Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 835 – Black Emperor Realm

Chapter 834 – Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Spirit Lists

“The Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Spirit Lists!”

Yang Feng carefully read the information about the Black Emperors treasure trove, then put it aside, picked up another piece of information that he is very interested in, and read it.

“The Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Spirit Lists record the strongest Infinity Warlocks, Warlocks Monarchs, and Holy Spirit Warlocks respectively in the core world.”

“Because of the large number of Infinity Warlocks in the core world, only the top 200 Infinity Warlocks can make the Infinity List.” The Wealth Gold King said.

Although the core world is much smaller than the surface world, but the cultivation resources here are tens of times more bountiful than in the surface world for now. Moreover, the inheritances of the Eight Warlock Dynasties here are much more complete. Similarly, the number of Infinity Warlocks here is much greater.

The intelligence that Yang Feng obtained from the Wealth Gold King showed that there are more than 5,000 Infinity Warlocks in the core world.

The 200 Infinity Warlocks on the Infinity List are all outstanding figures among Infinity Warlocks, they are far stronger than others in the same realm.

As for Warlock Monarchs, they are much fewer in number. The number of Warlock Monarchs on the Monarch List is only 67. They are headed by six individuals, who are the Time Monarch, the Taboo Monarch, the Transcendent Monarch, the Death Monarch, the Star Monarch, and the Magic Note Monarch.

“The Red Monarch is in the 65th place on Monarch List. He has promoted to a Warlock Monarch 1,000 years ago. He is the head of the Red Monarch State and has seven marshals under his command. Each marshal is an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. The seven marshals are not on the Infinity List.”

When Yang Feng saw the intelligence of the Red Monarch, he smiled.

There are strong and weak Warlock Monarchs. The Purple Monarch that Shi Xue killed was a powerhouse among Warlock Monarchs. The Red Monarch has promoted to the Warlock Monarch realm merely 1,000 years ago, which makes him equivalent to someone who just stepped into the Warlock Monarch realm. When faced against the Red Monarch, even if Yang Feng is no match for the other party, he can still escape unscathed.

Yang Feng stared at the names of the top 10 on the Infinity List with a scorching shade in his eyes: “My current opponents should be powerhouses on the Infinity List. I wonder how strong the top 10 on the Infinity List are!”

Compared to the surface world, the Warlock inheritances in the core world are much more complete and the Warlock civilization is much more advanced.

The top 10 powerhouses on the Infinity List are pinnacle existences among Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. They are Yang Fengs current target.

Yang Feng asked: “Wealth Gold King, do you know where I can buy Seven Color Aurora Star Rock?”

Seven Color Aurora Star Rock is a core mineral that Yang Feng currently lacks. If he can get his hands on it, Yang Feng can upgrade the xizu stronghold again.

The Wealth Gold King thought for a while before saying: “Seven Color Aurora Star Rock? Ive seen it several times. But it has mostly been used to refine different secret treasures.”

Regret flashed in Yang Fengs eyes.

Seven Color Aurora Star Rock is an extremely precious mineral that can be used to refine level-9 secret treasures. Whenever an Infinity Warlock gets their hands on this precious material, they will use it to refine level-9 secret treasures in order to enhance their strength.

The Wealth Gold King pondered for a while: “However, I heard that the Floating Infinity Pavilion will soon hold a swap meet that only Infinity Warlocks can attend. According to the intelligence, there will be Seven Color Aurora Star Rock in the swap meet.”

Most of the resources that Infinity Warlocks need for cultivation are extremely valuable treasures that cannot be bought with magic crystals.

Even in some top auctions, the probability that a treasure such as Seven Color Aurora Star Rock will appear is very low. However, at a swap meet held for Infinity Warlocks, there will be many treasures rarely seen in the outside world.

Many Infinity Warlocks have acquired the resources they need through the swap meet.

Yang Feng has taken over the bases of many Infinity Warlocks and occupied three provinces of the great Cloud Dynasty, namely the Bright Moon Province, the Li Gui Province, and the Yu Province. Since he had abundant cultivation resources all along, so never participated in swap meets.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up and he asked, curious: “When will the Floating Infinity Pavilion hold the swap meet?”

The Wealth Gold King replied: “Its three month from now!”

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then said decisively: “Theres still a lot of time left. In that case, Wealth Gold King, can you go to the Floating Infinity Pavilion first? If I dont get there in time, please help me get Seven Color Aurora Star Rock. Youll definitely be pleased with the treasures that Ill give in exchange.”

The Wealth Gold King contemplated for a while, and then replied decisively: “Okay!”

The Wealth Gold King has a wide network of contacts, he has made friends with many Infinity Warlock. Since Yang Feng was able to easily defeat him, he must be comparable to the experts on the Infinity List in terms of strength. The Wealth Gold King is naturally willing to make friends with someone like Yang Feng.

The Black Cloud Mountains is a dangerous place that extends for tens of thousands of kilometers, is covered in fog made from demonic qi, is full of extraordinary life forms, and is located on the edge of the Red Monarch State.

Even if they are human Warlocks above the Starry Sky Warlock rank, they often die when they enter the fog that covers the Black Cloud Mountains. But since the treasures and resources born in the Black Cloud Mountains are only useful for Moonlight Warlocks at most, the Black Cloud Mountains is of little interest to the powerful Warlock groups.

Due to the formidable monsters in the the Black Cloud Mountains, there are no traces of human Warlocks within 100 kilometers of the Black Cloud Mountains.

Only some vagabond Warlocks who are not afraid of death will risk their life and go to the edge of the Black Cloud Mountains to look for resources, and then take them back to large cities for sale.

At the edge of the Black Cloud Mountains, the fog suddenly parted, and Yang Feng stepped inside.

When Yang Feng entered the fog, he quickly analyzed it: “30,000 meters, in this fog, my soul forces limit of perception is 30,000 meters. If it was an ordinary Infinity Warlock instead, without using spells, their limit should only be 5,000 meters. No wonder there are no Warlocks willing to come to the Black Cloud Mountains. This place is poor in resources and is not suitable for cultivation.”

Suddenly, a black snake ejected from the ground, opened its mouth wide, and shot towards Yang Feng.

As soon as the black snake reached 10 meters away from Yang Feng, it was cut into pieces by Yang Fengs life force field.

When the black snake died, spear-like rattans suddenly emerged from the thick fog, stabbed into Yang Fengs life force field, and shattered.

Yang Feng traveled more than 30 kilometers inside the fog and encountered thousands of attacks. However, none of those attacks could break through his life force field.

After all, Infinity Warlocks are among the most powerful existences in the world. Ordinary strange phenomena and extraordinary life forms cannot harm him.

“The entrance to the Black Emperors treasure trove is there!”

When Yang Feng reached a mountain, he looked at a cave in the middle of a cliff, and his eyes flashed with a scorching shade.

Suddenly, a large rock beside Yang Feng split open, and an eerie light, which seems to have poured out from the endless Abyss, emerged.

A black dagger exuding eerie light stabbed towards Yang Feng with boundless killing intent.

The attack was extremely abrupt. Before this, Yang Fengs various perception spells hadnt discovered anything. Even the mysterious Fate Algorithm only throbbed wildly the moment the rock split open, and then a premonition of death welled up inside Yang Feng.

In the nick of time, the world force of the nine small worlds poured into Yang Feng through the World Ring, and the runes of the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body flashed and formed a distorted primal chaos force field.

When the black dagger exuding eerie light pierced into the primal chaos force field, it abruptly distorted, deviated from its original trajectory, passed by Yang Fengs body, and stabbed into his right arm. It left a white mark and bounced aside.

A Devour Black Moon suddenly emerged and crushed towards the assassin.

“No! Dont kill me! Im…”

Yang Feng saw a thin, middle-aged Warlock, who is wearing a black Warlock robe, has a slightly distorted face, and has burst out with junior Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, struggle inside the Devour Black Moon and cry out in horror. In the end, he was crushed, and turned into a mist of blood that was devoured by the Devour Black Moon.

After the Devour Black Moon devoured the Infinity Warlock, powerful life magic energy poured into Yang Feng and nourished his body and soul.

In the world with the Light of Eternity, Yang Feng has spent 1,000 years in seclusion comprehending his essence of devour, which enabled him to take his essence of devour to the next level. Now, if he devours an enemys power and blood essence, he can enhance himself in all aspects.

If he devours 3,000 Infinity Warlocks, Yang Feng can step into the Warlock Monarch realm.

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