Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 827 – Star Heavenly Maiden

Chapter 826 – Agnipe Submits

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However, in these 1,000 years, Wu Meiying and Regina, who are peerless geniuses with intermediate level-8 soul aptitude, have advanced to the pinnacle Bright World Warlock realm, only a step away from promoting to the Infinity Warlock realm.

Qinghe Ziwei and Qiao Mengluo, who are much inferior to Wu Meiying and Regina, are just Glorious Sun Warlocks. The Myriad Flowers Temples Ten Flowers and Khaina have only cultivated to the Moonlight Warlock realm.

The influence that soul aptitude has on Warlock cultivation vividly manifested in these 1,000 years.

During this period, Yang Feng has strengthened his foundation, perfected his essence of devour, and laid a solid foundation for advancing to higher realms.

The Cangzhi Plane, a certain leaf floating island, in a large underground laboratory.

Yang Feng, followed by Besskya, strolled into the large underground laboratory.

The machinery inside the large underground laboratory squirmed, and an ice coffin suddenly rose up, opened, and revealed the peerless beauty Agnipe, the commander of Poyduls first fallen angel legion.

Runes gleamed, and a mist rose. The runes that restrained Agnipe unraveled one by one. She slowly opened her eyes and stared coldly at Yang Feng, and her beautiful eyes flashed with killing intent.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “How does it feel to struggle in endless darkness?”

Although Agnipe was sealed by the ice coffin, but she did not fall asleep. Instead, she was plunged into an endless darkness. Although this sort of torture does not harm the body, but it is nonetheless extremely cruel. Even if it is a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse, they will find it impossible to resist this sort of torture.

Resolve flashed in Agnipes beautiful eyes, and she said flatly: “Even if another 10,000 years pass, not a thing will change! I wont change my decision!”

“Okay! Come out! Let me take a look at how powerful a legendary supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse is!”

Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and the runes on Agnipe suddenly collapsed. At the same time, tremendous dark force poured into this area through pipes.

Agnipe took a breath and, as if she turned into a black hole, absorbed the tremendous dark force.

Within a dozen breaths of time, Agnipe absorbed all the dark force and restored her supreme Infinity Warlock realm strength.

Agnipe took a deep look at Besskya and said coldly: “Besskya, you surrendered to him. What conditions did he offer you?”

Besskya replied with a sweet smile: “Big Sister Agnipe, I agreed to serve him for 3,000 years, after which he will return me my freedom. Big sister, if you are thinking about escaping from here, I advise you to give up the idea.”

Angels are the most loyal weapons of the gods. Fallen angels with a master are also the most loyal weapons in the endless Abyss.

Although Besskya originally had a rather good relationship with Agnipe. But since she already recognized Yang Feng as her master, she wont hesitate to point her sword even at Agnipe.

Agnipe stared at Yang Feng, and her beautiful eyes flickered with burning fighting spirit: “So, are we going to fight here?”

“This laboratory is rather expensive. Lets go out to fight!”

With that, the ceiling of the huge laboratory suddenly opened and revealed a passage leading to the sky.

Black light shone, and Agnipe flew out of the laboratory in an instant.

Yang Feng also flew out of the passage in a stream of light.

Agnipe extended a hand, and dark force instantly formed a three-meter-long Fallen Angel Sword burning with Fallen Angel Fire in her hand. A fearsome breath spread from her.

“If you dont want to die, try your best to receive my sword strike!”

Agnipes beautiful eyes shimmered coldly, she waved her sword, and a sword ray containing dark force slashed towards Yang Feng.

This sword ray can severely wound an ordinary human junior Infinity Warlock.

Yang Feng extended his hand and operated the essence of devour, and a black hole appeared on his right hand and engulfed the sword ray.

The black sword ray was instantly devoured by the black hole, and disappeared.

“Amazing, so this is the power of a supreme Infinity Warlock realm powerhouse? Its really something!”

Yang Feng glanced at his right hand with a solemn look in his eyes. A bloody line has appeared on his right hand, and blood oozed out of the wound.

Strengthened by the Light of Eternity fruits and the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, the power and resilience of Yang Fengs fleshly body is very strong, far surpassing those of other powerhouses of the same realm.

Agnipes sword strike was able to cut Yang Feng, enabling him to experience how formidable a supreme Infinity Warlock realm powerhouse is.

“It looks like I have to get a bit serious before I can truly subdue you!”

Strange light flashed in Yang Fengs eyes. He operated the Battle Demon Secret Method, and the Battle Demon Armor instantly enveloped him. Advanced Infinity Warlock rank breath slowly diffused from him.

“Advanced Infinity Warlock? How is this possible? How can your cultivation speed be so fast?”

Shock flashed in Agnipes beautiful eyes, and then the expression in her eyes turned dignified.

Yang Feng blurred into motion, appeared in front of Agnipe, and opened hiss right hand, and a giant black hole at least 10 times as big as the previous one appeared and crashed towards Agnipe.

Agnipe suddenly retreated violently, turned into more than 20 afterimages, and slashed out. One after another, sword rays shot towards Yang Feng from tricky angles.

A Devour Black Moon suddenly rose from behind Yang Feng and, like a terrifying monster that can swallow the world, frantically devoured all power.

Agnipes fearsome sword rays that contain dark force were completely devoured by the Devour Black Moon before they could harm Yang Feng.

Polished by tens of thousands of years of actual combat, Agnipes martial arts are exquisite. In this regard, she is not even inferior to the Feisuo Planes Sea Goddess of War Bosana who has the divine authority of martial. But in front of the Devour Black Moon, her attack was as powerful as a mouse pulling a tortoise.

Besskya watched the Devour Black Moon with a solemn expression in her beautiful eyes. “Awesome! When did he grew this strong? What a monster!”

Although Besskya has already surrendered to Yang Feng, but she still looked down on him deep in her heart, thinking that hes just someone good at taking advantage of others perilous state.

Yet in such a short period of time, Yang Feng has grown into an existence that can rival her. Besskya is rather moved.

Although she slashed 1,000 times with her sword, yet Agnipe still could not break through the Devour Black Moon. The look in her eyes became increasingly solemn.

Suddenly, Agnipe halted in the void, took a deep breath, and instantly slashed out 1,000 times. The 1,000 sword rays combined into one and formed a 100-meter-long black sword ray that barreled towards Yang Feng with a devastating force.

A dignified shade flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he extended his hand and spread the fingers of the hand. The Devour Black Moon suddenly shrank by a size, and its defensive power increased ten-fold.

When the black sword ray slammed into the Devour Black Moon, it cut the Devour Black Moon little by little and forcibly bisected it, and then sliced Yang Fengs right hand enveloped by the Battle Demon Armor, inflicting a deep injury that showed bone.

“You lost!”

Agnipe suddenly emerged from the black sword ray and stabbed with her sword towards Yang Fengs forehead with frigid killing intent.

“Wrong! Youre the one who lost!”

Yang Feng suddenly showed a queer smile. Through the World Ring, he frantically extracted the world force of the nine small worlds inside him, executed the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist, and punched Agnipe in the abdomen.

A mist of blood erupted as Agnipes abdomen was obliterated. She was thrown far away like a broken rag doll.

Proud of his battle prowess, surrounded by the world force, looking like an invincible god, Yang Feng standing in the air gazed at Agnipe.

Agnipe erupted with dark force and quickly healed her broken body.

Agnipes figure fluttered, and she turned into a dozen plus afterimages. At the same time, she blurred and appeared above Yang Feng, and then stabbed her sword towards him.

“Its useless!”

Yang Feng chuckled and punched Agnipes Fallen Angel Sword. His fist erupted with world force of the nine small worlds and smashed the Fallen Angel Sword to pieces, and then blasted into Agnipe.

Agnipe spewed out a big mouthful of blood, slammed into the ground, and blasted open a huge hole.

Yang Feng took a step and appeared in front of Agnipe, then touched Agnipes forehead with a finger. Countless black runes poured into Agnipe like a tide and sealed her completely.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “According to our agreement, you will become my subordinate, right?”

“Yes! Master!”

With a complicated look in her eyes, Agnipe sighed, and a soul projection suddenly appeared.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger. The True God Empyrean Imprint suddenly flew out, and many rune chains entered Agnipes soul projection and set up a soul brand.

Yang Feng undid the runes on Agnipe and asked her, curious: “Agnipe, how do I compare to the Warlock Monarchs you have besieged and vanquished?”

Agnipe replied: “The Warlock Monarchs we have besieged were seriously injured. You are on par with the seriously injured Warlock Monarchs in terms of strength.”

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