Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 841 – A Falling-ou

Chapter 840 – Monsters from a Different Universe

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“Come out! For powerhouses in the top 10 on the Infinity List to still be hiding, compared to the Eight Warlock Emperors in their youth, youre quite lacking in terms of courage!”

Zhou Yi looked around with an enigmatic smile and flicked his finger, and strange ripples spread in all directions.

The pieces of flesh and blood of the Red Moon Fairy, who was blasted apart by Yun Bo, converged in the air and formed a pure and beautiful girl dressed in a silver-white Warlock robe, with a holy temperament. She looks like a most sacred and beautiful goddess.

“Since the empyrean origin force is a chance for me to promote to the Warlock Monarch realm, it is a matter of course that I be cautious. In his time, wasnt the Star Lord extremely cautious as well, didnt he hide from the Nine Realms Lord?”

Black dragon qi surged, and a handsome, burly, domineering young man walked out and said indifferently.

Compared with this young man, the dragon qi released by Yun Bo and Mo Chen is not worth mentioning.

Zhou Yi said with a smile: “No.5 on the Infinity List Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie, No.6 on the Infinity List Dark True Dragon Mo Xin. It looks like the rumors stating that you guys got clues on the Black Emperors treasure trove are true.”

Luo Jiejie smiled charmingly, looking like a goddess: “Heart Shadow Zhou Yi, the master of the the most mysterious intelligence organization, the Discerning Eye. According to legend, you wield countless pieces of secret information. It seems that the legend is true.”

Zhou Yi smiled slightly and flicked his finger, and strange ripples spread towards Yang Fengs location.

The Phantom Rulers transparent tentacles appeared on Yang Fengs body and resisted most of the strange ripples, but traces of the ripples still managed to enter his body.

“Indeed, compared with the Eight Warlock Emperors, Im far too lacking in terms of courage.”

As soon as the strange ripples entered Yang Fengs body, his mind shook slightly, and a thought suddenly popped up in his head.

By relying on the xizu technology and battle robots, Yang Feng defeated countless powerful enemies, obtained countless resources, and cultivated to the advanced Infinity Warlock realm.

However, by hiding behind the scenes all this time prevented Yang Feng from developing the indomitable confidence of a Warlock Emperor.

Every top powerhouse has their own pride and confidence, which can allow them to display 100% of their strength, or even 120%. As for those who lack confidence, even if they are in their strongest state, they can only display 50% or 60% of their strength at a critical time. This is the strength of the mind.

“Xizu intelligent robots can display 100% of their strength no matter what environment they are in. However, I am a human, after all. The strength of the mind is equally important to me.”

Yang Feng looks thoughtful. As if a fog clouding his mind was lifted, his body became more relaxed. With a flash of distorted light, Yang Feng, who has been hiding in the shadows, appeared as well.

My wish is not to be a peerless assassin hiding in the shadows, but to be an invincible entity that runs rampant and suppress countless planes with absolute strength.

Xizu technology and power are just tools, tools to collect resources.

At the moment when Yang Feng appeared, his breath suddenly changed, and he broke through to the pinnacle Infinity Warlock realm from the advanced Infinity Warlock realm. He turned into a huge whirlpool that madly devoured the surrounding life magic energy.

Countless magic crystals suddenly flew out and shattered, and a huge amount of life magic energy frantically sank into Yang Fengs body.

The experts in the top 10 on the Infinity List quietly watched Yang Feng break through.

The eyes of the monster covered in black armor, who just devoured Mo Chen, flashed fiercely, and it suddenly turned into a black bolt of lightning that shot towards Yang Feng.

The monster appeared in front of Yang Feng in an instant and sent a claw barreling towards his heart.

“You want to kill me by yourself?”

Yang Fengs eyes suddenly radiated resplendent radiance, and he glanced at the monster. Runes appeared on his bode in an instant, and he surged with primal chaos breath slammed his palm into the monster.


The black armor covering the monsters body suddenly caved in, and the monster blasted into the ground and spewed out a big mouthful of blood, seriously injured.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a dignified shade: “Its not dead? What a powerful fleshly body!”

Yang Feng, who hadnt extracted world force, used 80% of his power to execute this strike. If it was an intermediate Infinity Warlock who was hit by this strike instead, their body would be disintegrated and their soul would be shattered, leaving only the Infinity Core intact.

For the monster to suffer a direct hit, yet not die, its vitality is simply terrifying.

Badly wounded, the monster faced the sky and issued a piercing cry.

With the monster as the core, fearsome sound waves spread in all directions.

Even if it is a Warlock at the Moonlight Warlock rank, if they were enshrouded by these sound waves, their life force field would break and their soul would shatter.

The earth trembled slightly along with the monsters scream.

Nine black eggs, with a diameter of 20 meters, covered in runes, emerged from the ground.

The nine black eggs trembled slightly, made cracking sounds, and shattered.

Nine monsters covered in black armor crawled out of the mucus inside the eggs. They exude frightening breath, which is a notch above that of the monster that Yang Feng has wounded just now.

Zhoue Yi said with emotion: “To be able to dispatch experts that could make it on the Infinity List at will, so this is the underlying strength of a high energy level universe.”

A strange ray flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he surmised: “Such monsters could not have come from outside. They must have been hibernating in the Black Emperor Realm ever since before the world was swallowed by the core world. Besides, the only way for them to awaken is to use the power of Infinity Warlocks that were devoured by the demonic sea.

Zhou Yi uttered with a smile: “Thats right. Any intelligent life form above Starry Sky Warlock rank that enters the core world will be monitored by the core world. Only dead things, existences sealed into a state of death, or existences that are shielded by the world of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse can ward off the monitoring of the core world.”

The core world is a powerful world developed by the Time Lord and many generations of human Warlocks at the expense of countless. It is the ultimate base of human Warlocks. Even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses can hardly find it.

However, the core world also has a flaw. Once it swallows the world left after a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse dies, the life forms of said world can easily blend into the core world and become a part of it.

Heart Shadow Zhou Yi glanced at Yang Feng and asked, curious: “I am Heart Shadow Zhou Yi. My friend, how do we address you, were are you from?

Yun Bo, Luo Jiejie, and Mo Xin focused their attention on Yang Feng, showing looks of curiosity.

Each Infinity Warlock is extremely powerful. So long as they dont deliberately hide their identity, the other Infinity Warlocks in the core world will know them.

Yang Feng, who has pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank strength and is of unknown origin, is naturally rather suspicious.

He answered frankly: “I am Endless Darkness Yang Feng, Im from the surface world.”

Contempt flashed in Mo Xins eyes, and he mocked coldly: “An aboriginal from the surface world!”

There is a large gap between the Warlock civilization of the core world and the surface world. As an expert in the top 10 on the Infinity List, it is normal for Mo Xin to look down on the surface worlds Warlocks.

“These monsters have the power of a quasi-Warlock Monarch! Lets each take care of two!”

The Dark True Dragon Mo Xi erupted with black dragon scales. Looking like a humanoid true dragon, he took a step forward, appeared in front of a black monster, and punched it.

The moment Mo Xins fist hit the black monster, its power collapsed, and then a terrifying power blasted into the black monster.

In an instant, the black monsters body caved in, and it sprayed black blood from its maw. It was sent flying tens of kilometers away.


Black qi filled the black monster, its body issued crisp sounds, and it recovered at once. Its figure fluttered, and it rushed towards Mo Xin.

The figures of the other black monsters swayed, and they shot towards Zhou Yi, Yang Feng, Yun Bo, and Luo Jiejie.

Heart Shadow Zhou Yi smiled slightly, then double pupils suddenly appeared in his eyes, and ripples radiated from his eyes and swept towards two monsters.

The two monsters who rushed towards Zhou Yi froze suddenly. The black breath that filled them diffused from them and disappeared, and their fleshly body collapsed bit by bit.

Luo Jiejie smiled lightly and flicked her finger, and silver-white ribbons suddenly flew out, shot towards two monsters, and wound around them.

The silver-white ribbons suddenly gleamed. Countless runes appeared on the silver-white ribbons, and wisps of white breath emerged and suppressed the black breath diffusing from the two monsters.

Yun Bos figure swayed, and he turned into a purple true dragon and rushed towards the monster that Yang Feng wounded.

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