Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 848 – Core Network

Chapter 847 – No.3 on the Infinity List

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“The bones of thirteen Warlock Monarch rank archgods should be enough to refine three Warlock Monarch rank secret treasures. Furthermore, with these treasures of heaven and earth, it should be possible to exchange for Seven Color Aurora Star Rock!”

Yang Feng looked at the treasures of heaven and earth in front of him with a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes.

In the Black Emperor Realm, there are precious treasures everywhere, some of which are resources Warlock Monarchs need to practice cultivation.

Archgod and human Warlock cultivation are different. For archgods, only heaven and earth grade spirit fruits that can be consumed directly are of use.

However, human Warlocks can use all kinds of extraordinary minerals and extraordinary plants to refine incredible potions, then use the potions to enhance their strength.

Since the Black Emperor Realm evolved from the world inside the Black Emperor, it is naturally rich in resources. Even though it slowly weakened due to the erosion of time, the essence of this world is still extremely powerful. It can give birth to Warlock Monarch rank existences.

But since the archgods here only rely on their instinct and some shallow cultivation methods to advance their evolution, the Black Emperor Realm has given birth to Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses at most.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with enigmatic rays: “If the resources of the Black Emperor Realm are fully exploited, I will be able to promote to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse. However, these resources are not worth mentioning when compared to the empyrean origin force. It seems that I have to think of a way to find someone of the Black Emperors direct bloodline and give this box to them. In the meantime, the most important thing is to improve my strength. I must obtain Seven Color Aurora Star Rock.”

Seven Color Aurora Star Rock is a core treasure necessary to promote xizu technology to level-5. Once xizu technology reaches level-5, more powerful battle robots can be produced, allowing Yang Feng to better deal with the upcoming great tribulation.

The core world, in the center of the Linghai Province, there is giant white cloud covering an area of millions of square kilometers. Atop the giant white cloud, there lies a continent extending without end.

The continent is called Linghai Continent and is the center of the Linghai Province. It is filled with rich life magic energy. Only powerhouses above the Great Warlock rank can get a ticket to the Linghai Continent.

In the Linghai Continent, except for family members of powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank, the rest must be either family members of outstanding Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses or powerhouses who have made great contributions to the Linghai Continent. However, if after 100 years, they still havent advanced to the Great Warlock realm, they will be sent away from the Linghai Continent and settle in other places in the Linghai Province.

In the Linghai Continent, where there are many experts, Great Warlocks walk the streets and Starry Sky Warlocks are not uncommon. Even Transcendent rank powerhouses such as Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks, who posses a noble status, can be seen often.

In the Linghai Continent, there is a core network erected. With a magic ball, Warlocks in the Linghai Continent can connect to the core network, which can provide better services and functions than the internet on Earth.

Mo Fusheng is an ordinary student with level-3 Warlock rank strength in an advanced Warlock academy. His favorite pastime is to play with the magic ball. Much like an internet addict teenager on Earth, he cannot extricate himself from the core network.

Mo Fusheng grabbed a blue magic ball, infused his spirit force into it, entered an illusory world in another body, and appeared in a coffee shop.

Through the magic ball, Mo Fusheng entered the virtual network world constructed by the core network. In the virtual network world, even ordinary Warlocks can possess all sorts of incredible abilities, which is why it is extremely popular with ordinary Warlocks.

In this virtual network world, everything feels very real. You can enjoy a life beyond you wildest dreams here.

“The new issue of Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Lists is out! I wonder if a new Holy Spirit Warlock has emerged!”

Mo Fusheng picked up a cup of coffee, took a sip, and then extended his hand, and a newspaper appeared in his hand. He skimmed through the Infinity, Monarch, and Holy Lists.

“The Holy and Monarch Lists have no changes. This is only natural. After all, the time these beings spend on cultivation is calculated in hundreds of years. There wont be any change that easily.”

“The Infinity List, eh? No.3 is Endless Darkness Yang Feng? Whats going on?”

When Mo Fusheng saw the name that suddenly appeared, he was shocked and continued to look down.

“Endless Darkness Yang Feng, comes from the Battle Demon Sect of the surface worlds Great Cloud Dynasty. Battle record, in the Black Emperors treasure trove, the Black Emperor Realm, defeated Heart Shadow Zhou Yi and Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie at the same time, slayed Dark True Dragon Mo Xin, and occupied the Black Emperor Realm. On the ground of the above, climbed to No.3 on the Infinity List.”

As Mo Fusheng read, incredulity flashed in his eyes, and he whispered: “Impossible, how is this possible? Dark True Dragon Mo Xin, Heart Shadow Zhou Yi, Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie, they are all outrageous geniuses who have formed a small world inside them and embarked on the strongest Warlock path. How could this Yang Feng defeat two of them at the same time? This is impossible!”

The information on Transcendent rank powerhouses is sealed in most parts of the Lighai Province. Only Transcendent rank powerhouses can obtain first-hand information through the core network.

But some special holy lands such as the Linghai Continent dont have restriction on information about Transcendent rank powerhouse. Therefore, these holy lands are magnets that attract countless people.

“The Endless Darkness Yang Feng, how can a Warlock from the surface world defeat Heart Shadow Zhou Yi and Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie at the same time?”

“Is this news accurate?”

“Heart Shadow Zhou Yi admitted himself!”

“Can the surface world produce such monsters?”


Mo Fushengs eyes flickered, and he entered a forum and immediately saw the comments of many Warlocks. From the comments, Mo Fusheng confirmed that Yang Feng defeated Heart Shadow Zhou Yi and Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie at the same time.

“Even though he practiced cultivation for less than 100 years, but he already became an Infinity Warlock and ascended to No.3 on the Infinity List. You should not compare yourself to others!”

Mo Fusheng smiled bitterly, then exited the core network and sighed, and a myriad of thoughts crowded into his mind.

Mo Fusheng broke through and advanced to the level-3 Warlock realm only when he was 70 years old. In the Turandot Subcontinent, with this cultivation speed, he can already be regarded as a genius among geniuses. But in the core world, this cultivation speed is quite mediocre, if not shabby.

The Linghai Continent has 100 times better environment and resources than the Turandot Subcontinent. If the Great Warlocks in the Turandot Subcontinent practiced cultivation in the Linghai Continent, they would have the potential to advance to the Moonlight Warlock realm.

Mo Fusheng put the magic ball in his pocket, left his home, and went to the Spirit Fire Advanced Warlock Academy.

“Black Emperors bloodline!”

Not long after Mo Fusheng left his home, he saw an young man dressed in a white Warlock robe approach him and look at him.

Mo Fusheng trembled slightly, feeling like all his secrets lie bare before the young man.

A though emerged in Mo Fushengs mind: “A Warlock above the Starry Sky Warlock rank!”

Only Warlocks above the Starry Sky Warlock rank are able to lock a level-3 Warlock like Mo Fusheng in place that easily.

“Although its a little thin, but it is the Black Emperors bloodline after all. The genuine Black Emperors bloodline can be traced back through him.

Yang Feng ran the Fate Algorithm, countless runes appeared in his eyes, and he gazed at Mo Fusheng.

The bloodline inside Mo Fusheng suddenly boiled, rippled, and turned into strange runes.

Yang Feng can clearly see thin bloodline threads extend in all directions and link to different Warlocks with the Black Emperors bloodline.

If Yang Feng so wishes, he can cast a bloodline curse with Mo Fusheng as the medium and easily kill all Warlocks with the Black Emperors bloodline via the bloodline threads.

“With the passage of time, most of the Black Emperors bloodline, which used to be so powerful, has become extremely thin. This person is the one with the highest concentration of the Black Emperors bloodline in the world. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that there is a direct bloodline kin of the Black Emperor who is protecting themselves with a powerful secret treasure, warding against my spell. However, I can only give it a try.”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a box suddenly flew out and landed in Mo Fushengs hand.

Yang Feng ran the Fate Algorithm, but didnt detect that the karma spell on placed on him disappeared.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “No, he isnt a direct bloodline kin of the Black Emperor. In that case, the direct bloodline kin of the Black Emperor should be protecting themselves with a powerful secret treasure, making it hard to sense them.”

Yang Feng retracted his pressure and asked flatly: “Whats your name?”

Mo Fusheng answered obediently: “My name is Mo Fusheng.”

Yang Feng uttered: “I am Endless Darkness Yang Feng. Your bloodline is a little special, are you willing to be my disciple in name?”

Overjoyed, Mo Fusheng knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Yang Feng: “Yes, I am willing! Teacher, please accept this disciples kowtows!”

“Get up!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a stream of air lifted Mo Fusheng up from the ground.

After Mo Fusheng stood up from the ground, a smile of excitement overtook his face.

A disciple of an Infinity Warlocks, even if it is just a disciple in name, is a great opportunity that countless Starry Sky Warlocks yearn of even in their dreams.

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