Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 829 – Submission

Chapter 828 – Core Spirit Eyes Arrow

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Poised, Yang Feng said with a tranquil smile: “That was a last resort! Please excuse my unsightly behavior!”

With the Empyrean grade secret treasure God Slayer White Jade sword coupled with the two supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses Agnipe and Besskya, even if a Warlock Monarch rank existence comes to invade Yang Fengs branch floating continent, he has some capital to seriously wound and even slay the opponent.

With profound enough underlying strength, he feels more confident and at ease when dealing with the Star Monarch.

The Star Monarch uttered, curious: “When the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root first emerged, the Transcended Monarch proposed to vanquish you for pretending to be of the Golem Dynasty. It was the Taboo Monarch who saved you. According to him, this is the will of the great Taboo Lord. What is the relationship between you and the Taboo Lord?”

Taken aback, Yang Feng recalled the time when he got the Taboo Lords inheritance in the Feisuo Plane: “The Taboo Lord?”

Yang Feng frowned slightly and fell silent.

The Star Monarch smiled lightly and said sympathetically: “If its not convenient to say, then forget it! I was just curious! By the way, Yang Feng, why have you come to see me?”

Yang Feng responded frankly: “I want to enter the core world to look for opportunities.”

“The core world does have many treasure troves, but most of them already have owners. There is not much benefit for you to enter the core world at the moment.”

“Due to the great tribulation, the Cangzhi Plane has entered a period of transformation. Countless years of accumulation will erupt in the following years. The countless treasure troves and dwellings hidden in the Cangzhi Plane will all emerge one after another. Soon, the surface world will be the greatest treasury. Why would you go to the core world at this time?” The Star Monarch spoke.

Over the years, countless Warlocks have built dwellings and treasure troves in secret places in the Cangzhi Plane as fallbacks.

Many dwellings and treasure troves have been acquired by fated people, but many more are still deeply hidden. The dwellings set up by some Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses will automatically move over time. The dwellings of some Warlock Emperors are located in distorted, illusory worlds similar to the core world. The relic sites of some Eternals are located in mysterious cracks and worlds. Even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses can hardly discover them.

If it were not for the imminent invasion of another universe, these treasure troves would never appear.

But since another universe is about to invade, if this universe doesnt want to be devoured, it will instinctively enhance the fighting power of the life forms under its command.

Thanks to the the universe origin will, many treasure troves hidden in this universe will manifest themselves one after another.

Strange light flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he said with a smile: “The core world is the ultimate and final fortress of us human Warlocks. I am curious by nature, I want to go there once. Am I am not qualified?”

“Of course not. But as the core world is our final fortress, the selection of entrants must be done with great care. Unless you are willing to sign the World Core Covenant and abide by its rules, you will never be able to enter the world core, not even if you become a Holy Spirit Warlock.”

The Star Monarch smiled and spread the fingers of a hand, and a contract formed from starlight flew towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng received the contract and swept the contents with his gaze.

There are several clauses recorded in the contract. The first clause stipulates that your soul must be free. Anyone whose soul has been branded is not eligible to enter the core world. The second clause stipulates that your soul must be a human Warlock soul. The third clause stipulates to never reveal the position of the core world. The fourth clause stipulates that once you enter the core world, you must fight for the survival of humans. If you encounter alien races that threaten the survival of human Warlocks, you must take action and annihilate them. The fifth clause stipulates that if there is any conflict between powerhouses above the Warlock Monarch realm, they must leave the core world and go to another place to fight.

At the time, the first Sect Master of the Battle Demon Sect had a fortuitous encounter in the core world, and then came to the surface world to assist the first emperor of the Great Cloud Dynasty to create the Great Cloud Dynasty.

After the first Sect Master of the Battle Demon Sect, no one else in the Battle Demon Sect knew about the existence of the core world, all due to the restraints of the Core World Convention.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “No problem, I can abide by these clauses!”

At the time, in order to unite the human Warlocks against the ruling archgods, the conditions the Time Lord formulated for entering the core world are not too strict.

But, after a series of evolutions, the core worlds cultivation environment has become more than 100 times better than that of the declining Cangzhi Planes surface world. Those in charge of the core world have hidden the existence of the core world and only allow the most outstanding Warlock geniuses to enter the core world.

Yang Feng has promoted to an Infinity Warlock in a short period of time. Furthermore, he is daring enough to occupy a branch floating continent of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root. Such a peerless genius is naturally qualified to enter the core world.

The Star Lord waved a hand, and a gold contract flew to in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng accepted the gold contract, performed the Transcendent Pupils, and checked it carefully. After confirming that there are no hidden tricks, he signed his name on it.

Brilliant gold light shone, and a strange gold arrow with nine eyes suddenly appeared above the gold contract.

As soon as the weird gold arrow appeared, all sorts of warnings went off in Yang Fengs mind. He instinctively felt that the gold arrow possesses the power to kill him.

A large maw suddenly appeared on the weird gold arrow, and it swallowed the gold contract. Its nine eyes turned as it carefully examined Yang Feng, and then disappeared.

The Star Monarch smiled and said: “That is the Core Spirit Eyes Arrow, its an Empyrean grade secret treasure the Time Lord instructed the Many Treasures Holy to forge using the spine of the Warlock Emperor rank archgod the Myriad Eyes Impartial God. Even if it is a Great Holy step Holy Spirit Warlock, if they violate the Core World Covenant, they will be killed by the Core Spirit Eyes Arrow all the same.

After the gold arrow disappeared, a gold token appeared in Yang Fengs hand.

As soon as the gold token entered Yang Fengs hand, he suddenly felt that there is a mysterious, queer, and powerful world deep in the core of the Cangzhi Plane. He can sense that the world is moving.

Satisfaction flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he put away the gold token and continued to talk with the Star Monarch.

After attending the banquet held by the Star Monarch, Yang Feng turned into a stream of light and flew away from the branch floating continent occupied by the Star Dynasty.

“What do you think of him?”

After Yang Feng left, in a secret room, Star Monarch sitting on a sofa asked thusly with a smile.

The enigmatic Star Heavenly Maiden, still surrounded by starlight, appeared on the other side of the sofa. She and the Star Monarch look like a beautiful pair of sisters.

The beautiful eyes of the Star Heavenly Maiden flickered with dazzling starlight and she said unhurriedly: “Hes both extraordinary and ambitious.”

The Star Monarch uttered with a faint smile: “Thats right. If my divination isnt wrong, Yang Feng should be one of the geniuses of this era who are qualified to compete for the position of the Warlock Emperor!”

The Star Heavenly Maiden raised her eyebrows slightly: “Warlock Emperor? Him? Hes just someone from an ordinary sect in the surface world. Compared with the monstrous geniuses in the core world, isnt he far too lacking? Moreover, none of the geniuses born in the Evil God Plane, the Savage Insect Plane, and the other planes is a pushover!”

Compared to the core world, the standard of human Warlocks in the Cangzhi Planes surface world is much lower. Moreover, in the vast universe, there are numerous formidable powerhouses.

In any era, only one person can reach the top and become a Warlock Emperor. That person is a supreme-level powerhouse of that era who suppressed countless peerless geniuses in the entire universe.

Although the Star Heavenly Maiden is also quite optimistic about Yang Fengs prospects, but she doesnt think that he can become the next Warlock Emperor.

The Star Monarch said with a smile: “He is just one of the geniuses who are qualified to fight for the position of Warlock Emperor. But I am still rather optimistic about his prospects.”

Enigmatic light shimmered in the beautiful eyes of the Star Heavenly Maiden, and she uttered with a smile: “I think that the monsters of the core world such as Helian Wuyi, Yan Mowen, and Bu Liantian are much better than Yang Feng. Besides, the ones most hopeful of becoming a Warlock Emperor should be you Six Monarchs.”

Each Monarch of the Six Dynasties is a genius among geniuses, monster among monsters. These six talents are most hopeful of becoming the next Warlock Emperor from among the younger generation.

The Star Monarch sighed faintly: “Im no good! All the secret methods I have learned come from the Star Text. Even if I cultivate to the limit, I can only become a Great Holy step powerhouse at most.”

The Star Maiden was silent for a while, and then sighed with regret.

Every Warlock Emperor has to carve out their own way and wield a different flawless grade essence. Before a Warlock Emperor dies, no one can be promoted to a Warlock Emperor with the same essence.

Even if a Warlock Emperor dies, it will be far more difficult for other people to be promoted to a Warlock Emperor with the same essence than it is for a powerhouse to open a path by themselves.

“I, the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng, request an audience with the Taboo Monarch!”

The next day, Yang Feng came to the branch floating continent occupied by the Taboo Dynasty and said loudly.

A black ray extended from the branch floating continent occupied by the Taboo Dynasty and formed a bridge of gloomy light.

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