has come to this world. He is a top-shelf Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse as well as a Body-tempering Warlock, and he has several complete Holy grade secret treasures on him. I lost to him.”

Pokiryet sneered: “You lost to him, so why have you come to me? Im about as strong as you are. Since youre not that guys opponent, then the same is true for me.”

The eyes of the Gods Eyes flashed with a scorching shade, and he said in a deep voice: “Im not his opponent by myself. But if the three of us work together, we can vanquish him. He has a big secret on him, that is, the whereabouts of the corpse of the Warlock Emperor who manipulated this world. If we can get our hands on this secret, it wont be impossible for us to promote to Holy Spirit Warlocks in the future!”

The three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses stayed in this world for hundreds of thousands of years to heal the wounds of their soul due to their collision over the three Empyrean grade secret treasure fragments on one hand and to find the location of the corpse of the Warlock Emperor on the other hand.

Every Warlock Emperor has an extremely powerful world set up inside them. The world is extremely wide and powerful and possesses countless life forms and resources. Compared to the 36 primary material planes, it is only slightly inferior. It cannot give birth to Warlock Emperor rank existences.

However, the world inside each Warlock Emperor rank existence is still a grade 2 plane that can give birth to Holy Spirit Warlocks. It has countless resources and very dense life magic energy.

If an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse can seize the corpse of a Warlock Emperor and take control of the world inside the corpse, their promotion to a Warlock Emperor will no longer pose a problem. At the same time, there is still a high possibility of them advancing to a Holy Spirit Warlock after tens of thousands of years.

If such a corpse falls into the hands of a top Holy tier alchemist, they may even be able to refine a complete Empyrean grade secret treasure.

“In that case, I will work with you to convince that old dragon!”

With a flash of black light, a two-meter-tall, handsome young man, with bizarre runes carved on his face and a wicked charm exuding from him, flew out from the dark passageway.

“Greetings, Demon Venerable!”

As soon as Boorchu saw him, he knelt on the ground and bowed to the young man respectfully.

“Greetings, Demon Venerable!”

All the present aristocrats knelt on the ground, bowed to the young man, and uttered respectfully.

The Demon Venerable is a being that everyone in the Gold Canopy Imperial Court believes in. The aristocrats here have all grew up listening to the legends of the Demon Venerable. Additionally, the Demon Venerable appeared in an inconceivable way, which naturally left the aristocrats in awe.

Pokiryet uttered indifferently: “Lets go! Lets go find that old dragon!”

Boorchu raised his head and said with a trembling voice: “Lord Demon Venerable, the Demon Ancestor has already led his troops into the grassland. Lord Demon Venerable, please stay and protect us. We are your most devout believers!”

“Ant, to dare bring up a request before me, youre overestimating yourself!”

Derision flashed in Pokiryets eyes, and he flicked his finger. An air projectile blasted Boorchus head apart. Red and white matter instantly spread inside the Gold Canopy Imperial Court.

When the aristocrats saw this scene, their complexion changed drastically, and they shivered, not daring not say a word. Boorchus death made them understand that they are just ants that can be killed at will in the eyes of the Demon Venerable.

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