Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 831 – Wealth Gold King

Chapter 830 – Core World

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The space distorted slightly, and Yang Feng suddenly appeared in a vast world filled with energy.

“So this is the core world, its really rich in life magic energy. The concentration of life magic energy in this world is 10 times that of the surface world. No wonder the true human Warlock powerhouses are all in the core world.”

With a sweep of his immense soul force, Yang Feng analyzed the surrounding environment, and his eyes flashed brightly.

Different environments can hold different existences. For example, a pond fundamentally cannot hold flood dragons. The strongest experts that can be born in a grade 9 plane are only Legend rank experts.

Since the core world is attached to the Cangzhi Plane, it is equivalent to an extension of the plane. The laws of heaven and earth here are the same as in the Cangzhi Plane, while the life magic energy here is 10 times denser than in the Cangzhi Plane. The core world is the true essence of the Cangzhi Plane.

Of course, when the devouring between the two universes starts, the Cangzhi Planes plane origin will begin to expedite the birth of powerhouses. At that time, the surface world will replace the core world as the supreme holy land for cultivation.

Yang Feng looked up, and admiration flickered in his eyes: “It has a sun, a moon, and stars, just like a real world! Its really amazing!”

In the core world, the stars and the sun suspended in the sky look no different from those in the surface world at first glance.

However, as soon as Yang Feng operated the Transcendent Pupils, he saw that the stars in the sky are engraved with countless mysterious runes, forming an integral defense system with the core world.

Once anything abnormal occurs in the core world, the Warlock groups that control the core worlds defense system can mobilize the power of the countless stars to attack the source of the abnormality.

Yang Feng extended a finger, and purple smoke swirled and formed an arrow pointing in a direction.

There was a gust of wind, and Yang Feng disappeared.

A few days later, aboard a luxurious flying boat, Yang Feng sitting on the deck, with a crystal clear wine glass in hand, is basking in the sun and looking at a magic image crystal that is no different from a TV.

“Zerg Li Jiang went to challenge Black Moon Dragon Zhou Ming. In the fifth minute, Black Moon Dragon Zhou Ming, who has turned into a black moon dragon, tore off an arm of the opponent and defeated him.”

“The Eyes of the Black Spirit discovered a new magic crystal vein and is applying to Mount Tai King to develop it!”


In the magic image crystal, a beautiful announcer is reading the news.

In the core world, the magic civilization has developed to the extreme, and many spells have been commercialized. In here, a magic stone cannot even be exchanged for a magic coins. The purchasing power of 1 magic coin is only equivalent to 1 yuan [1] on Earth.

As Yang Feng watched the news, the corners of his mouth rose into a smile: “Most of the news is information on Starry Sky Warlocks. Information on powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank will only appear under certain circumstances. Sure enough, in the core world, Transcendent rank powerhouses possesses great authority.

As Transcendent rank beings, powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank can suppress a plane below grade 6. At the same time, many large-scale, top-shelf artifacts have to be manned by such powerhouses. Therefore, no matter where, powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank have great status.

Of course, there are also some Transcendent rank powerhouses who like to show off. They will often appear in the news.

“Wont you have a drink with me?”

A blond, sexy, coquettish, beautiful Warlock sat at Yang Fengs table and revealed a charming and beautiful smile, a fragrance wafting out from her.

After Yang Feng promoted to an Infinity Warlock, his stage of being has undergone an earth-shaking evolution. Although hes hiding his strength and life force field, but he still exudes an extraordinary temperament, which has great attraction towards the opposite sex.

Yang Feng smiled and snapped his fingers.

A wind sprite condensed from wind elemental particles, picked up a bottle of fine wine, opened it, and poured a cup for the sexy and coquettish Warlock.

“Good wine. This wine is the top-shelf magic wine Night Flow Gold. The price of each bottle of this magic wine is at 10 million magic coins. Its delicious.”

After the beautiful Warlock took a sip of the magic wine, her pretty eyes lit up, and she said with a sweet smile: “Hello, Im Mary, an instructor of the Purple Hyacinth. Its a pleasure to meet you!”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Hello, my name is Yang Feng, and the pleasure is all mine.”

Yang Feng, who doesnt have a mature intelligence network in the core world, knows almost nothing about this world. He doesnt know what sort of organization the Purple Hyacinth is.

“Mary, I have been looking for you for a long time! Why are you here? And with this kind of person to boot?”

A tall and handsome man, dressed in a purple Warlock robe, who looks elegant and confident and has an extraordinary temperament, yet has a haughty expression on his face, walked up to Yang Fengs table and swept Yang Feng with a glace, and his eyes flashed with disdain and contempt.

Yang Feng swept the haughty-looking Warlock with his eyes. At a glance, he saw through the Warlocks cultivation base — Moonlight Warlock rank.

Since that Warlock and Mary are the only two Moonlight Warlocks aboard this flying boat, it is not surprising that he is arrogant.

As Transcendent rank powerhouses, Moonlight Warlocks are fundamentally different from ordinary Warlocks in terms of stage of being. In the eyes of many Moonlight Warlocks, those below the Moonlight Warlock rank cannot communicate with them as equals, just as humans cannot communicate with orangutans.

Mary frowned slightly and replied with a hint of impatience: “Cong Zibai, whom I make friends with is my business, not yours. Let me get this straight, you and I are just friends, nothing more.”

Cong Zibai shifted his gaze to Yang Feng and said with a cold smile: “Your name is Yang Feng. Mary is not someone that an ordinary person such as yourself can make friends with. There is a fundamental difference between you and her. I advise you to be more tactful, or else I dont mind giving you a lesson that youll never forget.”

“Cong Zibai, thats enough!”

Mary creased her slim eyebrows, shouted, and then stood up from her seat and apologized to Yang Feng: “Sorry, Yang Feng. This is all because of me, so let me take care of it!”

Suddenly, bell-like sounds rang in the sky.

A 10-thousand-meter-long, gold ship, carved with mysterious runes everywhere and emitting resplendent light, slowly flew this way.

“Wealth Gold Ship!”

“Its the Wealth Gold Kings ship!”

“Thats the Wealth Gold King! To be able to meet the Wealth Gold King, were really lucky!”


Suddenly, excited clamor sounded aboard the flying boat as many human Warlocks gazed at the gold ship in the distance with excited smiles.

Yang Feng asked, curious: “The Wealth Gold King? Whos that?”

Mary looked at the gold ship with a scorching ray in her beautiful eyes: “The Wealth Gold King is a great figure above the Glorious Sun Warlock rank. No one knows how high his cultivation base is. According to legend, he has endless wealth and power. As long as you can board the Wealth Gold Kings gold ship, he will fulfill any wish you have!”

When he heard this, Yang Feng said with a light smile: “He can fulfill any wish, you say? Even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses cannot do that.”

There are many thing that even someone as strong as a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse cant do. To become an immortal Eternal is the dream of all Warlock Emperors as well as their sole goal.

Regrettably, except for the age of Eternals, although there have been many peerless geniuses who defeated the countless powerhouses in the universe and became invincible in their era, but they still could not become Eternals.

Its not that those peerless geniuses werent excellent enough, but that the universes energy level is low. This universe can only give birth to Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses at most. No matter how hard they work, they cannot advance to Eternals.

The statement that the Wealth Gold King can satisfy anyones wish made Yang Feng feel that its funny.

Mary said meaningfully: “The Wealth Gold King naturally cannot compare to the Eight Warlock Emperors. But as an existence above the Glorious Sun Warlock rank, perhaps even at the Infinity Warlock rank, he is fully capable of satisfying any wish the likes of us have.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Feng thought for a while, and then nodded, agreeing with Marys point of view.

A Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse can fully satisfy most of the wishes of beings below the Glorious Sun Warlock rank. The wealth a Bright World Warlock possesses exceeds the imagination of Moonlight Warlocks.

“Why are you wasting your breath on him? Lets go board the ship. The Wealth Gold King will only select 100 guests at a time. If were too late, well miss our chance.”

Cong Zibai left this sentence unhappily, then manipulated the airflow, stepped onto the air, and strode towards the gold ship.

Marys eyes flickered slightly, and she also stepped on air and flew towards the gold ship.


Yang Feng smiled lightly and flew towards the gold ship.

After dozens of breaths of time, all the Warlocks aboard the flying boat flew out, surrounded the gold ship and gazed at it longingly.

Along with gold rays of light, eight gold bridges extended from the gold ship. Atop each one of the eight gold bridges, there stands a girl with exceptional beauty and extraordinary temperament.


[1] – 1 yuan = 0.13 euro / 0.15 USD

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