Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 840 – Monsters from a Different Universe

Chapter 839 – Heart Shadow Zhou Yi

Translator: Xaiomoge

Warlocks who cultivate eye-type secret methods have strange eye techniques with unpredictable extraordinary powers.

Among Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, those who cultivate eye-type secret methods may not be the strongest in terms of frontal combat. However, if they use evasive maneuvers and release all kinds of weird eye techniques, then even supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses in the top 10 on the Infinity List will be entrapped if carelessness.

The eyes covering the Transcendent Eyess body opened one after another, erupted with eye techniques of different extraordinary life forms, and fired rays at the Purple True Dragon.

“Hey! If youre given time to prepare, your eye techniques indeed pose a large threat to me. But these eyes arent truly yours. Moreover, opening so many eyes in a hurry is not as threatening to me as just opening one eye!”

Yun Bo smiled coldly, and purple dragon scales appeared on his body, purple dragon qi revolved around him, and true dragon might diffused from him. He looks like he transformed into a humanoid true dragon.

When the rays fired by the eyes covering the Transcendent Eyes body hit Yun Bo, they blasted through the purple dragon qi that swirls around him and slammed into the purple dragon scales. The rays corroded, froze, twisted, and burnt the dragon scales.

Meanwhile, Yun Bo slammed a hand into the chest of the Transcendent Eyes, and terrifying dragon qi instantly blasted into the other party.

The eyes covering the Transcendent Eyes body burst, and mucus shot out, and then evaporated immediately after. His head burst as well. He flew away like an artillery shell.

The Transcendent Eyes is a veteran. After being seriously wounded by Yun Bos attack, he decisively gave up on the fight over the empyrean origin force.

Although treasures are important, but his life comes first.

Yun Bo didnt pursue the Transcendent Eyes, but turned towards the Red Moon Fairy and the other two and sneered: “Leave and I will spare your life! Otherwise, you will become the next Transcendent Eyes and likely die in a couple millennia.

With panic in her beautiful eyes, the Red Moon Fairy secretly gritted her white teeth and said: “Purple True Dragon, are you not afraid that the three of us will join forces to attack you?”

Yun Bo smiled coldly and said domineeringly: “Even if the three of you join forces, you are still no different from poultry in my eyes. To tell you the truth, my true identity is Purple Star Dragon King Mo Chen, No.76 on the Infinity List!”

“No.76 on the Infinity List!”

The complexion of the Red Moon Fairy and the Red Mountain Bone Monster flickered.

In the Cangzhi Planes core world, there are more than 5,000 Infinity Warlocks. Yet among the many Infinity Warlocks, only 200 can make the Infinity List. Furthermore, those in the top 100 on the Infinity List are either supreme Infinity Warlocks, or powerhouses who possess supreme Infinity Warlock rank fighting strength.

If Purple Star Dragon King Mo Chen goes all out, he may be able to kill junior Infinity Warlocks like the Red Moon Fairy and the Red Mountain Bone Monster with a single spell.

“Ill withdraw!”

Yang Fengs incarnation of the Shadow Kill suddenly jumped out of a shadow, and then jumped into another shadow. After a few breaths of time, he crossed hundreds of kilometers.

The Red Moon Fairys complexion changed several times before she sighed, frustrated: “Ill also withdraw!”

Nothing is more important than your own life. The Red Moon Fairy knows that she is not Yun Bos opponent and thus also chose to withdraw.

“Too late!”

A sneer sounded, the Red Mountain Bone Monster erupted with purple dragon qi, and a dragon claw shot towards the Red Moon Fairy abruptly.

The Red Moon Fairys Warlock robe suddenly erupted with countless runes, which rose into the air and turned into wonderful, stunning, blood-stirring figures dancing about.

Mixed with the beautiful illusions, temptation and a queer smell drifted around. Even if it is an Infinity Warlock, they will hardly be able to restrain themselves in front of such beautiful illusions.

There was a slightly intoxicated look in the eyes of the Red Mountain Bone Monster. But in the next moment, purple dragon scales covered him, and he erupted with vast dragon qi. The dragon qi broke through the Red Moon Fairys barrier, slammed into her, and blasted her to pieces.

Yun Bo stepped forward and said with a smile: “Big brother, your Purple True Dragon Claw has become even more impressive!”

The Red Mountain Bone Monster frowned slightly and uttered: “The Red Moon Fairy is really extraordinary. She ignited the fire of lust inside me. It seems that I have to finish this as soon as possible, or else Ill be in trouble!”

Yun Bo smiled and said: “There are rather beautiful humanoid archgods in the Black Emperor Realm. Big brother, if you cant bear it, then just use those humanoid archgods to extinguish the fire of lust inside you!”

The Red Mountain Bone Monster replied solemnly: “Alright!”

Yun Bo uttered: “According to our agreement, youll get to absorb 60% of the empyrean origin force, while I get to absorb 40%. You can go absorb first. Ill stand guard!”

“Okay!” The shade of warmness flashed in the eyes of the Red Mountain Bone Monster, and then he looked towards a dark corner and said coldly: “But before that, we should take care of the hidden enemy first.”

Upon hearing this, Yun Bos eyes shimmered with dignity, and purple dragon qi revolved around him. He became alert.

“Purple Star Dragon King Mo Chen, Purple True Dragon Yun Bo, two powerhouses on the Infinity List are actually brothers. If this news gets out, it will definitely cause quite a stir.”

An empty space distorted, and a queer existence, hovering between true and illusory, whose features are unclear, emerged from a blurry shadow and formed a trembling shadow that appeared before the two powerhouses on the Infinity List.

Mo Chens expression suddenly changed dramatically, and his eyes flashed solemnly: “Heart Shadow Zhou Yi, No.9 on the Infinity List!”

Yun Bos expression changed dramatically as well, and his purple dragon qi surged, ready to act at any time: “Heart Shadow Zhou Yi!”

Each powerhouse in the top 10 on the Infinity List is a monster among monsters, a genius among geniuses, and has the potential to tackle the Warlock Monarch realm.

Although the experts on the Infinity List are all full of self-confidence and arrogance, but they are well aware that the top 10 on the Infinity List are in a different league.

Mo Chen uttered resolutely: “Heart Shadow Zhou Yi, why dont we divide the empyrean origin force among the three of us? As long as we get 50%, the remaining 50% is yours!”

Since Mo Chen and Yun Bo arent certain that they can defeat an expert in the top 10 on the Infinity List, they can only choose to compromise.

Enigmatic light flickered in Zhou Yis eyes, and he replied with a light smile: “Alright!”

Mo Chen asked probingly: “Then Ill absorb my share first, then youll absorb yours, and lastly my brother will absorb his, what do you think?!”

Zhou Yi answered with a smile: “Alright!”

Mo Chen took a deep look at Zhou Yi, frowned slightly, and strode towards the empyrean origin force.

A peculiar glint in his eyes, Mo Chen sneered in his heart: “Idiot, after I absorb enough empyrean origin force, Ill break through to the Warlock Monarch realm in one fell swoop. By then, even though youre No.9 on the Infinity List, youll die miserably in my hands.”

The further you are along the path of cultivation, the harder it is to challenge the next realm. Due to the great gap between Warlock Monarchs and Infinity Warlocks, even the outrageous geniuses in the top 10 on the Infinity List may not be able to defeat the weakest Warlock Monarchs.

In the abyss of Zhou Yis eyes, rings formed from stars emerged and countless runes ignited. Next, queer fluctuation shot out from his eyes, entangled Mo Chen and Yun Bo, and affected their mind.

Normally, the cunning Mo Chen and Yun Bo would be able to detect that something is wrong. But since the empyrean origin force has stimulated their greed and they became slightly relaxed because Zhou Yi compromised, an opportunity emerged for Zhou Yi to affect their mind.

Mo Chen walked to in front of the crystal that is the manifestation of the empyrean origin force, greed shimmered in his eyes, and he extended his hand towards the crystal.

Suddenly, the ground cracked open, and a monster, that is covered in a mostly cracked black armor, which is full of sharp bone spurs, with a black tail and a humanoid torso, suddenly flew out and sent a claw shrouded in black demonic qi stabbing towards Mo Chens forehead.

Mo Chen is No.76 on the Infinity List for a reason. In an instant, purple dragon scales appeared on his body, and purple dragon qi gushed out, layered, distorted the space, and mixed with his life force field. The magic shield formed from dragon qi and life force can withstand the attacks of many Infinity Warlocks.

When the monsters black claw hit the magic shield, demonic qi corroded a huge hole in the magic shield. The black claw stabbed into Mo Chen, pierced through the dragon scales, and forcibly dug out the Infinity Core inside Mo Chens head.

After the monster killed Mo Chen with one blow, it grabbed his corpse, stuffed it into its maw, and made chewing sounds. Its pitch-black vertical pupils turned and fell on Yun Bo and Zhou Yi.

Yun Bo let out a roar of grief and stared at the monster in both shock and anger, yet stayed still: “Big brother!”

Enigmatic light flickered in Zhou Yis eyes and he said with a light smile: “Is this a powerhouse of a high energy level universe? To be able to instakill No.76 on the Infinity List, its strength sure is extraordinary.”

“This is the monster from a high energy level universe? I wonder what its level is in that high energy level universe!”

Slightly surprised, Yang Feng, who has hidden in the darkness, stared at the monster.

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