Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 85 – Virtual Reality Battle Cabin

Chapter 84 – Portable Fortified Stronghold

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Shayenna said mildly: “Gris, act with us!”

Gris pondered for a while, then said with a light smile: “We will act at the right time. But before taking action, well certainly try our best to support you. After all, we have a common enemy.”

Shayenna swept Gris with a glance, then said coldly: “Alright! Theres nothing more to talk about, you can leave.”

“Then I wont disturb you anymore!” Gris gave a slight smile, his body changed into blue smoke and he disappeared.

“What a pity!” Shayenna looked at Gris fading back, then issued a difficult to interpret sigh.

Giant-Stone City.

After Yang Feng confirmed that the dark green bead didnt come with any curse, only then was the dark green bead sent to his true body.

“In the end, what kind of treasure is this bead? Why would the people of Gloom Cave make so much effort and store it in a treasure box?”

Yang Feng took that dark green bead and continuously fiddle with it, he hesitated for a moment and then immediately poured in his spirit force.

When Yang Feng poured his spirit force inside the dark green bead, the bead then flashed brightly and madly absorbed his spirit force.

Yang Feng was shocked, he then operated Black Dragon Morph in an attempt to reign in his spirit force. Only that he was unable to control his spirit force and the mysterious dark green bead continued to absorb it, nearly sucking him dry.

Yang Feng contemplated somewhat unwillingly: “Am I going to be sucked dry and become a waste?”

Once all of the spirit force inside the spirit sea was sucked dry, then Yang Fengs soul seed would receive a heavy hit and even directly collapse. Once his soul seed collapses, then Yang Feng would become an idiot.

The moment Yang Fengs spirit force was about to be completely devoured. Suddenly, an immaculate spirit force was sent back from the dark green bead and entered his spirit sea.

In Yang Fengs spirit sea, that originally invisible gaseous spirit force suddenly congregated into traces of mist, the density of the spiritual force increasing by a level.

That dark green bead continuously absorbed Yang Fengs spirit force and then sent back traces of immaculate spirit force into Yang Fengs spirit sea, the process seemed to have no end.

When Yang Feng sensed the spirit force transmitted from the dark green bead, his eyes flashed with a touch of delight: “Its a truly exquisite secret treasure. Having it is equivalent to incessantly cultivating ones spirit force. With it, my cultivation rate increases at least five fold.”

For Warlocks, spirit force cultivation was crucial. There were requirements for a lot of spells in terms of spirit force.

Level-2 Warlocks could suppress level-1 Warlocks with merely the pressure from their spirit force, that was precisely because their spirit force was by far stronger.

Yang Fengs mind moved, a Liquid-Metal Robot beside him twisted and warped, wrapping itself around the dark green bead and changing into a pendant, which then vined itself on Yang Fengs neck.

“Currently, I already have the strength of a level-1 Warlock, thats my personal strength.”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly, he extended his right hand, his mind moved slightly and black dragons scales immediately covered his right hand. Simultaneously, his right hand also transformed into a dragon-like paw, from which 30cm long claws were ejected. That terrifying claws could easily shred the defensive force field of a level-2 Warlock.

After Yang Feng crossed into the World of Warlocks, from then on, he was always feeling very perturbed, madly pursuing power and knowledge. He was afraid that 3796 and the huge mechanical legion would suddenly disappear. If this were to happen, then hed loose his greatest backer and it would be very difficult for him to survive in this World of Warlocks. Now that he had finally promoted to a formal level-1 Warlock, even if 3796 and the mechanical legion were to suddenly disappear, he could still live very comfortably in the World of Warlocks.

Feeling free of worries, Yang Feng walked out of the cellar and immediately entered an elevator.

“Go towards the control center of the Portable Fortified Stronghold!”

A synthetic voice was heard inside the elevator, the elevator started quickly and took Yang Feng even deeper underground.

The door of the elevator opened and Yang Feng stepped out.

A wide space of several square kilometers suddenly appeared before Yang Feng.

In the center of the vast space was suspended an enormous silver colored metal sphere. The sphere was several dozens of meters in diameter and was covered in countless profound veined patterns

There were 360 ??cockpit seats inside that space, every cockpit seat had identical pilots siting in them.

Inside that space, there were various apparatus, by far exceeding the technology on Earth. If any of those apparatus were to be sold on Earth, then they would definitely garner an astronomical price. Even just analyzing the structure and the material production of one of those apparatus could let a states material production technology make a leap and become the most advanced on Earth.

This was precisely the interior of the Portable Fortified Stronghold that could contend against a level-10 life form. That space of several hundred square kilometers made use of the dimensional crystal as well as dimensional techniques to be set up. The free use of dimensional techniques was precisely the symbol of a level-1 Fortified Stronghold.

“Give me the overview of the new troops that currently can be manufactured.” Yang Feng went towards the captain cockpit seat, sat down heroically and ordered indifferently.

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