Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 851 – Slaying the Red Monarch

Chapter 850 – Mess

As soon as he flew out of the Konghai City, Yang Fengs figure flickered several times, and he instantly crossed thousands of kilometers and appeared in a mountain range filled with countless extraordinary plants.

At the same time, hidden within the mountain range, a warp gate flickered with resplendent light. Yang Feng plunged into the warp gate and appeared tens of thousands of kilometers away.

The warp gate started the self-destruct sequence, and then collapsed and disappeared.

A red ray gleamed, and the Red Monarch appeared at the place where the warp gate collapsed and disappeared in the next moment.

A peculiar flash in his eyes, the Red Monarch silently recited an incantation, pointed with a finger, and cast the spell Time Tracing.

Rays of light gleamed, and the images of the Yang Feng flying into the warp gate and then the warp gate collapsing appeared in the Red Monarchs eyes.

“Spatial teleportation array, or a secret treasure similar to spatial teleportation array. Although he is from the surface world, but he has a lot of secret treasures. No wonder he is so arrogant and dares to kill my daughter. Regrettably, since you have been marked by my tracking brand, even if you escape to the ends of the world, only death will await you.”

Killing intent streaked across the Red Monarchs eyes, and he silently chanted an incantation and pointed with a finger. Countless red runes suddenly flew out and circled around him, making him give off a strange, mysterious, and extremely dangerous feeling.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away, red light suddenly flew out from Yang Fengs feet and formed a red moon in the air.

Countless weird runes twisted and condensed into the Red Monarchs true body. Exuding Warlock Monarch rank breath, he looked at Yang Feng with derision in his eyes and said flatly: “Yang Feng, an Infinity Warlock like you has no idea how formidable Warlock Monarchs are! No matter where you escape to, as long as I want to, I can easily cross the space, come to you, and kill you!”

Yang Feng looked at the Red Monarchs true body in the sky with a fervent shade in his eyes: “A spell that can allow you to cross a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers, incredible. Warlock Monarchs sure are formidable!”

“However, Red Monarch, if you want to kill me, then come to the surface world!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly. A passage leading to the surface world appeared next to him, and he turned into a black ray and shot into the passage.

“Humph, no matter how you stall for time, the outcome will be the same!”

The Red Monarch smiled coldly. A passage leading to the surface world appeared next to him as well, and he turned into a red ray and sank into the passage.

The surface world, the Red Sand Desert, a place filled with red sand and deathly stillness.

In the Red Sand Desert, there is an oasis covering an area of hundreds of square kilometers. The Gaoan Kingdom was established by relying on the oasis as a source of water.

There is a huge altar in the middle of the Gaoan Kingdom. In the center of the altar, there is a blood-colored tower inscribed with countless mysterious runes. There are human bones and dark red blood scattered everywhere.

A beautiful girl dressed in a light muslin, with snow-white, delicate skin and a noble temperament, walked towards the blood-colored tower, a look of despair on her face. The beautiful girl is escorted by 200 plus guards.

As the beautiful girl walks along, the Gaoan Kingdoms people prostrate themselves on the ground.

Suddenly, a handsome young man with bare upper body, revealing his toned, glossy muscles, opened his eyes, pulled out a shiny scimitar that resembles a leopard, and rushed at the guards.

Bright blade rays flashed. Wherever the blade rays passed, the scimitar in the hands of the guards were knocked away, and then the guards themselves were kicked away by the young man.

The young man roared like a wounded tiger: “Shay, come with me! I will never let them offer you to that fiend as a sacrifice!”

The eyes of the beautiful girl became misty, and she shouted: “Poggy, leave, dont mind me.”

Poggy turned his body, unleashed five consecutive kicks, kicking five guards away, and shouted sternly: “Lets go together!”


A priest with wrinkles across his face and cloudy eyes sighed slightly and pointed at Poggy with a finger.

As if having a life of its own, a rope formed from black gas appeared beside Poggy and entangled him.

Bound by the black gas rope, Poggy suddenly lost all strength in his limbs and tumbled to the ground, a look of despair on his face.

In the world of Warlocks, unless you are taking the Body-tempering Warlock path, no matter how powerful your martial skills are, they are not a match for the power of magic.

Poggy struggled desperately and screamed miserably: “High priest, why, you are so powerful, why do you still want to offer Shay to that fiend as a sacrifice? Why!”

After the guards whom the young man kicked away got up and looked at the struggling Poggy, the anger in their eyes slowly faded and gave way to pity.

The high priest sighed faintly, saying: “Because that fiend is too powerful. He possesses the terrifying power to destroy the world. Once that fiend is released, not only our kingdom, but the entire world will be destroyed by that fiend. Only by offering Shay as a sacrifice can that fiend be suppressed. Shays sacrifice is for the sake of the whole world. This is the fate of the Gaoan Kingdoms royalty.”

Poggy roared forlornly: “If you really want to sacrifice someone, then sacrifice me. I am willing to become an offering in Shays stead:

The high priest replied lightly: “Only the blood flowing through the veins of the Gaoan Kingdoms royalty can seal that awful fiend. Offering you as a sacrifice will be of no use, itll just be a pointless death. Poggy, you are the Gaoan Kingdoms most outstanding genius. In the future, you may even surpass me and cultivate to the Sacred Warrior realm. I wont let you die in vain.”

Poggy kept struggling and cried: “No! High priest, dont sacrifice Shay. Otherwise, I will kill you in the future! I will definitely kill you!”

The high priest glanced at Poggy with pity and heartache, sighed faintly, and waved his hand: “Poggy, you are kind by nature, you will surely become the protector of our Gaoan Kingdom. After you have cultivated to the Sacred Warrior realm, come and kill me. When the time comes, I wont resist, my most outstanding son.”

The 200 plus guards compelled the Gaoan Kingdoms princess Shay to walk towards the altar.

“Your Highness, please!”

When the high priest came to in front of the altar, he bowed reverently, and then said to Shay.

Sadness shimmered in Shays eyes, and she walked towards the altar.

Poggy snarled wildly while struggling: “No! Father, dont! Father, please!”

A fragment suddenly flew over from a distance and blasted into the blood-colored tower in the center of the altar like a meteor.


A red barrier that emerged around the blood-colored tower collapsed at once, and the entire blood-colored tower fell apart.

“Ha-ha-ha! I, Scarlet Blood Devil, am free at last! Since my seal has been broken, then the whole world is now my hunting ground! You all are my food!”

Bloody breath gushed pout from the blood-colored tower, condensed into a 50-meter-tall fiend with a horn on the head, engraved with countless runes, covered in bloody light, and exuding fearsome pressure.

Standing high in the sky, the Scarlet Blood Devil looking down at the high priest and company with a playful smile.

The formidable pressure emitted by the Scarlet Blood Devil enveloped the people on the ground.

Under the Transcendent rank pressure, the knees of the 200 plus guards buckled, and they knelt on the ground and shivered in fear.

When Poggy sensed the Transcendent rank pressure, he trembled and went pale: “So this is the sealed fiend, hes so strong! It looks like the world is finished!”

The high priest smiled bitterly: “Were done for! From now on, the world will be dominated by this fiend.”

The people of the Gaoan Kingdom looked at the Scarlet Blood Devil in the sky with despair in their eyes.

“Oh, this fiend bloodline seems a bit interesting!”

All of a sudden, a voice of slight surprise sounded in the sky, and a large jade-white hand formed by a spell dropped from the sky, grabbed the Scarlet Blood Devil, and entered the clouds.

“He was grabbed and taken away!”

“The, Scarlet Blood Devil, he, he was grabbed and taken away!”


The people of the Gaoan Kingdom looked at the sky, dumbfounded. Were it not for the remains of the blood-colored tower that sealed the Scarlet Blood Devil, they wouldnt be able to believe this fact.

The Scarlet Blood Devil was the Gaoan Kingdoms nightmare. For generations, the most outstanding geniuses of the Gaoan Kingdoms royalty have been used as sacrifice for the blood-colored altar to maintain the blood-colored tower that sealed the Scarlet Blood Devil. Yet now the Scarlet Blood Devil was grabbed and taken away. That kind of terrifying power exceeds the imagination of the Gaoan Kingdoms powerhouses.

Poggy looked up at the sky, his heart filled with shock: “So strong! Is this the power of a true powerhouse?”

The high priest is taken aback, his eyes filled with bitterness, joy, happiness, and other complicated emotions: “What does our sacrifice over the years amount to!”

In the clouds, Yang Feng looked at the Scarlet Blood Devil in his hand with curiosity in his eyes.

The 50-meter-tall, exceedingly arrogant Scarlet Blood Devil has shrunk to the size of a walnut. Under Yang Fengs gaze, he doesnt even dare to breath. He is shivering, and his eyes are full of fear and despair.

Yang Feng squeezed his hand, and the Scarlet Blood Devil exploded. Then, the flesh, blood, and soul flowed back and condensed back into his body.

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