Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 850 – Mess

Chapter 849 – Red Monarch

The treasures of heaven and earth that Infinity Warlocks need to practice cultivation are strange and many are simply unheard of.

Yang Feng quietly watched the Infinity Warlocks exchange all kinds of heaven and earth treasures. After he took control of the Black Emperor Realm, Yang Fengs wealth surged. He obtained many Infinity Warlock and even some Warlock Monarch grade cultivation resources rarely seen in the outside world.

Although the heaven and earth treasures the other Infinity Warlocks took out are rather precious, but Yang Feng doesnt need them.

A petite Infinity Warlock walked onto the dais and flipped his hand, and a fist-sized stone radiating seven-colored light appeared in his hand. He said lightly: “I want to trade this Seven Color Aurora Star Rock for a fruit of any eternal god tree, a heaven and earth treasure that enables you to break through the god-man boundary, or a Monarch grade True Dragon Origin Core Stone or a Monarch grade Qilin Fire Essence.”

As soon as these words came out, silence rose in the area. The Infinity Warlock in the hall gazed at the petite Infinity Warlock with derision in their eyes.

Although the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock is indeed very precious, but the treasures that the petite Infinity Warlock is asking are far more valuable. As a result, no one is willing to make a trade with him.

Yang Feng said lightly: “I will use a quasi-Warlock Monarch grade archgod corpse with primordial dragon bloodline to trade fro your Seven Color Aurora Star Rock.”

The eyes of the petite Infinity Warlock lit up and glimmered with excitement: “An archgod corpse with primordial dragon bloodline!”

Powerful since birth, most archgods possess bloodlines of primordial Warlock Monarch rank existences.

The Taboo Lord of the Second Warlock Dynasty hunted down a large number of archgods and extracted their bloodlines. Using various secret methods, he merged with the bloodlines, purified them, and finally obtain the strongest Taboo Bloodline and ascend to the position of Warlock Emperor.

For bloodline Warlocks, archgod bloodlines are treasures they most desire to obtain. The archgod corpse containing Warlock Monarch rank primordial dragon bloodline is extremely precious and rare.

The petite Infinity Warlock suddenly restrained the excitement in his eyes and uttered lightly: “Its not enough!”

Yang Feng uttered: “Ill add the bones of a Warlock Monarch rank archgod!”

“How extravagant!”

“Thats the Endless Darkness who controls the Black Emperor Realm for you!”

“Bones of a Warlock Monarch rank archgod, thats top-shelf material that can be used to refine a Warlock Monarch grade secret treasure!”


The Infinity Warlocks looked at Yang Feng with admiration and envy in their eyes.

The Black Emperor Realm is a world evolved from the world inside the invincible Black Emperor, who at one point suppressed the universe in the archgod age. Even though countless years have passed, but the wealth hidden in that world is still astonishing. The wealth is enough to enable an Infinity Warlock to advance to a Warlock Monarch.

The shade of greed streaked past the petite Infinity Warlocks eyes, and he refused again: “Its not enough!”

Yang Feng offered another price: “Ill also add a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank archgod corpse with qilin bloodline.”

The petite infinity Warlock hesitated for a while, and then shook his head: “Its not enough!”

Yang Feng took a deep look at the petite Infinity Warlock, then suddenly smiled weirdly and closed his eyes, silent. The Warlock Monarch rank bones are far more valuable than the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock.

If it werent for the fact that Yang Feng urgently needs the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock, he could spend a dozen plus years and purchase a Seven Color Aurora Star Rock in the core world.

“What a fool!”

“This guy seems to be blinded by greed.”

“Hes dead!”


The Infinity Warlocks in the hall stared at the petite Infinity Warlock on the dais with weird smiles and whispered.

Every Infinity Warlock is a god of death who reaped the lives of countless people. They can guess what Yang Feng has in mind.

A persons wealth is their own ruin. If the petite Infinity Warlock dies, then the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock will naturally fall into Yang Fengs hands.

The petite Infinity Warlock suddenly sobered up and broke out in a cold sweat from his back: “Shit, hes No.3 on the Infinity List. Im screwed if he decides to kill me!”

Although Infinity Warlocks are indeed very difficult to kill. However, each person in the top 10 on the Infinity List is a terrifying powerhouse more powerful than ordinary supreme Infinity Warlocks. For such a powerhouse, it is quite easy to kill an ordinary Infinity Warlock.

The petite Infinity Warlock, who is just an ordinary junior Infinity Warlock, is defenseless before a supreme Infinity Warlock.

The petite Infinity Warlock said: “I apologize, Endless Darkness. The bones of a Warlock Monarch rank archgod are enough to exchange for my Seven Color Aurora Star Rock.”

“These are the archgod corpse with primordial dragon bloodline, the bones of a Warlock Monarch rank archgod, and an archgod corpse with qilin bloodline, they are now yours.”

Yang Feng opened his eyes and waved his hand, and three crystal boxes suddenly flew out and entered the hands of the petite Infinity Warlock.

“Thank you!”

When the petite Infinity Warlock received the three crystal boxes, his face immediately lit up with joy. He thanked Yang Feng, gave him the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock in his hand, and then turned and left the swap meet.

The Infinity Warlocks in the hall all stared at Yang Feng with queer glimmers in their eyes. Since Yang Feng is willing to pay a large price to buy the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock, then hell naturally be willing to pay a huge price to buy other treasures in the future.

When Yang Feng got the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock, he stood up and said: “Ill take my leave first!”

The Wealth Gold Kings thoughts revolved, and he replied: “Okay!”

“Yang Feng, you killed my daughter!”

As soon as Yang Feng stepped out of the Floating Konghai Pavilion, a young man dressed in a red Warlock robe, exuding an overbearing air, as if he is the center of the world, walked over.

Yang Feng asked in a grave voice, a dignified look in his eyes: “Are you the Red Monarch?”

“Thats right, Im the Red Monarch! Yang Feng, hand over the Black Emperor Realm, and Ill leave your corpse intact. Otherwise, once I capture you, Ill pull your tendons and skin you, Ill have you taste all the pain in the world.”

The Red Monarchs eyes flickered with the light of madness. He spread the fingers of his hand, and five red moons suddenly appeared.

When the five red moons appeared, they barreled towards Yang Feng with the power to purify and destroy everything.

An imposing shade in his eyes, Yang Feng frantically extracted world force from the World Ring inside him and operated a secret method, and nive Devour Black Moons appeared and shot towards the five red moons.

Boom! Boom!

When the two frightening forces collided, violent energy shock waves spread in all directions.

The Floating Konghai Pavilion and the surrounding shops suddenly sparkled with magic light and formed barriers.

Under the bombardment of the violent energy shock waves, within a radius of tens of thousands of meters, except for the Floating Konghai Pavilion, the barriers of the other shops collapsed, the shops disintegrated, and Warlocks flew out of the shops and shot away.

“Who? Who the hell is it? Who dares to fight in the Konghai City?!”

“Who dares to fight in the Konghai City, are they not afraid of the Floating Konghai Pavilions retaliation?”


Voices surprise and anger sounded, and Warlocks cast spells and flew this way.

“Red Monarch!”

“Thats the Red Monarch!”

“The Red Monarch unexpectedly attacked Yang Feng. Interesting, what did Yang Feng do?”


In the Floating Konghai Pavilion, Infinity Warlocks cast spells and watched the battle from a distance.

Gazes of ridicule fell of the Floating Konghai Pavilions Infinity Warlocks, waiting to sea how they deal with this.

Although the Floating Konghai Pavilions Infinity Warlocks have unsightly expressions, but they stayed silent. They have no intention to stop the fighting going on outside.

Although the Red Monarch has a low ranking on the Monarch List, but hes still a Warlock Monarch after all.

There is a huge divide between Infinity Warlock and Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Unless they posses a Holy or an Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Floating Konghai Pavilion cannot defeat the Red Monarch.

The Floating Konghai Pavilions Infinity Warlocks are no fools, they naturally wont step in at this time. Of course, after the battle is over, they will send the bill of the damage to the Red Monarch. The Red Monarch wont mind paying the compensation.

“Thats the Red Monarch!”

“The Red Monarch has taken action!”

“What should we do?”

“Lets watch!”


The other two major forces in the Konghai City, the Fist of Transcendent and the Mandara Aries, watched the Red Monarch from a distance. Remaining silent, their Infinity Warlocks only activated barriers to protect their property.

In the Konghai City, the purifying red moons and Devour Black Moons intertwined with and annihilated one another, and fearsome fluctuations of power spread in all directions.

After a dozen plus rounds of fighting, Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he turned into a black ray light that soared into the sky and flew outside the Konghai City.

There are hundreds of Infinity Warlocks in the Konghai City and they are all proficient in many strange secret methods. If Yang Feng and Red King wound one another, the Infinity Warlocks wont mind casting their spells, killing them, and taking all their wealth.

The red moons vanished. An enigmatic ray in his eyes, the Red Monarchs figure fluttered, and he turned into red ray and chased after Yang Feng.

“What a pity! Thats experts on the Infinity and Monarch Lists for you!”

Regret flickered in the eyes of the Infinity Warlocks, but they didnt dare give chase. If they do gave chase, the Red Monarch will likely slay them and plunder everything they own.

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