Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 839 – Heart Shadow Zhou Yi

Chapter 838 – Infinity Lists Powerhouse

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The Petrel Feathers trembled slightly, split into many fist-sized birds with different innate abilities, and fled in different directions.

The large maw, as if it has turned into a whirlpool, erupted with attractive force.

The many palm-sized birds trembled one after another, and then shot towards the maw along with whirlpools.

“Help me!”

The countless birds gathered in an instant and formed the Petrel Feathers, who shouted in alarm.

Yet the Red Moon Fairy and others fled even faster, not looking back at the Petrel Feathers.

The Red Moon Fairy and the other five people, who obtained information on the Black Emperors treasure trove by a fluke, teamed up temporarily to explore the treasure trove just to share the risks. Theres no way they would try to rescue their temporary teammate.

When the maw closed, the magic shields around the Petrel Feathers shattered, a look of despair on his face. Then, the person himself was torn to pieces.

After the maw devoured the Petrel Feathers, it sank to the bottom of the demonic sea and disappeared.

When the remaining five Infinity Warlocks witnessed the danger of the demonic sea, they no longer dared to hide their strength. They crazily spurred the life force inside them, displayed various weird secret methods, and rushed to the other side of the demonic sea.

In addition to the secret method they specialize in, each Infinity Warlock has mastered many strange and unbelievable secret methods.

Even though the laws of heaven and earth in the sky above the demonic sea are in chaos, disabling flight, these Infinity Warlocks still have various ways to cross the demonic sea.

The five Infinity Warlocks frantically urged their life force, took out one secret treasure after another, and leaped across the demonic sea at a terrifying speed. Before long, they saw the end of the demonic sea.

At this moment, the originally peaceful demonic sea suddenly roiled and churned, and the large maw that has devoured the Petrel Feathers suddenly emerged from the demonic sea once more and lunged at the Snake Ancestor.

“Damn beast! You think Im really afraid of you!”

The eyes of the Snake Ancestor flashed ferociously. All of a sudden, his breath changed, his body swelled up, and the snakes on his head shattered. He turned into a 100-meter-long purple true dragon.

Exuding vast world force, the purple true dragon sent a claw barreling towards the large maw.

When the large maw was hit by the dragon claws containing endless world force, it suddenly split apart, and a copious amount of black mucus sank into the demonic sea along with teeth.

Essences surged inside the demonic sea, and streams of demonic water, as if they could crush and erode worlds, soared from the demonic sea and swept towards the purple true dragon in the sky.

The purple true dragon frantically stimulated the world force inside it, and a purple halo formed around it.

Demonic water covered the sky and purple light shone as two powerful forces intertwined, churned, and cancelled each other out.

The purple true dragon suddenly twisted, traversed 100 kilometers in an instant, and appeared on the edge of the demonic sea.

The magic water that has rushed into the air fell back into the demonic sea, making the demonic sea tumble and roil.

“Come… back!”

“… together!”


Faintly discernible inside the demonic sea, countless undead issued strange calls. Shrouded by the strange calls, even Glorious Sun Warlocks would have their soul shaken, and they would fall into the demonic sea.

While the Snake Ancestor was harassed, the other four Infinity Warlocks crossed the demonic sea, landed on the ground, and stared at the Snake Ancestor with vigilance.

While watching the Snake Ancestor, the Red Moon Fairy narrowed her eyes and said slowly: “Should we call you the Snake Ancestor, or Purple True Dragon Yun Bo, No.175 on the Infinity List?”

Yang Fengs eyes narrowed slightly: “So this is an expert on the Infinity List! For him to be a powerhouse who formed a virtual world, his reputation is not in vain!”

Powerhouses who have formed a virtual worlds or a small world inside them are far stronger than others in the same realm and can exert terrifying combat power in many different worlds and environments. However, it is far more difficult for a powerhouse who has formed a virtual world to promote to an Infinity Warlock than it is for ordinary Warlocks.

With the help of the Light of Eternity fruits, Yang Feng broke through the god-man boundary, upgraded his soul aptitude to level-9, and advanced to an Infinity Warlock.

No.175 on the Infinity List is a powerhouse who has formed a virtual world. This showcases how strong experts on the Infinity List are.

Yun Bo said lightly: “I am indeed Purple True Dragon.”

While staring at Yun Bo, the Transcendent Eyes uttered coldly in a slightly distorted voice: “Purple True Dragon, what is your purpose for sneaking into our midst?”

Yun Bo glanced at the four Infinity Warlocks and said domineeringly: “My purpose? Of course its the empyrean origin force in the center of the Black Emperor Realm. Isnt that your goal as well?”

As an expert on the Infinity List, Yun Bo is extremely powerful. He isnt afraid of confronting four Infinity Warlocks.

There is a great divide between Infinity Warlocks in terms of strength. A supreme Infinity Warlock can instakill a junior Infinity Warlock. Yun Bo is an expert on the Infinity List, an outrageous genius who formed a virtual world. Even if he confronts the Red Moon Fairy and them, it is not certain who wins and who loses.

The Red Mountain Bone Monster said coldly: “All right! Everyones goal is the empyrean origin force of the Black Emperor Realm. The empyrean origin force hasnt appeared yet. If we fight among ourselves now, itll only be laughable. Lets just forge ahead!”

The other three Infinity Warlocks glanced at each other and nodded silently.

The group continued with the exploration. However, Yang Fengs team of four made some distance between them and the expert on the Infinity List Purple True Dragon Yun Bo.

Yun Bo walked forward, unconcerned.

After crossing the demonic sea, a vast palace complex extending without end appeared before everyones eyes.

Inside the palace complex, there are vestiges of a fight everywhere, with corpses and debris scattered about.

Suddenly, Yang Fengs heart stirred slightly, and he turned and looked at an empty space. Then, he turned towards the front and continued to look at the wreckage and corpses.

The Red Moon Fairy scanned the palace complex with her soul force, and then frowned slightly and uttered: “Flying is forbidden in this area!”

Infinity Warlocks are proficient in many escape secret methods, many of which require flying to be able to perform. Since flying is prohibited in the palace complex, it means that many escape secrets methods of Infinity Warlocks are ineffective.

However, every one of the Infinity Warlocks who dared to come here is a person of wisdom and determination. They stepped into the palace complex without hesitation.

When they entered the palace complex, Yang Feng and others saw that there are worn down bones of different archgods scattered everywhere. The bones diffuse resentment and cruel breath.

The Red Mountain Bone Monster glanced at the bones of archgods and sighed slightly, and regret flickered in his eyes. “Unfortunately, these bones are too old!”

The archgods here were extremely powerful when they were alive, with the weakest being in the Moonlight Warlock realm. However, the extraordinary power inside their bones has completely dissipated with the passage of time. Now they are just ordinary bones without a trace of power.

“Lightning God Myriad Blood Flower!”

Suddenly, Yang Feng appeared in front of a palm-sized, red-colored extraordinary plant, bent down, and grabbed it.

The Red Moon Fairys eyes lit up, and she said with a lovely smile: “As expected of the Black Emperors world, there are treasures everywhere!”

Lightning God Myriad Blood Flower is a treasure of heaven and earth that requires the blood essence of archgods with lightning god bloodline in order to be possibly born. Even if it is a Warlock Monarch, if they cultivate lightning secret methods, they will pay a huge price in exchange for it.

Yun Bo glanced at Yang Feng, and his eyes flickered with killing intent. Then, his eyes recovered their calm, looking like he doesnt care about the Lightning God Myriad Blood Flower.

“Fire God Jade Plant!”

“Wind God Blood Origin Stone!”


After Yang Feng harvested the Lightning God Myriad Blood Flower, the Red Moon Fairy and them also found treasures of heaven and earth that would move Infinity Warlocks and even Warlock Monarchs.

Since no one has been here for millions of years, the palace complex is filled with treasures of heaven and earth that are rare in the outside world. But Yang Feng and the others still made a beeline for the center of the palace complex.

The empyrean origin force is the ultimate goal of Yang Feng and the other Infinity Warlocks. Although the treasures of heaven and earth here are precious, yet they are hardly enough for an Infinity Warlock to advance to a Warlock Monarch. But the empyrean origin force is different, it can enable them to advance to the Warlock Monarch realm in one fell swoop.

In the center of the palace complex, there lies a 10,000-meter-tall, magnificent palace. The whole palace is made of a kind of rare mineral. Even if it is an ordinary Warlock Monarch, they can hardly harm it.

However, the magnificent palace is strangely divided into two. One half if the palace is nowhere to be seen, as if it disappeared into thin air.

In the very center of the palace, there is a disc with a black crystal placed on top. Wisps of world origin force are oozing out of the black crystal.

“Empyrean origin force!”

Yang Fengs heart stirred slightly, and he performed a secret method, jumped into the shadows, and disappeared.

“Since the empyrean origin force has appeared, then you guy can go and die!”

A cruel shade shimmered in Yun Bos eyes. He frantically urged his power, appeared in front of the Transcendent Eyes in an instant, and sent his hand, which seems like its the embodiment of a true dragon hunting for food, barreling towards the Transcendent Eyes.

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