Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 832 – Challenge

Chapter 831 – Wealth Gold King

“This guy is more of a show off than me! However, although these eight girls are beautiful, but they are still far from being a match for Eunice, Wu Meiying, and Regina, let alone Xueer!”

Yang Feng swept the eight beautiful girls with a glance and saw through their cultivation base — Moonlight Warlock rank. After a little comparison, he smiled contentedly.

A beautiful, slander Warlock dressed in red said lightly: “Since you are here, you must be know the rules of our master. These are 100 gold balls. Those who are hit by these balls can board the Wealth Gold Ship of our master. If you pass a test, our master will fulfill you a wish that is within his ability.”

The eight girls raised their hands, and gold balls turned into gold rays that fell down randomly.

“Mine! Thats mine!”

“Screw off! Do you want to die?”


When the Warlocks saw the gold balls fall down, their eyes turned bloodshot, and they cast spells, shot towards the gold balls, and shouted incessantly.

As if they possess intelligence, the gold balls easily navigated through the spells and landed on Warlocks.

Following gleams of gold light, the Warlock who were hit by the gold balls disappeared. They were teleported to the Wealth Gold Ship.

Yang Feng operated the Fate Algorithm, and a thread of fate wrapped around a gold ball.

When that gold ball hit Yang Feng, gold light flashed, and he disappeared from here and appeared in a seat.

Yang Feng glanced around and saw that he is in a beautiful and luxurious hall filled with rare and exotic treasures and carved with countless mysterious runes.

The are slight resonance fluctuations between the many rare and exotic treasures, which extract life magic energy from the surroundings, turning the concentration of life magic energy in the hall 100 times denser than in the outside world.

For ordinary Warlocks, a day of cultivation in the hall is equivalent to 100 days of cultivation in the outside world.

On the throne, there sits a young man wearing a gold robe, who is of medium build and has a broad face and big ears. Even though he hasnt spoken yet, Yang Feng can vaguely guess from where he is sitting that he is most likely the legendary Wealth Gold King.

In front of the Wealth Gold King, there are 100 sets of tables and chairs. Each table and chair are made from Purple Chalcedony Essence coupled with top-notch alchemy. Purple Chalcedony Essence is a kind of extremely precious treasure. Contact with the Purple Chalcedony Essence can even improve the soul aptitude of Warlocks.

“Purple Chalcedony Essence, this is Purple Chalcedony Essence! To make tables and chairs from Purple Chalcedony Essence, how grand! Hes the Wealth Gold King for a reason!”

“I saw once a fist-sized piece of Purple Chalcedony Essence at an auction. It was worth 1 billion magic coins. So much Purple Chalcedony Essence… its worth 10 billion, no, at least 100 billion magic coins!”

“Magic coins? Such large pieces of Purple Chalcedony Essence are already regarded as priceless treasures. You can only use things of similar value to trade for them!”


The 100 chairs are already occupied by the selected Warlocks. These Warlocks are caressing the chairs and tables made of Purple Chalcedony Essence and looking around. Shocked by the extravagance of the Wealth Gold King, they discussed spiritedly.

Cong Zibai swept Yang Feng with his gaze, and disgust flashed in his eyes: “Why is that kid here? Lucky bastard!”

Mary glanced at Yang Feng and showed a smile: “His luck is really good!”

Yang Fengs eyes lit up and flickered with excitement: “This Wealth Gold Kings reputation is really deserved, he has a lot of treasures! If this gold ship is dismantled, Itll be possible to refine at least 30 top grade warp gates.”

Warp gate is one of the top technologies in Yang Fengs arsenal, and it is far better than the corresponding technology of the world of Warlocks. Via top grade warp gates, Yang Feng is able to shuttle freely between different planes. At the same time, hes able to mobilize a large number of troops, concentrate his forces, and attack everywhere.

In the world of Warlocks, there are teleportation devices such as teleportation arrays and planar passageways that can span a great distance. However, these are a lot worse than xizu top grade warp gates.

The xizu developed in an endless sea of stars. In their universe, the distance between stars is calculated in light years. There is no Astral Boundary that connects the countless planes and stars in their universe. Without the warp gates, the xizu wouldnt be able to control their territory.

The world of Warlocks focuses on self-development. Most Warlocks are more willing to improve their own strength and enhance their cultivation base. After teleportation arrays and planar passageways that can meet the needs of Warlocks have been developed, few Warlocks continued to do research in this direction. Without demand, there is no motivation. Therefore, there is quite a large gap between the xizu and Warlocks in terms of technology.

In the xizu technological tree, top grade warp gates that can enable free movement across a tremendous distance are indispensable. For Yang Feng, the prospective 30 top grade warp gates are a rather tempting resource.

The broad-faced and big-eared young man sitting in the throne smiled lightly and said: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the Wealth Gold King!”

Although the Wealth Gold Kings voice isnt loud, but it suppressed the noise in the hall.

Enveloped by a mysterious force, the Warlocks who wanted to continue to raise questions became quiet unconsciously.

The Wealth Gold King smiled slightly and clapped his hands.

Fragrant currents of air emerged one after another. Inside the fragrant currents of air, there are extremely beautiful flower sprites with crystal-white skin.

The extremely beautiful flower sprites are holding plates with precious extraordinary fruits and jars with superb and delicious extraordinary wine, which they placed on the tables.

Before long, delicious food and wine were placed on the tables in front of the Warlocks.

The Wealth Gold King said with a light smile: “Help yourselves!”

The delicious food and wine are rare treasures that can improve the soul aptitude, spirit force, and physique of these Warlocks. Therefore, without standing on ceremony, they started eating the food in front of them.

“With delicious food, how can there be no wonderful music and dancing to accompany?”

The Wealth Gold King clapped his hands.

Vines suddenly extended from gold pillars, and flowers about the size of a palm bloomed on the vines.

Inside the flowers, there are little people holding a variety of musical instruments. Melodious and beautiful music came from the instruments of the little people and cleansed the mind of the Warlocks.

When Yang Feng heard the music, he relaxed both physically and mentally. Even though he is someone who has no knowledge of music, he still feels attracted by the wonderful music. His mind has been refined.

After a moment of relaxation, Yang Feng regained his clear-headedness and vigilance, and he praised in his heart: “These are music fairies! This Wealth Rich King really knows how to live it up.”

Music fairies have an extraordinary talent for playing instruments and making wonderful music. Although their music is not lethal, but it can purify the mind of Warlocks and give them a high-quality rest. This is the reason why human Warlocks have captured a large number of music fairies.

Thanks to the persecution of human Warlocks, music fairies have almost disappeared in the Cangzhi Plane. Only in the Sandra Plane, which is the birth place of elves and fairies, are there still music fairies. Even if it is Yang Feng, he doesnt have top musician such as music fairies.

Amidst the wonderful music, 18 beautiful Warlocks dressed in light muslin appeared in the center of the hall and began dancing to the tune of the wonderful music.

Many male Warlocks stared at the center of the hall with greed in their eyes.

After the singing and dancing was over, the music fairies and the beautiful Warlocks took their leave.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, its now time for the test. I have traveled all over the world, learned bodies of knowledge from both ancient and modern times, and mastered countless secret methods. Additionally, I have cultivated many outstanding beautiful maids, who have mastered some of my skills. You shall challenge my maids. When you defeat a maid of a level, I will fulfill one wish of yours of the corresponding level.”

“Of course, if any of you can defeat me, then this Wealth Golden Ship will be given to you. However, each of you only has one chance to make a challenge. Think about it carefully.”

The Wealth Gold King looked at the many Warlocks in front of him, revealed a smile, and clapped his hands.

Beautiful Warlocks entered the hall in two rows. The beautiful Warlocks have a piece of paper marked with the words Great Warlock, Starry Sky Warlock, Moonlight Warlock, Glorious Sun Warlock, and Bright World Warlock on their chest.

Among them, there are a total of 36 Moonlight Warlock, 10 Glorious Sun Warlocks, and 3 Bright World Warlocks. They are a testament of the Wealth Gold Kings underlying strength.

As soon as he said this, the eyes of the Warlocks present turned red and flashed with excitement. The gazes of many Warlocks swept the beautiful Warlocks, and their eyes flickered with a scorching shade. For these ordinary Warlocks, if they can become the masters of the beautiful Warlocks, theyll be able to have an easier time for at least 1,000 years.

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