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Chapter 833 – Defeating the Wealth Gold King

Chapter 832 – Challenge

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Of the Warlock guests, no one intends to challenge the Wealth Gold King himself.

Although the Wealth Gold King calls them maids, but they are extraordinary. They are not only accomplished in the four arts [1], but their battle prowess are also top-notch.

Most of the guests who challenged the maids of the Wealth Gold King lost. Only seven or eight cunning guests, who challenged maids weaker than them by a level, have defeated their opponent and received a reward.

The Wealth Gold King didnt break his word. After a few sentences, he satisfied the small requests of the victorious guests.

Yang Feng mused with a smile: “This Wealth Gold King seems generous and straightforward, but in fact, in order to gain something of benefit from him, you must be a genius among geniuses in a certain field. Otherwise, even if you win against a maid, you wont get anything really precious.”

Each one of the Wealth Gold Kings maids has excellent aptitude and a complete inheritance, making them equivalent to disciples of large sects. It is very difficult to defeat them with the same level of strength. As for challenging a maid of a higher level, only monstrous geniuses can accomplish this.

“I, Cong Zibai, a true disciple of the Grotto Mountain, challenge Young Lady Hong Hong!”

When there were only three guests left, Cong Zibai got up from his seat, walked to the center of the hall with confidence, smiled gracefully, and challenged a maid in red.

“Moonlight Warlock, he dares to challenge a Moonlight Warlock!”

“The Grotto Mountain, thats a top Warlock group with the Infinity Warlock Grotto Ancestor. He turned out to be a true disciple of the Grotto Mountain!”


Envious and awed gazes fell on Cong Zibai.

For ordinary Warlocks, Warlocks above the Starry Sky Warlock rank are unapproachable existences.

None of the guests have challenged a Moonlight Warlock rank maid, since they are aware that the Moonlight Warlock rank maids are of a different stage of being than themselves. Challenging them is just asking to be humiliated. But now that they saw someone actually challenge a Moonlight Warlock rank maid, everyone suddenly showed looks of excitement.

Cong Zibai got great satisfaction from the shocked and awed gazes of the surrounding Warlocks. He glanced at Yang Feng and gave the other party a warning look.

The Wealth Gold King smiled calmly: “So its a distinguished disciple of the Grotto Mountain! Hong Hong, go swap pointers with this true disciple of the Grotto Mountain.”

“Yes! Master!”

With a light leap, the maid in red Hong Hong jumped into the small arena in the center of the hall.

Cong Zibai smiled slightly, took a step forward, cast a spell to shrink the distance, and instantly appeared in the small arena in the center of the hall.

Hong Hong silently chanted an incantation and waved her lily-white hand, and red ropes suddenly flew out and circled within 100 meters of her. A red flower bloomed on each red rope and released queer light.

A cool wind blew by, and the petals of the red flowers fluttered into the air and formed a beautiful yet dangerous petal boundary.

If a Starry Sky Warlock got close to the petal boundary, they would be chopped into pieces.

Yang Feng took a closer look and suddenly smiled: “This spell is interesting!”

“Young Lady Hong Hong, excuse me!”

Cong Zibai revealed a confident smile, then silently chanted an incantation and spread the fingers of a hand, and a tremendous amount of fire elemental particles gathered and formed a 100-meter-long fire dragon that rushed towards the petal boundary.

When the fire dragon slammed into the petal boundary, flames raged and ignited the petals, as if to swallow Hong Hong.

Suddenly, Cong Zibais face flushed, he swayed, incredulity flashed in his eyes, and he tumbled to the ground and started twitching, unable to move.

The fire dragon collapsed and disappeared in an instant, revealing the smiling maid Hong Hong.

“What happened?”

“Whats going on? How did Cong Zibai lose?”


The spectating Warlocks discussed, stunned. Cong Zibais fire spell has clearly restrained Hong Hongs extraordinary plant spell and gained the upper hand, yet he was strangely defeated. This is quite shocking.

Strange light flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he said slowly: “Poison spell!”

“Yes, it was a poison spell!” The Wealth Gold King smiled slightly and glanced at Yang Feng: “Little brother, youre really knowledgeable. Which maid do you want to challenge?”

Yang Feng asked: “Wealth Gold King, if I challenge you and win, all the things on the Wealth Gold Ship will belong to me, right? Does it include your maids?”

An enigmatic ray flashed in the Wealth Gold Kings eyes and he replied with a light smile: “As long as you can defeat me, then with the exception of the Sun Consort, the Moon Consort, and the Star Consort, anything on the Wealth Gold Ship will belong to you!”

The Sun Consort, the Moon Consort, and the Star Consort and the three Bright World Warlocks under the Wealth Gold Kings command. Bright World Warlocks are great elders in many Warlock groups. Even if it is the Wealth Gold Monarch, he isnt willing to part with such experts.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Okay, I will challenge you!”

“He actually dares to challenge the Wealth Gold King!”

“Is he crazy? The Wealth Gold King is an Infinity Warlock, an omnipotent Infinity Warlock who has lived for more than 10,000 years. To dare challenge the Wealth Gold King, he must have gone mad!”


The guests looked at Yang Feng as if he is a lunatic.

Cong Zibai returned to his seat, glanced at Yang Feng, and sneered: “Hmph, I couldnt tell, but this kid is a genius in some field! But this is the Wealth Gold King, the omnipotent Wealth Gold King. Even if he is a genius in some field, he is not the opponent of the Wealth Gold King.”

In the world of Warlocks, there are countless weirdos and geniuses in certain fields. But the Wealth Gold King is a genius in all fields. He is proficient in the four arts, astronomy, divination, and combat spells.

Many peerless geniuses in a certain field have challenged the Wealth Gold King, but none of them have defeated him, thus establishing the Wealth Gold Kings reputation. As time passed, no one dared to challenge him again.

The Wealth Gold King showed a look of interest and said with a smile: “Interesting. In which field are you going to challenge me? Extraordinary biology, extraordinary botany, go, painting, medicinal art, poison art, as long as you can beat me in any one of those fields, then its your victory!”

“Since we are both Warlocks, then it naturally should be a competition in spells!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly, and wisps of Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power slowly diffused from him.

“This, Infinity Warlock!”

“Hes an Infinity Warlock!”

“Infinity, Infinity Warlock!”


As soon as the spectators sensed Yang Fengs fluctuations of power, their complexion changed drastically, and they exclaimed.

“Infinity Warlock! He turned out to be an Infinity Warlock! I just threatened an Infinity Warlock, an ancestor-level existence!”

Cong Zibais face suddenly turned pale, his body shivered, his hands felt cold, and his back broke out in a cold sweat.

An Infinity Warlock is a terrifying existence that can destroy a plane by themselves. If an Infinity Warlock casts a spell with all their might, they can destroy a grade 9 plane.

Even though this is the core world, a place with countless experts, Infinity Warlocks are still regarded as extremely terrifying and mysterious existences.

Although Cong Zibai is a true disciple of the Grotto Mountain, but he has never seen his sects Infinity Warlock ancestor. The Wealth Gold King is the first Infinity Warlock he has seen in his life.

Mary looked at Yang Feng with surprise on her pretty face: “He turned out to be an Infinity Warlock!”

As soon as the Wealth Gold King sensed the Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power that Yang Feng emitted, the smile on his face vanished, a dignified shade shimmered in his eyes, and he faced Yang Feng squarely for the first time and said slowly: “Sir, how do I address you?”

Yang Feng replied flatly: “You can call me Endless Darkness.”

Infinity Warlocks usually address each other by pseudonyms. With the passage of time, the use of their real names will decline and finally their names will fall into obscurity.

The real name of the Wealth Gold King naturally is not Wealth Gold King. But after countless years, almost everyone who knows his real name has died. Over time, he became the Wealth Gold King.

The Wealth Gold King uttered with a slight smile: “Endless Darkness, this treasure ship cannot withstand a battle between the two of us. Lets go out to have the fight!”

The Wealth Gold Ship is a formidable treasure ship. But unlike the residence of the Taboo Monarch, it cannot bear a fight between Infinity Warlocks.


Yang Feng collapsed, turned into a smoke, and disappeared from the Wealth Gold Ship.

The Wealth Gold King collapsed and disappeared as well.

“A fight between Infinity Warlocks!”

“If I can witness a battle between Infinity Warlocks, I would not have lived my life in vain!”


The eyes of the guests aboard the gold ship flashed with excitement, and they rose to their feet and walked towards the deck.

The maids of the gold ship entered Warlock towers and opened a barrier.

The Sun Consort, the Moon Consort, and the Star Consort also came to the deck and gazed at Yang Feng and the Wealth Gold King standing proudly in the air with worry in their beautiful eyes.


[1] – the four arts are zither, go, calligraphy, and painting

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