Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 834 – Infinity Monarch and Holy Spirit Lists

Chapter 833 – Defeating the Wealth Gold King

Excitement flashed in the eyes of the Wealth Gold King, and he uttered with a slight smile: “Its been 500 years since the last time I swapped pointers with an Infinity Warlock! Endless Darkness, lets not overdo it, lets not fight to the death, what do you think?”

Every Infinity Warlock can live for more than 10,000 years if nothing unexpected happens. If there is no conflict of interest nor a mortal feud, Infinity Warlocks generally wont fight to the death.

The core world is extremely safe. Much like the Wealth Gold King who hasnt fought another Infinity Warlock in 500 years, there are a lot Infinity Warlocks who havent fought a powerhouse of the same level in a long time.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Okay!”

Although every Infinity Warlock is a mobile treasury. But if they are not an enemy, Yang Feng wont kill other Infinity Warlocks lightly.

“Ha-ha, feast your eyes on my gold treasury!”

The Wealth Gold King smiled boldly, silently chanted an incantation, and pointed at the sky.

A 100-meter-tall gold gate suddenly appeared. The gold gate opened, and a sword flew out from the gold gate, slashed the sky, and crushed towards Yang Feng. All kinds of illusions flashed in the sky.

“What a dreadful sword strike! Just looking at it from a distance, I feel like my soul is about to collapse.”

“What a terrifying sword strike. If it wasnt for the barrier, I would have died!”


Aboard the gold ship, the Warlocks watching the terrifying sword strike in the distance suddenly felt a splitting headache.

If it hadnt been for the barrier around the gold ship, at least half of the Warlocks aboard the gold ship would have died due to the earth-shaking sword strike.

Cong Zibai looked at the earth-shaking sword strike, and his eyes flashed with shock: “Awesome! This is the power of an Infinity Warlock! Its incredible! That Endless Darkness is screwed!”

Faced with the peerless sword strike slashing through the sky, Yang Feng just extended his right hand. Suddenly, devour black light appeared from his right hand and, like a black hole capable of swallowing everything, swallowed the peerless sword strike, shattered it, and turned it into pure energy that nourished his fleshly body.

Surprise flashed in the eyes of the Wealth Gold King, and he asked: “Amazing, what spell is that? How can it break an attack of my level-9 secret treasure Heaven Splitting Sword so easily!?”

Yang Feng replied flatly: “This is Dark Light Erosion, a spell I created! It can break any spell in the world!”

“Break any spell in the world you say, thats quite some boasting! Let me see if your spell is really that incredible!”

The Wealth Gold King chuckled and flicked his finger, and the level-9 secret treasure Heaven Splitting Sword returned to the gold treasury. Next, following a flash of gold light, an ancient bronze mirror flew out of the gold treasury.

As soon as the ancient bronze mirror flew out, the countless mysterious runes engraved on it burst out with resplendent light.

The runes suddenly flew out and formed a strange Evil God Drawing in midair.

One after another, weird evil gods with different shape and evil divine force flew out of the Evil God Drawing, and evil divine force of the many evil gods shot towards Yang Feng.

In an instant, in an area 100 kilometers in radius, gusts of cold wind swirled and evil qi surged.

Different kinds of evil divine force distorted the laws of heaven and earth and dense evil qi twisted everything.

Each evil god possesses a different kind of evil divine force. The evil divine force of the many evil gods of the Evil God Drawing can seriously injure or even obliterate an Infinity Warlock.

When the guests aboard the gold ship saw the nearly endless swarm of evil gods, their complexion changed drastically, and they shuddered.

Evil gods on the Evil God Plane are enemies of human Warlocks. Many evil gods are archgods who escaped the Cangzhi Plane in defeat, experimental bodies of human Warlock taboo research that escaped, and powerful races who have been defeated by human Warlocks.

In the Seven Warlock Dynasties eras, the Evil God Plane was ruled by human Warlocks, and evil god were disposed of like bugs again and again.

However, there was no lack of Holy Spirit Warlock rank evil gods who established worlds similar to the core world and hid inside, thus avoiding the purge of the Seven Warlock Dynasties.

Ever since the Eighth Warlock Dynasty, the Dawn Dynasty, suffered a crushing defeat, no one else has attacked the Evil God Plane, allowing the Evil God Plane to develop rapidly and absorb countless powerhouses full of resentment towards human Warlocks.

If a human Warlock is caught by an evil god, they will suffer a fate worse than death.

Yang Feng smiled faintly, and devour black light enveloped him.

When the various evil god spells blasted into the devour black light, they were devoured, and disappeared.

With a flash of black light, Yang Feng, who is subjected to the attack of countless evil gods spells, crossed a distance of more than 10 kilometers, appeared in front of the Wealth Gold King, penetrated the other partys life force field with his hand, and touched his forehead gently.

“You let me win!”

Once his attack succeeded, Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he retreated by more than 10 kilometers.

“Awesome, what an awesome spell! Its my loss!”

Astonishment flashed in the Wealth Gold Kinds eyes, and he took a deep breath, smiled bitterly, and flicked his finger. The gold treasury in the sky, which seems to contain countless level-9 secret treasures, closed slowly. The ancient bronze mirror turned into a stream of light and returned to the gold treasury.

With unwillingness flickering in his eyes, the Wealth Gold King flicked his finger, and a gold bead flew towards Yang Feng: “Endless Darkness, this is the core control of the Wealth Gold Ship. With this, the Wealth Gold Ship is yours. I will take the Sun Consort, the Moon Consort, and the Star Consort and leave.”

Yang Feng touched the core control of the Wealth Gold Ship, and it returned to the Wealth Gold King: “I dont need the Wealth Gold Ship. I only want a few rare ores aboard the ship and information about the core world.”

With a thought, the Wealth Gold King immediately understood Yang Fengs origin: “Information about the core world? Are you from outside? No wonder I have never heard of your name.”

A Warlock who has cultivated into the Infinity Warlock realm from an ordinary human Warlock will surely have led a brilliant life. At the same time, they will have a vast network of contacts and have their own information and intelligence channels. Even vagabond Warlocks would have been able to create their own intelligence channels.

Yang Feng, who has already begun to build his own intelligence network in the Cangzhi Plane, spread countless spies across the Cangzhi Plane to search for information. In this way, no major events in the Cangzhi Plane can escape his attention.

However, since Yang Feng just arrived to the core world, he knows almost nothing about it. He is very interested in the information that the Wealth Gold King grasps.

The Wealth Gold King smiled heartily and spoke in a somewhat intimate tone: “I have a vast network of contacts in the core world. The information in my grasp will definitely not disappoint you.”

The gold ship is very valuable and has many treasures. Even though it is the Wealth Gold King, he has spent a long time in order to obtain these treasures. Moreover, it was not easy to cultivate the maids aboard the ship whose cultivation base if above the Starry Sky Warlock rank. Although the Wealth Gold King didnt say it, but he is grateful to Yang Feng for not taking his Wealth Gold Ship.

The Wealth Gold King swept the many guests on the deck with a glance and ordered them to leave: “Ladies and Gentlemen, thats all for today. You can leave!”

“Thank you for your hospitality, Wealth Gold King!”

“Thanks for the hospitality!”


The guests, who have all benefited from the top extraordinary food and extraordinary wine, bowed to the Wealth Gold King, cast different spells, and flew away.

The guests are well aware that although the Wealth Gold King has received them warmly, but only another Infinity Warlock can really make friends with him.

Cong Zibai took a deep look at Yang Feng, who is standing beside the Wealth Gold King, without daring to show a trace of jealousy. Not caring about Mary, whom he has been pursuing, he cast a spell and flew away.

Infinity Warlocks have eccentric personalities. Some are kind and gentle, some like to play games just like the Wealth Gold Monarch, but even more are brutal characters who will kill if there is a disagreement.

Cong Zibai is unwilling to put his life in Yang Fengs hands.

Mary took a deep look at Yang Feng, cast a spell, and flew away.

The Wealth Gold King smiled lightly and asked: “That girl is interested in you, youre not going to stop her from leaving?”

Yang Feng replied flatly: “Theres no need. It may not be a good thing to follow me, since I have no foundation in the core world. If I get into trouble, I will only implicate her.”

In the surface world, where Yang Feng has tremendous power, not even Infinity Warlocks would dare to do anything to his people. Otherwise, they will be hunted down. But in the core world, Yang Feng is on his own. Although he can move freely about, but he has no longer the ability to shield others.

The Wealth Gold King uttered frankly: “As long as you dont provoke supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, the Six Warlock Dynasties, and Warlock Monarchs, I can help you ward off a few ordinary troubles.”

“I seem to have provoked a Warlock Monarch called the Red Monarch.”

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows slightly, but said anything. He just smiled and followed the Wealth Gold King into the gold ship.

“The Black Emperors treasure trove is actually located on the edge of the Red Monarchs territory, thats rather bad joke.”

Aboard the gold ship, Yang Feng, who is browsing through information, frowned slightly and sank into his thoughts.

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