Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 846 – Control of the Black Emperor Realm (II)

Chapter 845 – Control of the Black Emperor Realm (I)

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“The Black Emperor Realm sure has degenerated, there isnt even a single Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse!”

When Yang Feng scanned the Black Emperor Realm via the empyrean origin force crystal, he only felt the breath of Infinity Warlock rank archgods. Seeing how he didnt detect a single Warlock Monarch realm breath, he couldnt help but feel that its a pity.

With the empyrean origin force crystal in hand, Yang Feng can even suppress Warlock Monarch rank archgods in the Black Emperor Realm.

A Warlock Monarch rank archgod, whether slayed or taken as a subordinate, has great value. As such, it is no wonder that Yang Feng feels that its a pity.

“The current location of the Black Emperor Realm is not safe! Lets move it somewhere else!”

Runes appeared in Yang Fengs eyes, making him look like he became the incarnation of the Black Emperor Realm.

The core world, in the depths of the Black Cloud Mountains, the cliff that contains the Black Emperor Realm trembled slightly, and then collapsed instantly.

A pitch black ovoid, which seems like it can devour anything, trembled slightly, blurred, and disappeared.

“It looks like he really mastered the Black Emperor Realm. Now hes hiding it. Even if the few Holy Spirit Warlocks on the Holy List take action, itll be hard to find him.”

The Black Cloud Mountains, on a certain peak, Heart Shadow Zhou Yi gazed at the place where the Black Emperor Realm disappeared with a complicated look in his eyes and sighed slightly.

Luo Jiejies beautiful eyes flashed brightly, and she said with a confident smile: “Who knew that such an outstanding character could appear in the surface world. He will be my greatest rival on the route to the position of Warlock Emperor.”

A strange ray glimmered in Heart Shadow Zhou Yis eyes, and he asked: “Now that the Black Emperors treasure trove has fallen into his hands, are you sure that you can defeat him one day?”

Luo Jiejies eyes flickered with ambition: “The great tribulation is coming. Another universe and our universe are about to overlap and devour one another. This is the greatest crisis as well as the greatest opportunity in our universe. If there is a victorious universe, then the life forms in that universe will have the chance to become Warlock Emperors and Eternals.”

After she finished speaking, Luo Jiejie turned around, changed into dim light, and disappeared.

Zhou Yi sighed slightly: “Eternal, what a great ambition. I cant even compare to a woman in terms ambition.”

Only legends and traces left in some relic sites testify to the existence of Eternals. In human history, the most powerful beings are the Eight Warlock Emperors.

The ultimate goal of all human Warlocks is to become a Warlock Emperor, an invincible entity in the world. As for Eternal, apart from the Eight Warlock Emperors, most of the Warlocks dont aim that high, since it is too unrealistic of a goal.

However, judging from various signs, many terrifying existences, which should have fallen long ago, show signs of recovery.

The goal of many of these terrifying existence is to promote to the Warlock Emperor realm, while those who are more ambitious have even set their eyes on the Eternal realm.

Zhou Yi frowned slightly and said unhurriedly: “Not only us humans, but also archgods, and even old monsters from even more ancient times have begun to recover. Can we defeat them?”

The Cangzhi Plane is not only the birthplace of human Warlocks, but also the center of the universe. It has existed for more than 10 billion years.

In that extremely long period, who knows how many terrifying existences have been born.

Since human Warlocks were able to develop taboo stones and other similar methods of self-sealing to resist the erosion of time, then beings that lived in the Eternal age naturally must have developed similar methods.

Zhou Yi, who is of mysterious origin, knows many secrets. He knows that in addition to human Warlocks, some old monsters that have lived in the Eternal age began to slowly wake up.

Zhou Yi pondered for a while, and then sighed slightly and disappeared.

The Black Emperor Realm.

In the deepest part of the Dragon Stone Tribe, which is one of the largest tribes in the Black Emperor Realm and has a population of 100,000, there sits a five eyes crocodile archgod. This archgod has a crocodile head, a burly figure, and, apart of the two eyes on his head, has an eye on each arm and an eye on the chest.

The five eyes crocodile archgod exudes supreme Infinity Warlock rank breath, which distorts his surroundings a little.

If an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse doesnt restrain their power, just the power they radiate can easily kill all the humans in a city on the Earth.

A fragile planet like the Earth cannot bear the existence of Infinity Warlocks. If an Infinity Warlock were to forcibly enter Earth, the entire planet would collapse.

Only Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses can perfectly control their power and freely integrated into the plane origin will of a plane. No matter how weak or small the plane is, they can descend on the plane.

“All those whose power of bloodline reached the 3rd step are to proceed towards the Holy Pulse Mountain immediately!”

A magnificent voice echoed in the ears of the five eyes crocodile archgod, causing him to open his eyes.

Most adult archgods possess Moonlight Warlock rank power. In the First Warlock Dynasty era, only human Warlocks who cultivated to the Moonlight Warlock realm were able to fight adult archgods. The power of bloodline of archgods is graded as following: the 1st step is equivalent to the Glorious Sun Warlock rank, 2nd step is equivalent to the Bright World Warlock rank, 3rd step is equivalent to Infinity Warlock rank.

The five eyes crocodile archgod frowned slightly: “Who said that? It seems that it cant be resisted!”

As a supreme Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, the five eyes crocodile archgod is one of the most powerful beings in the Black Emperor Realm. But his extraordinary sense prompts him to obey the master of the voice.

The five eyes crocodile archgod hesitated for a while, and then his figure shook slightly, and he turning into a ray of light flying towards the Holy Pulse Mountain.

Within the Black Emperor Realm, rays of light are flying towards the Holy Pulse Mountain like meteors.

Following the prompt of his extraordinary sense, the five eyes crocodile archgod landed on a wide square in the Holy Pulse Mountain. He looked around and suddenly felt a shiver in his heart.

There are upwards of 400 formidable archgods in the square.

Each of these archgods possesses Infinity Warlock rank strength. If this force appeared in the surface world, it could wreak havoc in the four dynasties.

Even though the four dynasties all have Empyrean grade secret treasures, but for Infinity Warlocks to operate them, they need to consume their own lives as well as a tremendous amount of resources.

Although the 400 archgods are much weaker than human Infinity Warlocks, but they all possess queer innate abilities. In a large-scale battle, 100 archgods can crush 30 human Infinity Warlocks.

The 400 Infinity Warlock rank archgods, with the exception of the Cloud Capital, which can resist their siege, could sweep away the rest of the Great Cloud Dynasty.

As soon as the five eyes crocodile archgod arrived at the square, the surrounding archgods revealed fear in their eyes, and distanced themselves from him.

As a supreme Infinity Warlock rank archgod, the five eyes crocodile archgod is much stronger than ordinary Infinity Warlock rank archgods. Since the five eyes crocodile archgod has a ferocious and violent character, the other archgods dont dare get close to him, fearing that he may attack them abruptly.

“Dragon, you came as well!”

The five eyes crocodile archgod suddenly narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at a three-meter-tall archgod standing alone as well. This archgod has a fiend-like head with a dragon horn, is covered in dragon scales, and exudes a fearsome breath.

Dragon turned around and showed a malevolent smile: “Five Eyes, youre here too. Of the three of us, only Tyrant Monkey is missing!”

Five Eyes, Dragon, and Tyrant Monkey are the leaders of the three strongest tribes in the Black Emperor Realm as well as the only supreme Infinity Warlocks.

Five Eyes frowned and asked: “Who the hell called us here?”

A dignified look in his eyes, Dragon looked towards the sky and said in a deep voice: “Hes here!”

Five Eyes heart stirred, and he looked towards the sky.

There is a white cloud flying in the sky. Atop the white cloud, there is a person sitting. That person is Yang Feng.

“Whos that?”

“A new archgod race?”


The archgods on the ground looked at Yang Feng in the sky curiously and commented.

In the Black Emperor era, unlike in the modern times, the Cangzhi Planes humans looked like apemen. They slowly changed over time. After the rise of the First Warlock Dynasty, the shape of humans became fixed. Humans of that era looked just like modern humans.

In the Black Emperor era, there was no concepts such as the human race or humans, there were only concepts such as the archgod race and the slave race.

Yang Feng said lightly: “I am Yang Feng, the new master of the Black Emperor Realm. According to the order left behind by the Black Emperor, you have two choices. The first choice is to be sent outside this world, where well go our separate ways. The second choice is to become my subordinates and serve me, and Ill protect you from the oppression of human Warlocks.”

“Before you make a choice, anyone who disobeys my command will die!”

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand.

A jade-white hand came down from the sky and entered empty space, grabbed a three-meter-tall, monkey-shaped archgod, who exudes a violent and domineering temperament and has an unruly look on his face, and dragged him out into the open.

When Five Eyes saw the monkey-shaped archgod, his expression changed greatly, and he cried out: “Tyrant Monkey!”

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