Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 837 – Demonic Sea

Chapter 836 – Holy Pulse Mountain

The three-eyed archgod frowned slightly and asked unhurriedly: “The Demon Eye Tribe is becoming more and more unrestrained. They already killed Bash and Tugui. High priest, what should we do?”

The two-headed archgod barked: “Bajgun, we cannot retreat. We must fight back! Gather all forces, destroy them, and use their bones as a warning for anyone else who dares to resist our Flame Law Tribe!”

“An ordinary archgod tribe has two Infinity Warlock rank archgods. At the time, the archgods have suppressed countless intelligent life forms for a reason.”

A slightly rueful voice sounded. Then, the eyes of the three-eyed archgod and two-headed archgod blurred, and Yang Feng appeared within sight abruptly.


The eyes of the three-eyed archgod flashed fiercely, his muscles bulged, the power of his fleshly body surged to the extreme, and he rushed towards Yang Feng, followed by afterimage that are hard to see with the naked eye.


Yang Feng grabbed the right hand of the three-eyed archgod, and a terrifying blare sounded in the room, setting off shock waves.

Originally, the physique of archgods is far superior to that of human Warlocks of the same level. But Yang Feng, who has cultivated the Empyrean grade secret method Primal Chaos Imperishable Body and refined his body using the fruits of the eternal god tree the Light of Eternity, his fleshly body is stronger than that of ordinary archgods.

Yang Feng twisted the arm of the three-eyed archgod Bajgun.

Bajgun suddenly fell, slammed against the floor with a loud noise, and spewed out a large mouthful of blood.

“Youre courting death!”

A fierce ray flashed in Bajguns eyes, and the power of bloodline surged inside him. He wanted to open the closed third eye on his face and unleash his innate ability Hollow Demon Eye to vanquish Yang Feng in one fell swoop.

The Hollow Demon Eye is a terrifying innate ability of Bajguns race. Even if it is a supreme Infinity Warlock, if they are hit by the Hollow Demon Eye, if they dont have a corresponding spell or secret treasure, they will be severely injured, or even killed. Hollow Demon Eye is Bajguns trump card.

“You rely too much on innate spells! Your fighting style is really obvious and crude.”

Yang Fengs voice is flat. Black runes diffused from him, turned into a web, and pierced into Bajgun.

Bajgun suddenly felt that the power of bloodline inside him receded like a tide. He is no longer able to open the infinitely powerful Hollow Demon Eye. He fell into a state of dizziness, as if he could fall asleep at anytime.

Bajgun has intermediate Infinity Warlock rank power. Unfortunately, his fighting style is simple and crude. He cannot compare to a human Warlock, who employs exquisite spells and secret treasures. This is the reason why he was easily suppressed by Yang Feng.

The high priest of the Flame Law Tribe looked at Yang Feng with apprehension and said cautiously: “I am Shaqpu, the high priest of the Flame Law Tribe. Who are you?”

Yang Feng uttered: “I am Endless Darkness, I came to ask something.”

Shaqpu asked cautiously: “What do you want to know?”

Yang Feng said: “When you are practicing cultivation, in which direction is the power of bloodline inside you most active?”

Archgod powerhouses mainly cultivate the power of bloodline inside them and develop said power to the limit. According to legend, if the power of bloodline of an archgod is purified to the limit, they can evolve into a Holy Spirit Warlock rank existence. As for advancing to the next step and becoming a Warlock Emperor, it depends on a persons opportunities and effort.

Shaqpus eyes shimmered with a vacant shade, and he asked: “Cultivation? Whats that?”

Yang Feng uttered somewhat ruefully: “You dont even know what cultivation is. To be able to evolve to this point solely due to innate talent and the power of bloodline, archgods are really something!”

Human Warlocks have worked hard to develop many secret methods. However, more than 90% of human Warlocks cannot enter the Moonlight Warlock realm.

As for archgods, as long as they grow up, they will possess Moonlight Warlock rank power. The most talented archgods dont even need to practice cultivation in order to become an Infinity Warlock rank existence. These monstrous beings naturally possess the power to dominate the world.

Yang Feng glanced at the two archgods, and his heart stirred slightly: “These two archgods have naturally evolved into Infinity Warlock rank existences. If they are given the corresponding cultivation secret methods and resources, they may be able to evolve into a Warlock Monarch rank existence in the future!”

The secret methods human Warlocks cultivate originate from the secret methods created by archgods. Over the years, human Warlocks have collected many secret methods that archgods cultivate. Most of those secret methods are used as materials for studying archgods and are not a secret.

Yang Feng has many archgod cultivation secret methods. But without the corresponding archgod bloodline, these secret methods have no effect on human Warlocks.

Yang Feng asked: “When the power of your bloodline throbs and a change takes place, in which direction does it throbs?”

The origin of extraordinary forces in the Dark Emperor Realm is empyrean origin force, which is equivalent to world origin force. For these archgods to be able to evolve into Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, they must have absorbed world origin force.

A chill flashed in Shaqpus eyes, and he said coldly: “Why should I tell you?”

Yang Feng replied flatly: “Because I am stronger than you!”

A queer projection of the Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared behind Yang Feng, and transparent threads stabbed into Shaqpu. Shaqpus two heads fell into a state of confusion.

Shaqpu eyes revealed endless confusion: “The power of our bloodline throbs in the direction of the Holy Pulse Mountain.”

Yang Feng asked: “Which direction is that?”

Shaqpu, who evidently doesnt know how to identify the cardinal directions, pointed southeast: “Its that direction!”

With a flick of Yang Fengs finger, runes entered Bajgun and Shaqpu.

Yang Feng disappeared along with a gust of wind.

When Shaqpu regained his clarity, he thought of what he had done just now, and he felt his blood run cold: “What a scary guy, what a terrifying move!”

Bajgun climbed up from the ground, and fear flickered in his eyes: “Amazing! Who is that guy? The Demon Eye Tribes No.1 expert, Shix, may not be his opponent.

The Demon Eye Tribes Shix is the No.1 expert in the area. He is far stronger than Bajgun and Shaqpu. But when he thought of Yang Fengs weird moves, Bajgun felt a chill in his heart.

Worry flashed in Shaqpus eyes, and he sighed: “Who knows.”

A gust of wind drifted towards the Holy Pulse Mountain along with the law of wind. Each time it drifted, the gust of wind crossed dozens of kilometers.

“This is really an archgods treasure trove, there are archgods everywhere. If they are subdued, they can be used as a powerful force. However, these archgods are also a double-edged sword! If they are not controlled well, they may revolt!”

In the gust of wind, while urging the law of wind and leaping across great distances, Yang Feng quietly calculated.

Compared to human Warlocks, archgods are far superior in terms of physique and not at all inferior in terms of power. They only lack offensive secret methods that can give full play to their power.

If someone teaches them offensive secret methods, these archgods will definitely become a terrifying force.

The two Warlock Emperors the Time Lord and the Taboo Lord frantically besieged and slayed archgods and nearly exterminated them in the Cangzhi Plane, forcing many archgods to flee to other planes. The relationship between human Warlocks and archgods is that of irreconcilable enmity.

However, the archgods of the Black Emperor Realm just kill each other to compete for resources. They dont have a deep hatred towards human Warlocks.

“Found it, the Holy Pulse Mountain!”

After flying for 300,000 kilometers, a huge mountain range extending without end appeared in front of Yang Feng.

A vast, desolate, ancient, and mighty breath is slowly seeping out of the huge mountain range.

“Whats that?”

Suddenly, Yang Feng narrowed his eyes and looked towards the center of the Holy Pulse Mountain.

In the center of the Holy Pulse Mountain, there is shocking fist mark, which has an area of thousands of meters in radius. It looks like the Holy Pulse Mountain was blasted into two by a single punch.

Yang Feng looked at the shocking fist mark with graveness in his eyes: “Was the Black Emperor actually killed by someone back then? But the Black Emperor was an invincible existence at the time, while the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses who were once his opponents have died before him. Who on earth could have killed the Black Emperor?”

The Black Emperor Realm evolved from the large world inside the Black Emperor. Most archgod Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have a world inside them. As the masters of a world, they can exert terrifying power in any world. Magic ban domain has no effect on them.

Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have extremely powerful fleshly bodies. The large world inside them is the source and foundation of their their crushing power. Once the large world inside them is severely damaged, that is when they are their most vulnerable.

Back then, the invincible Black Emperor defeated all other Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses in the Cangzhi Plane and took them in as his subordinates. For someone to be able to cause harm to the large world inside him, thats beyond strange.

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