Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 826 – Agnipe Submits

Chapter 825 – Light of Eternity

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The Gods Eyes looked at the flickering Phantom Ruler with shock in his eyes: “What an amazing secret treasure. This is a terrifying secret treasure at the pinnacle of the art of illusions.”

Infinity Warlocks are top powerhouse who are proficient in countless secret methods. It may be easy to defeat them, but it is definitely difficult to kill them, let alone control them with the art of illusions.

For the Phantom Ruler to actually be able to control such powerhouses as the Gods Eyes, the Demon Venerable, and the Dragon Emperor, this is simply heaven-defying.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, grabbed the three keys, and sealed them into three boxes. Then, he gently pinched the three God Slayer White Jade Sword fragments together and flicked a finger. With a flash of white light, the God Slayer White Jade Sword fragments fused together into a complete sword.

Regret shimmered in Yang Fengs eyes: “Unfortunately, even though its surface can be repaired, but there are no signs of its interior being repaired. This Empyrean grade secret treasure still needs the power of a worlds plane origin will for it to be completely repaired.”

Empyrean grade secret treasures have extraordinary power and are extremely hard. Once an Empyrean grade secret treasure is fully formed, unless it is a Warlock Emperor, or the owner who refined said Empyrean grade secret treasure, it is impossible for even Great Holy step Holy Spirit Warlocks to destroy it.

However, once an Empyrean grade secret treasure is severely damaged, it will be extremely difficult to repair it. When the God Slayer White Jade Sword war broken into pieces, its spirit was extinguished. When it comes to such heavy damage, even if it is a Warlock Emperor rank existence, they can only extract the origin force of a grade 2 plane to treat it.

Yang Feng sealed the God Slayer White Jade Sword in a jade box, and then looked at the two Infinity Warlocks and asked with a smile: “Demon Venerable, Dragon Emperor, do you submit, or do you die?”

The Demon Venerable replied with an unruly smile: “If you want me to submit, then talk to me again when you have become a Holy Spirit Warlocks!”

“Then die!”

Yang Feng took a step and appeared in front of the Demon Venerable, and then stabbed the other party in the forehead with his finger. An Infinity Core flew out of the Demon Venerable and entered Yang Fengs hand.

The Demon Venerable has a horrified expression on his face, looking like he didnt expect that Yang Feng would kill the Infinity Warlock him without hesitation. After all, Infinity Warlock is the highest realm in the Cangzhi Planes surface world. A single Infinity Warlock can make the power of a large force increase greatly.

When he saw this, the Dragon Emperor uttered resolutely: “I, Cui Yi, am willing to serve you, sir! Please take me in, sir!”

Yang Feng said coldly: “Open your soul!”

The Dragon Emperor gritted his teeth. Suddenly, a dragon-shaped soul projection appeared.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and the True God Empyrean Imprint suddenly appeared. Countless black rune chains stabbed the dragon-shaped soul projection like a tide and inscribed a mysterious brand in the soul projection.

Yang Feng said indifferently: “Take me to the sealed land with the Light of Eternity!”

The Gods Eyes responded respectfully: “Yes! Master!”

The three flickered, turned into three streams of light, and flew towards the distance.

“The Demon Ancestor!”

Cui Wuheng gazed at Yang Fengs group of three and sighed, looking like he just aged by several decades.

The Dragon Emperor of legend unexpectedly surrendered to the upstart Demon Ancestor without mounting any resistance. Cui Wuheng, who had no confidence in resisting the Demon Ancestors Great Chu Empire to begin with, has now despaired.

Yang Fengs group of three flew in the sky for a long time before they finally plunged into the deepest part of the sea and entered a large whirlpool.

With the force the whirlpool is whirling, it can even shred Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses to pieces.

Yang Feng and them are Infinity Warlocks. Even though life magic energy is weakened by more than 99% in this queer world, but the power of their fleshly body is still terrifying.

The force of the whirlpool couldnt harm Yang Feng and them.

The three went down along the whirlpool for about 40,000 kilometers before a bronze gate suddenly appeared and blocked in front of them.

The bronze gate is formed from countless weird runes. It is extremely formidable, hovers between real and illusory, and exudes a desolate, grand, and bottomless breath.

Yang Feng gazed at the bronze gate with admiration in his eyes: “As expected of a Warlock Emperor rank being, they perfectly exploited this worlds origin force.”

The most powerful force in the world is the power of time. Even if it is a Warlock Emperor, they can survive for several millions of years at most. Furthermore, they will weaken over time, and then die ultimately.

However, with their power as the core and this planes origin force as the power source, the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse used a secret method to create this world seal gate, which is still extremely powerful after who know how long.

Even an Holy Spirit Warlock cannot break the bronze gate. After all, this bronze gate is linked to an entire world. Only a powerhouse in the Warlock Emperor realm can blast this gate apart with absolute power.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and the three keys directly inserted into the bronze gate.

Creak! Creak!

Ear-piercing sounds of an ancient gate opening sounded, and world force diffused from the bronze gate.

Ordinary Glorious Sun Warlocks would be eroded by the rush of world force and turned into puppets of this worlds will. They would go all out in order to destroy this seal set up by a Warlock Emperor.

But since Yang Feng and them are all Infinity Warlocks with an incredibly firm will, the rush of world force cannot harm them.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the bronze gate, he saw the eternal god tree the Light of Eternity. Light of Eternity is 1,000 meters tall and has 36 branches, each of which bears a lump of light.

The 36 lumps of light are the fruits of the eternal god tree the Light of Eternity.

It takes 10,000 years and countless resources for a Light of Eternity fruit to be born. One such fruit can increase the lifespan by 50,000 years, greatly strengthen the fleshly body, and slightly improve the soul force and soul aptitude of a Warlock.

There is a white pond with milky-white water formed from world force besides Light of Eternity.

Yang Feng raised his hand, and the God Slayer White Jade Sword turned into a stream of light and sank into the milky-white water.

As if it possesses life, the milky-white water plunged into the God Slayer White Jade Sword and frantically nourished the Empyrean grade secret treasure.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and 36 jade boxes flew out and flew towards the 36 Light of Eternity fruits.

The Light of Eternity shook slightly, and the fruits fell directly into the jade boxes.

“Thank you!”

After Yang Feng bowed to the Light of Eternity and thanked it, he turned around and left this worlds core with the Heavenly Venerable and the Dragon Emperor.

“This world is now completely mine. I can start to cultivate my helpers and upgrade my cultivation base.”

Yang Feng stepped out of this worlds core and looked into the distance, and the corners of his mouth rose into a smile.

The shocking great tribulation is about to arrive. Yang Feng really has too little time. With the flow of time here 1,000 times faster than in the outside world, it can enable his underlying strength to grow deeper and enhance his foundation.

10 days later, the Gold Canopy Imperial Court announced that it will submit to the Great Chu Empire and become a part of it. Before long, the Sea Dragon Empire also announced that it will submit to the Chu Empire and become a part of it.

Yang Feng has unified this world.

Countless battle robots entered this world through various warp gates and began to carry out engineering constructions and secretly transform the world.

Yang Feng took out all the resources he scoured from the Cangzhi Plane and the other planes and set up an extraordinary holy land suitable for cultivation in this world.

Wu Meiying, Qiao Mengluo, Qinghe Ziwei, Qian Jieyu, Khaina, Regina, and other beautiful girls with remarkable soul aptitude Yang Feng has collected have all entered the holy land to practice cultivation.

In the deepest part of the holy land, Yang Fengs true body began to comprehend the mysteries of laws while consuming the Light of Eternity fruits and cultivating the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body.

Time passed, a year has gone by in the Cangzhi Plane, while in this strange world, 1,000 years have gone by.

Inside a secret room, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes. There is dust from magic crystals everywhere around him. Advanced Infinity Warlock rank breath slowly diffused from him.

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows slightly, and a queer shade flashed in his eyes: “The resources are not enough! If things go on like this, then I will have spent all my resources after another 100 years.”

Yang Feng has battled all this time and obtained countless resources. However, the resources he needs to consume to practice cultivation is an astronomical figure.

Wu Meiying, Qiao Mengluo, Qinghe Ziwei, Qian Jieyu, Khaina, and Regina are all geniuses. With Yang Fengs help, they have all implanted a small world at the Great Warlock realm and have become monstrous genius rank existences. But their consumption is also huge, far beyond that of ordinary Warlocks.

Under these circumstances, in only 1,000 years, the resources Yang Feng has procured from all over have been nearly used up.

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