Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 849 – Red Monarch

Chapter 848 – Core Network

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Yang Feng extended his hand, and light containing countless bodies of knowledge entered Mo Fushengs forehead.

In an instant, countless precious bodies of knowledge entered in Mo Fushengs mind. At the same time, a storage ring appeared in his hand.

“The first test I give you is to go to the surface worlds Undying Mountain.”

A faint voice echoed in Mo Fushengs ears. Yang Feng is nowhere to be seen.

Mo Fusheng is just an ordinary human Warlock with a trace of the Black Emperors bloodline. His soul aptitude is only superior level-4. On the Warlock path, he is just an ordinary existence. Yang Feng extended a hand to him without much care.

Mo Fusheng sensed the countless bodies of knowledge and various top-shelf secret methods in his mind and said in his heart: “Yes, teacher, I will go to the surface world and reach the Undying Mountain!”

“So this is the core network, the crystallization of Warlock civilization! The core world is the core of the world of Warlocks for a reason.”

Yang Feng grabbed a magic ball and took a closer look at it. Countless runes appeared in his eyes, and he instantly analyzed everything about the magic ball. He willed, and a wisp of soul force entered the magic ball.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in the center of an extremely wide square.

Yang Feng glanced around. Then, runes flashed in his eyes, and he scanned himself with soul force. He immediately understood everything and showed a smile: “Interesting, this virtual network world is comparable to a virtual reality world constructed by xizu technology.”

Inside the virtual network world, everything is controlled by the core network. As long as they get the blessing of the core network, ordinary human Warlocks can exert Infinity Warlock rank power in the virtual core world.

If the core network sets out to deprive them of their power, them even Bright World Warlocks will be reduced to ordinary people.

Only Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses can withstand some of the power of the virtual network world. They can modify their soul data so that they can exert Infinity Warlock rank power in the virtual network world.

Of course, Infinity Warlocks can modify their soul data with soul force only if there is no master controlling the virtual network world. But if there is a Holy Spirit Warlock presiding, then even when other Holy Spirit Warlocks enter the virtual network world, they will be easily suppressed by the Holy Spirit Warlock presiding over the virtual network world.

“In times of need, the core network can extract the power of Warlocks via these magic balls, combine it, and attack enemies. The resulting power may even be able to somewhat contend against a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.”

As countless runes appeared in Yang Fengs eyes and he analyzed the virtual network world, within a world inside him, an optical computer network composed of thousands of level-4 optical computers operated frantically to assist him with the analysis.

In the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng once consumed an Apple of Wisdom, which provided him with Infinity Warlock rank comprehension and computing ability. As a result, it made it very easy for Yang Feng to comprehend secret methods below the Infinity Warlock realm.

However, secret methods above the Bright World Warlock realm are abstruse and mysterious. The upgrade in wisdom provided by the Apple of Wisdom is not enough for Yang Feng to surpass other Infinity Warlocks.

The optical computer network created by xizu technology is one of Yang Fengs cultivation trump cards. It is thanks to the tremendous optical computer network that he can quickly analyze various secret methods and his cultivation speed if far greater than that of ordinary Infinity Warlocks.

If xizu technology is upgraded to level-5 and a level-5 optical computer network is built, Yang Fengs calculation ability will increase geometrically, which will greatly benefit his understanding of laws and essences.

“Forums, live broadcasts, videos, shopping malls, magic arenas, all developed using magic. Sure enough, nothing is impossible in the world of Warlocks.”

Yang Fengs eyes gleamed with enigmatic light as he browsed through the core network.

The virtual network world constructed by the core network is who knows how many times more formidable than the internet on Earth. However, Yang Feng is an Infinity Warlock who pursues the summit, after all. With a thought, he exited the core network.

The Linghai Continent is the center of the Linghai Province, while Konghai City is the center of the Linghai Continent.

The Floating Konghai Pavilion is one of the three major forces of the Konghai City and has five Infinity Warlocks.

“Mister, this is the private domain of the Floating Konghai Pavilion. If you want to enter, please show your invitation letter!”

When Yang Feng arrived in front of the Floating Konghai Pavilion, two Starry Sky Warlocks stepped forward and politely stopped him.

Those who can enter the Floating Konghai Pavilion are all Transcendent rank powerhouses. As a result, the two Starry Sky Warlocks do not dare to slight Yang Feng.

Yang Feng flicked his wrist, and a gold card exuding wisps of Infinity Warlock rank breath appeared in his hand.

“Its Lord Endless Darkness, No.3 on the Infinity List. Please forgive us if we slighted you in any way. You may go in!”

Feeling startled, the two Starry Sky Warlocks stepped aside and spoke respectfully.

Yang Feng entered the Floating Konghai Pavilion.

A beautiful girl exuding charm and allure walked up to Yang Feng and uttered with a sweet smile, a fragrance wafting out from her: “I am Xiangling. Greetings, Lord Endless Darkness. I will be your attendant. You can tell me if there is anything you need. We of the Floating Konghai Pavilion will try our best to meet all your needs.”

Yang Feng glanced at Xiangling and said: “A Moonlight Warlock. To have Moonlight Warlocks serve as attendants, the Floating Konghai Pavilion is really extravagant.”

Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses, whether it is in the core world or in the surface world, have extremely an high status. For a group to use Moonlight Warlocks as attendants, they must have extremely deep roots.

After casually speaking a few word, Yang Feng silently followed Xiangling into a hall.

In the hall, there sit Infinity Warlocks. Beside them, there are handsome men and beautiful women attending them. Every attendant possesses Moonlight Warlock rank strength.

Since the core world is rich in resources, has complete inheritances, and possesses the major trump card that is the core network, which connects virtually all resources of the core world, the number of powerhouses in the core world is far greater than in the surface world. This is why the Floating Konghai Pavilion can be so extravagant as have Moonlight Warlocks act as attendants

With a cursory glance, Yang Feng saw that there are 400 plus Infinity Warlocks in the hall. Virtually one-tenth of the core worlds Infinity Warlocks is here.

The Wealth Gold King walked over and said with a smile, a complicated look in his eyes: “No.3 on the Infinity List Yang Feng, thats truly amazing! I didnt expect you to be so powerful. Even Heart Shadow Zhou Yi, Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie, and Dark True Dragon Mo Xin are not your opponent. Awesome!”

When the Wealth Gold King was defeated by Yang Feng, he thought that Yang Feng was only slightly stronger than himself. If he was pushed to the wall, the Wealth Gold King still had many secret treasures to rely on. However, seeing how Yang Feng defeated Heart Shadow Zhou Yi and Queen of Reinvention Luo Jiejie and slayed Dark True Dragon Mo Xin, Wealth Gold King realized that he is fundamentally no match for Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled slightly: “It was just a stroke of luck.”

“So he is Yang Feng! Endless Darkness Yang Feng!”

“No.3 on the Infinity List Endless Darkness Yang Feng!”

“This is a freak on the same level as Titan Demon Lian Wuyi, Green Thunder God Yan Mowen, and Brilliant Ninth Heaven Bu Liantian?”

“I wonder who of them is stronger!”


The eyes of the infinity Warlocks in the hall flashed slightly, and gazes full of curiosity, admiration, and envy focused on Yang Feng.

Experts in the top 10 on the Infinity List are terrifying existences that greatly exceed ordinary supreme Infinity Warlocks in terms battle prowess. Since they are important figures in the core world, they naturally attract peoples attention.

When Yang Feng and the Wealth Gold King took their seats, the other Infinity Warlocks looked away, not daring to continue peeking at him.

Soon, a thin Infinity Warlock dressed in a green Warlock robe, with an unearthly temperament, walked onto a dais at an end of the hall.

The Infinity Warlock extended his hand, and a transparent crystal bottle with a dark liquid appeared in his hand: “I am Bai Kongguang, a great elder of the Floating Honghai Pavilion. Since everyone knows the rules, I wont waste anymore time. This is Illusion Night Spirit Water our Floating Konghai Pavilion refined. I will exchange it for 10,000-year-old Hazy Moon Grass, Qianjin Youguang Stone, Luoluo Mist Stone…, or a complete astral dragon snake corpse.”

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with enigmatic rays: “Illusion Night Spirit Water, this is a treasure of great use for those who cultivate illusion arts. It cant be found in the surface world. I didnt expect to see it here. The core world is in a different league.”

Illusion Night Spirit Water is a top-shelf elixir for Infinity Warlocks who cultivate illusion arts. In the surface world, you could rope in an Infinity Warlock who cultivates illusion arts with this elixir.

“I have Hazy Moon Grass!”

“I have Qianjin Youguang Stone!”


When the Illusion Night Spirit Water appeared, it was quickly traded for another treasure.

Taking turns, the great elders of the Floating Konghai Pavilion stepped forward, took out many Infinity Warlock grade treasures of heaven and earth, and traded them for treasures they need.

The Floating Konghai Pavilion took great pains to hold this Infinity Warlock swap meet just to be able to go up the dais first and get the treasures they want. After all, many treasures are extremely rare and precious. Once a particular treasure is traded, it will be difficult to obtain them. Those who go up the dais first will naturally get huge benefits.

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