Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 830 – Core World

Chapter 829 – Submission

Translator: Xaiomoge

As soon as Yang Feng stepped on the bridge of gloomy light, the gloomy light immediately shot into the depths of the branch floating continent.

With a flash of black light, Yang Feng appeared in an exquisite palace.

On the throne of the palace, there sits an enchanting girl with a pair of cat ears on the head, dressed in a gorgeous Warlock robe, and exuding Warlock Monarch rank breath. She is the Taboo Dynastys Taboo Monarch.

There are eight powerhouses standing in front of the Taboo Monarch, each of which has bloodline characteristic of other species and exudes a strong breath.

As soon as Yang Feng appeared in the palace, gazes focused on him.

Yang Feng bowed to the Taboo Monarch and said: “Greetings, Taboo Monarch! Thank you for standing up for me at the time and allowing me avoid a disaster!”

If the Taboo Monarch hadnt protected Yang Feng at the time, then with his strength at the time, he would definitely not be able to withstand a full strength attack from any of the Six Warlock Dynasties.

The Taboo Monarch said with a beautiful smile: “Dont thank me, this is the will of my lord. If you want to thank someone, thank my lord.”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and flicked his finger, and a storage ring flew towards the Taboo Monarch: “This is a small gift I prepared. Its a little token to show my respect for you, please accept it.”

The Taboo Monarch took the storage ring and swept it with her gaze, and then put it aside and uttered with a smile: “Not bad, thats thoughtful of you.”

Inside the storage ring, there are precious cultivation resources that can tempt Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. However, as the ruler of the Taboo Dynasty, a behemoth that once quelled countless planes, the Taboo Monarch can mobilize far better resources than Yang Feng. The resources in the storage ring naturally dont amount to much in her eyes.

“You are Yang Feng? I am the Lightning Devil, one of the 72 Marshals of the Taboo Dynasty! I want to challenge you to a duel to see if you are worthy of our Taboo Dynastys support!”

A burly man, with a single horn on his head, engraved with countless mysterious lightning runes all over his body, walked out from the midst of the eight powerhouses and stared at Yang Feng with scorching-hot fighting spirit in his eyes.

A burly, handsome man, with a pair of horns on his head, white hair, and a wicked temperament, sneered and said: “Yang Feng, if you dont dare fight the Lightning Devil, then we wont make it difficult for you. However, from now on, youd better not come to our Taboo Dynasty again. Our Taboo Dynasty doesnt like to make friends with cowards!”

In the world of Warlocks, the strong are respected. Only people of equal strength can stand on an equal footing, communicate, and become friends.

There are many Bloodline Warlocks in the Taboo Dynasty. These Bloodline Warlocks infuse the blood essence of powerful existences into themselves in order to become similar to those existences.

Although Bloodline Warlocks are powerful, but they are also irascible and violent. Only true powerhouses can make Bloodline Warlock acknowledge them.

The Taboo Monarch watched Yang Feng with an enigmatic smile from her throne, curious about how Yang Feng will respond.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “In that case, I will swap pointers with you.”

“Okay, you guys will swap pointers in here!”

The Taboo Monarch smiled slightly and clapped her hands, and black light descended, shone in the center of the hall, and a small arena set up with spatial spells suddenly appeared.

The Lightning Devil blurred and flew into the small arena. He operated a secret method, and lightning runes emerged all over his body one after another. He suddenly expanded and turned into a 10-meter-tall extraordinary life form Lightning Liger with a lightning horn on the head and a fierce appearance.

Lightning Liger is a kind of terrifying existence that is naturally able to manipulate lightning essence and wield Purple Thunder Lightning. An Infinity Warlock rank Lightning Liger can vanquish an ordinary human Infinity Warlock.

Lightning surrounded by gloomy demonic energy danced like snakes, setting off the Lightning Devil like hes a God of Lightning.

Yang Feng smiled slightly, took a step forward, and stepped into the arena.

Lightning Devil barked: “Yang Feng, cast your secret method! Or Ill attack!”

Fearsome thunder echoed in the area incessantly.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Im ready!”

“Arrogant! That being the case, let me see what youre made from!”

The Lightning Devil roared, used the essence of lightning, and manipulated lightning.

In an instant, within an area 100 kilometers in radius in the arena, dark clouds churned, lightning flickered, and thunder rumbled endlessly.

Countless lightning bolts suddenly emerged at the same time, gathered the lightning force in the area 100 kilometers in radius, and turned into a bolt of Purple Thunder Lightning with the terrifying power to slay Infinity Warlocks slashing towards Yang Feng.

If an ordinary junior Infinity Warlock was hit by the bolt of Purple Thunder Lightning, all the magic shields protecting them would have collapsed, and the person themselves would be heavily injured, or even be killed directly.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and a ray black devour light suddenly appeared and shot towards the bolt of Purple Thunder Lightning.

In the blink of an eye, the bolt of Purple Thunder Lightning blasted into the ray of black devour light and disappeared.

“What spell is that?”

“What an impressive spell!”

“What a fearsome defensive spell!”


When the seven Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses standing in front of the throne saw that the bolt of Purple Thunder Lightning was easily dispelled, their faces fell, and a dignified shade flashed in their eyes.

The bolt of Purple Thunder Lightning is a terrifying spell formed from the energy of heaven and earth gathered from an area 100 kilometers in radius and the essence of lightning. Even the seven Infinity Warlocks would find it hard to block it. For Yang Feng to easily dispel the bolt of Purple Thunder Lightning, he must be terrifyingly strong.

“Devil Lightning Prison!”

Eyes shot with blood, the Lightning Devil roared, the lightning runes on his body erupted, and he stimulated his power to the limit.

In an instant, the life magic energy in an area 1,000 meters in diameter within that arena was emptied.

Dancing like snakes, bolts of Purple Thunder Lightning shot towards Yang Feng from all directions, leaving no gaps.

Each of the countless bolts of Purple Thunder Lightning has the power to severely wound an Infinity Warlock.

Bombarded by the bolts of Purple Thunder Lightning, Yang Feng, enveloped by black devour light, took a casual step, devoured countless bolts of Purple Thunder Lightning, appeared above the Lightning Devil, and punched him in the head.


The Lightning Devil instantly slammed into the ground and blasted open a huge hole.

Yang Feng touched the forehead of the Lightning Devil with a finger, and countless black runes turned into seals and filled the opponents body, sealing all his power.

With his bloodline power sealed, the extraordinary life form Lightning Liger shrank and finally changed into the Lightning Devils human form. His power was completely sealed by Yang Feng. Not only his power was sealed, but even the power of his fleshly body was sealed by 99%.

Yang Feng floated backwards, landed on the ground confidently, and said with a smile: “Marshal Lightning Devil, you let me win!”

The Lightning Devil took a deep breath, gazed at Yang Feng with a complicated look in his eyes, and said solemnly: “Not bad, Yang Feng, youre really strong. You should be a match for the little bastards like Helian Wuyi, Yan Mowen, Bu Liantian, and the True Dragon Prince! I admit defeat! Undo the seals you placed on me!”

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and countless black runes flew out of the Lightning Devil, entered his hand, and disappeared.

The Lightning Devil smiled straightforwardly, blurred, and returned to the side of the other seven Infinity Warlocks: “Im convinced! If theres a chance, lets have some drinks together!”

Yang Feng glanced at the remaining seven Infinity Warlocks and uttered with a smile: “Do you guys also want to swap pointers with me?”

The white-haired Infinity Warlock replied with a light smile: “Theres no need. We are about as strong as the Lightning Devil. If you can easily defeat him, then you can easily defeat us. We have no objections to the Monarchs decision to protect you!”

The other six Infinity Warlocks all nodded, and approval flashed in their eyes.

Warlocks respect the strong. The Second Warlock Dynasty, the Taboo Dynasty, is following this principle to the extreme. Only the strongest powerhouse can subjugate the many Bloodline Warlocks and secure the throne.

After the Taboo Lord fell, the Taboo Dynasty collapsed at once. The most important reason why this happened is that apart from the Taboo Lord, no one else was able to subdue the Great Holy step Holy Spirit Warlocks of the Taboo Dynasty.

The beautiful eyes of the Taboo Monarch flashed with an enigmatic ray, and she revealed a sweet smile: “Essence of devour! Interesting, there has been no one who has reached the end of this essence before. This guy really has a chance to advance to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse in the future. No wonder he treats him so well.”

After Yang Feng defeated the Lightning Devil and gained the recognition of the rest of the Taboo Dynastys Infinity Warlocks, thanks to the hospitality of the Taboo Monarch, he stayed and had some drinks with the Lightning Devil and the other Infinity Warlocks and discussed cultivation related topics. He didnt leave until the next day.

The Cangzhi Planes surface world, a desert, in a barren area 1,000 kilometers in area with no signs of life.

A black ray gleamed, and Yang Feng appeared in the air above the desert.

Yang Feng glanced at the desert with a peculiar look in his eyes and said with a smile: “Who could have imagined that this desolate place with no signs of life, not suitable for cultivation is actually the entrance to the core world.”

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he cast a spell, merged into the desert like a ghost, and advanced underground.

After traveling for about 10,000 kilometers, Yang Feng took out the gold token and pinched it slightly.

Rays of gold light emerged from the gold token, formed a gold vortex, and swallowed Yang Feng.

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