Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 836 – Holy Pulse Mountain

Chapter 835 – Black Emperor Realm

To be able to advance to a Warlock Monarch by devouring 3,000 Infinity Warlocks, this secret method is simply outrageous. After all, Poydul, the floor lord of the 666th floor of the Abyss, has been trapped in the Infinity Warlock realm for 100,000 plus years. If he had the same secret method as Yang Feng, he would have used all his power to hunt Infinity Warlocks.

There are countless experts in the universe.

In the Cangzhi Planes core world alone, there are more than 5,000 human Infinity Warlocks. With this secret method, Poydul could devour enough Infinity Warlocks in the 100,000 plus years and advance to a Warlock Monarch.

“Although this dagger is also a level-9 secret treasure, but it is still slightly inferior to the Ruler of the Nights god armament Dagger of the Night. If that wasnt the case, then both sides would have suffered. A mere junior Infinity Warlock made me cut such a sorry figure. Sure enough, no Infinity Warlock can be underestimated.”

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the dagger the Warlock who tried to assassinate him used flew into his hand. He swept the dagger with his soul force, and apprehension shimmered in his eyes.

The Infinity Warlock who tried to assassinate Yang Feng only had junior Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base. If it was a head-on fight, Yang Feng could cast a few spells at will and blast the opponent into dregs.

However, the junior Infinity Warlock assassin attacked him too abruptly. If Yang Feng hadnt cultivated the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body and used Light of Eternity fruits to strengthen his fleshly body, then once the assassin stabbed him, Yang Feng may not have been able to suppress the curses and poison contained in the dagger.

“Somebody is coming!”

Suddenly, Yang Fengs heart stirred slightly, and he twisted and turned into the likeness of junior Infinity Warlock assassin who attacked him. With the dagger in hand, he is looking in a direction with a vigilant expression on his face.

“Shadow Kill, what happened here just now? I felt you erupt with Infinity Warlock rank power.”

An extremely beautiful Warlock, wearing a red dress, with an enchanting voice and a sweet smile on her face, walked over.

Yang Feng simulated the voice of the Infinity Warlock assassin and said: “I only disposed a bug just now.”

An ugly young man, wearing a black Warlock robe with a weird snake embroidery, with snakes for hair on his head, looking like a human-shaped basilisk, walked over as well and said coldly: “Shadow Kill, be more careful. This is the treasure trove of the legendary Black Emperor who suppressed countless planes in the archgod age. Once its exposed, it will attract those monsters on the Infinity List. By then, there will be nothing left for us.”

Startled, a trace of killing intent rose inside Yang Feng: “They actually know about the Black Emperors treasure trove!”

If Yang Feng can get his hands on the Black Emperors treasure trove, which is a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses treasure trove, he will gain tremendous wealth. He is not willing to share this treasure trove with anyone.

The beautiful Warlock dressed in a red dress turned her eyes slightly and said: “With the three of us here, only the Red Mountain Bone Monster, the Petrel Feathers, and the Transcendent Eyes are left.”

“Im here.”

A red skeleton walked out of the fog and uttered in a hoarse voice. The red skeleton is three meters tall and is made up of different red bones, looking just like a variant of a skeleton monster.

“Im not late!”

Along with a chuckle, feathers of an unknown extraordinary bird flew over, intertwined, and formed a handsome young man of medium build.

The space twisted, and a strange person, with their eyes closed, naked upper body, and most of his upper body exposed covered with creepy eyes, wearing a pair of shorts, walked out, silent.

When Yang Feng saw the the five Infinity Warlocks, deep killing intent surged in his heart. He operated a the secret method, and his breath and presence suddenly became almost imperceptible.

Secret methods that can make ones own breath and presence become almost imperceptible is a must for assassin-type Warlocks. Otherwise, the Shadow Killer couldnt have hidden from Yang Fengs perception and nearly killed him.

The Petrel Feathers uttered with a light smile: “Everyone is present. With the six of us joining forces, even if an expert on the Infinity List appears, so long as they are not in the top 50, we can fight them. Red Moon Fairy, lets start!”

The beautiful Warlock in red nodded slightly, took out a bead, and tossed it.

When the bead flew into the air, it kicked up a wind and turned into a 100-meter-long extraordinary life form astral zerg engraved with countless weird runes.

Astral zerg is a kind of very strange extraordinary insect that likes to burrow through the barrier of worlds and open up world passageways.

The planar passageways of human Warlocks leading to many planes were opened by astral zerg.

The astral zerg rushed into the cave halfway up the cliff and bit wildly with its hideous mouthpart.

A weird cave filled with twisting forces suddenly appeared in the void.

World passageways opened by astral zerg are chaotic and distorted. Only experts above the Starry Sky Warlock rank can enter them. Once a being below the Moonlight Warlock rank enters a world passageway, they will be turned into a pile of meat.

The five Infinity Warlocks turned into streams of light and entered the world passageway.

Yang Feng operated a secret method, turned into a shadow, and entered the world passageway as well.

Within a few breaths of time, Yang Feng crossed the world passageway and appeared in a wide and bright world with no end in sight.

The Red Moon Fairy extended her hand, and red threads swept towards the astral zerg.

When the red threads stabbed the violent astral zerg, it became quiet, shrank, and flew back to the Red Moon Fairys hand.

It is not easy to cultivate an extraordinary insect like the astral zerg. Generally, only fearsome Warlock groups such as the Great Cloud Dynasty and the three dynasties of the Western World will have sufficient time and resources to achieve that.

Even the Battle Demon Sect, which was one of the Ten Great Sects in the past, does not have such a treasure as the astral zerg. The Red Moon Fairy, who was lucky enough to get one such extraordinary insect, naturally cherishes it very much.

Red Moon Fairy said: “This is the world inside the Black Emperor, the Black Emperor Realm! Tens of thousands of years ago, there was a Warlock Monarch rank archgod here. But now, only Infinity Warlock rank archgods remain. These archgods are antiques from the Black Emperor era, they are complacent things who only know to use their innate talents and supernatural powers. They cannot compare to the six of us.

The Cangzhi planes Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have basically all established a powerful world inside them They used countless resources to cultivate their world. The stronger their world is, the greater the power it can provide them.

When a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses dies naturally, the world inside them will continue to exist. But as time goes by, the worlds energy level will continue to decrease, until it eventually loses all its extraordinary power and perishes.

The Black Emperor is one of the strongest Warlock Emperors of the archgod age. Along with the human Seven Warlock Emperor, he is recognized as one of the strongest Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. Since his world contains a trace of immortal property, the rate at which its energy level declines is extremely slow, which is how it was able to exist for so many years.

Red Moon Fairy said: “Lets sneak into the cities in the Black Emperor Realm separately and make inquiries about the location of the empyrean origin force.”

Empyrean origin force is the purest power formed from the soul force and the bodys origin force after a Warlock Emperor passes away. It is the source of the extraordinary forces of worlds like the Black Emperor Realm.

Empyrean origin force is the most precious treasure in the Black Emperor Realm. If it can be harvested and refined, Yang Feng and them will have no problems to advance to the Warlock Monarch realm.

If they can absorb the empyrean origin force of three worlds like the Black Emperor Realm, an ordinary Infinity Warlock will be hopeful to promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock.

The Infinity Warlocks nodded, agreed on the contact method, turned into streams of light, and flew in different directions.

Yang Feng turned into a stream of black light and disappeared.

In a village made up of countless boulders, there are many archgod powerhouses, who are a rare sight in the outside world, here.

The archgods are strangely shaped. Most of them have human-like torsos, but the other parts of the body are different from that of humans.

The archgod powerhouses either have three eyes, an extraordinary right hand, a birds head, or other strange characteristics. Although they are strangely shaped, but they all exude a fearsome breath.

The adult archgods exude a fearsome breath above the Starry Sky Warlock rank. Besides, there is no lack of Glorious Sun Warlock rank archgods.

“A tribal system, how backward!”

Standing quietly in a shadow of the village, Yang Feng, who is observing the archgods, shook his head. His figure shook, and he jumped into another shadow.

The archgods are powerful by nature. But when it comes to application of power, they are not a match for human Warlocks. Yang Feng easily sneaked into the most powerful tribe in an area 1,000 kilometers in diameter.

Inside the archgod tribe, in a huge stone house that covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters, there sit two powerhouses. The first one is a handsome man with three eyes, the other one is an archgod with two heads, with the eyes on one head closed and the eyes on the other head opened.

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