Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 844 – Invulnerable

Chapter 843 – Defeating Two Great Powerhouses in a Row

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Yang Feng blurred, appeared in front of Zhou Yi, and sent his fist barreling towards the other party. Countless runes appeared on the fist, and the space in the wake of the fist shattered.

Heart Shadow Zhou Yi, who is proficient in mind-type spells, is extremely dangerous. If it wasnt for the Phantom Ruler, Yang Feng wouldnt have broken his spell that easily.

Warlocks who cultivate mind-type and eye-type spells are the most unpredictable variables. So long as they have a flaw in their mind, then even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse will succumb to Heart Shadow Zhou Yis mind-type spell.

In a group fight, the first priority is to eliminate Warlocks who use eye-type or mind-type spells!

Luo Jiejie took out the Monarch grade secret treasure Divine Transformation Mask and put it on. Her figure shook, and she transformed into Yang Fengs likeness, and then sent a fist barreling towards Yang Feng. Her fist flashed with runes, and world force surrounded it.

“To be able to simulate 90% of my strength, thats the Queen of Reinvention for you!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with admiration. He operated the essence of devour and extracted world force, and a Devour Black Moon suddenly appeared behind him.


Luo Jiejies incarnation of Yang Feng roared and punched the Devour Black Moon.

Overbearing law of power entangled Luo Jiejies fists. She crushed the Devour Black Moon before it could erupt with devour force.

When the Devour Black Moon collapsed, a dense swarm of Type II Undyings gushed out like a tide and slashed at Luo Jiejie.

Luo Jiejie sent a fist flying, and a terrifying force, which contains the law of power, burst out instantly and blasted into the Type II Undyings.

Under the crushing force, the Type II Undyings shattered and turned into ashes.

At this moment, Yang Feng punched Heart Shadow Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi distorted and collapsed. Then, a heart formed by a shadow shattered.

Twenty kilometers away, Zhou Yis true body emerged, a pale look on his face.

Zhou Yis true body had just appeared, when Luo Jiejie domineering fist crossed the empty space, pierced through Zhou Yis life force field, and struck him with an earth-shaking force.

“Luo Jiejie, wake up!”

Zhou Yi looked in Luo Jiejies direction with his double-pupils, saw that there are illusory threads linked to her, shouted furiously, and radiated light from his double-pupils. The light turned into a sword and severed the phantom threads released by the Phantom Ruler one by one.

“Illusion! I was hit by an illusion! Curses!”

When Luo Jiejie sobered up, she became enraged, and rushed towards Yang Feng.

A dense swarm of battle robots flew towards Luo Jiejie like a tide and launched a reckless attack against her.

On its own, a single Type II Undyings cant even penetrate Luo Jiejies life force field. However, thousands and tens of thousands of Type II Undyings can wear her life force field down, consume her power, and block her like enlarged ants.

“Essence of devour!”

Cold light flashed in Luo Jiejies beautiful eyes, and a Devour Black Moon suddenly appeared.

Engulfed by the Devour Black Moon, the battle robots lost all power and turned into piles of scrap iron.

Yang Feng took a step and, as if an invincible Transcendent, with an indifferent look in his eyes, covered in primal chaos runes, shrouded by world force, sent a fist barreling towards Zhou Yi with a terrifying might.

With a wave of Zhou Yis hand, the level-9 secret treasure Black Skeleton Shield suddenly flew out.

Following a flash of black light, a huge black skeleton suddenly appeared and emitted black light from its mouth, and six skulls flew out and formed a barrier.

Yang Feng slammed his fist infused with the law of power into the barrier and shattered it, and then blasted the black skeleton to pieces.

That Black Skeleton Shield disintegrated in an flash.

Zhou Yi instantly collapsed and disappeared.

“Youre going to escape?”

Yang Fengs eyes gleamed coldly, and runes appeared all over his body. He extended a hand, and three Devour Black Moons suddenly appeared, sealed off all escape routes, and surged towards Zhou Yi.

“Incredible! the empyrean origin force is yours!”

Zhou Yi appeared before a Devour Black Moon, took out a green leaf, and waved it. The green leaf combusted and turned into a giant green sword that slashed the Devour Black Moon apart. He blurred, flew out of the scope of the Devour Black Moon, left a few words behind, and disintegrated and disappeared.

“What a troublesome fellow!”

Yang Feng slightly raised his brows, then turned around and saw Luo Jiejie, who looks exactly like him, has the same breath, and uses the same spells and essence.

A Devour Black Moon rose behind Luo Jiejie and madly devoured Yang Fengs 4th generation battle robots. Within barely a few breaths of time, 40,000 4th generation battle robots had all their power absorbed, and turned into scrap iron.

Luo Jiejie stared at Yang Feng with a fierce glint in her beautiful eyes, and her figure swayed slightly. Followed by an afterimage, she appeared in front of Yang Feng in a flash, and slammed her fist, which is surrounded by world force, is filled with primal chaos breath, and has countless runes gleaming, blasting towards Yang Feng with great momentum.

“Interesting! You fake, lets see how much of my ability you can exert!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and spread the fingers of his hand, and six Devour Black Moons suddenly appeared, turned into six black holes, and swept towards Luo Jiejie.

Luo Jiejie surged with primal chaos breath and smashed a Devour Black Moon with a punch. Then, she stimulated the law of power and smashed another Devour Black Moon with a punch.

One Devour Black Moon after another arose, and then was smashed by Luo Jiejie with a punch. Luo Jiejie look like a peerless gods destroying stars.

Infinity Warlocks possesses the terrifying power to pluck stars and destroy worlds. The power contained in the Devour Black Moons is more formidable than that of stars, yet they are still being destroyed by Luo Jiejie with a punch. This showcases her domineering power.

The moment Luo Jiejie destroyed to the 23rd Devour Black Moon, her breath weakened for a moment, and then the 24th Devour Black Moon drew her inside.

Endless darkness enveloped Luo Jiejie and frantically extracted the power inside her.

Devouring force shrouded her completely, devoured her power, and blocked her soul force from leaving her body.

Luo Jiejie used a secret method to seal every cell in her body, and her formidable life force field suddenly retracted and merged with her body.

After Luo Jiejies life force field merged with her body, the rate at which she lost her power dropped to the lowest point.

At this moment, the Devour Black Moon collapsed by itself, and the endless darkness disappeared. Instead, endless light descended from the sky. A fist engraved with countless mysterious primal chaos runes appeared from the endless light and blasted towards Luo Jiejie.

Luo Jiejie sent a fist flying in a hurry. Containing primal chaos breath, shrouded in world force, covered in runes, the fist barreled towards the sky.


When the two formidable forces, which contain the law of power, erupted, Luo Jiejie belched a mouthful of blood, shot away like a like broken rag doll, slammed into the ground, and blasted open a large hole. She is severely injured.

“Yang Feng, you win!”

Luo Jiejie radiated seven-colored light, turned into seven-colored light, and disappeared.

As an expert in the top 10 on the Infinity List, Luo Jiejie had numerous fortuitous encounters. She possesses many precious escape secret treasures. Even if it is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, they would find it hard to kill her.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered for a while, and then whirlpools suddenly emerged from his body, and crowds of 4th generation battle robots poured out and covered the area.

Although the 4th generation battle robots can hardly damage Infinity Warlocks, but they can block most Infinity Warlocks for a short period of time.

Within this short period of time, a top-shelf Infinity Warlock like Yang Feng can do many things.

After Yang Feng released hundreds of thousands of battle robots, he strode to in front of the empyrean origin force crystal, his eyes flickered with a scorching shade, and he extended his hand towards the crystal.

In an instant, the empyrean origin force crystal burst out with terrifying power that swept towards Yang Feng. It feels as if a star exploded. Even if it was a Bright World Warlocks, they would hardly be able to resist this terrifying power.

Yang Feng smiled faintly, opened his hand, primal chaos runes surged, and he grabbed the empyrean origin force crystal. Black light of devour flickered, and he completely devoured the explosive power.

Even if it is in the Eight Warlock Dynasties eras, Infinity Warlocks are experts who dominate a faction. They have enough power to explore various relics.

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