Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 852 – Shocking the Core World

Chapter 851 – Slaying the Red Monarch

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Interesting, is it imperishable body, time properties, or other special bloodline. Its really interesting!”

The Scarlet Blood Devil trembled and gazed at Yang Feng with fear and despair in his eyes.

Although the Scarlet Blood Devil can indeed be reborn continuously, but every time he is crushed into pieces, he can still feel that inhuman pain.

“Forget it! Ill get rid of the Red Monarch first, and then study you!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and touched the Scarlet Blood Devil with a finger, and countless runes enveloped, eroded, and sealed the other party. Then, he tossed the devil into a jade box and sealed him.

“Youll get rid of me first? For a trifling Infinity Warlock, youre really full of yourself.”

A huge red moon barreled towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng frantically extracted world force from the World Ring inside him, and nine Devour Black Moons burst out and colliding with the huge red moon.

Boom! Boom!

As Yang Feng and the Red Monarch fought, the earth shattered, the space distorted, and extremely violent shock waves spread in all directions.

Thousands of kilometers away, the Gaoan Kingdom was shrouded in violent sandstorms. Some crude houses collapsed, while some ordinary people were even lifted up by the violent wind and thrown into the deserts abyss.

The high priest, enveloped in dark gas, looked at the sky, dumbfounded: “What, what is happening? Is this the end of the world?”

Thousands of kilometers away, the Red Monarch hurled lightning, fire, ice, petrification, and other powerful spells at Yang Feng like a tide.

The Red Monarch is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Even though he is only the weakest-level Warlock Monarch, he is still proficient in countless combat spells and methods.

The nine Devour Black Moons surged and guarded in front of Yang Feng. When the barrage of spells slammed into the nine Devour Black Moons, they were devoured.

Guarded by the nine Devour Black Moons, Yang Feng looks like an undefeated Transcendent floating in a black moon. Thanks to the omni-directional protection, the bombardment of the Red Monarchs spells was blocked.

Although the Red Monarch is a Warlock Monarch, but he didnt form a small world inside him. With his cultivation aptitude, if he formed a small world, he would basically stand no chance at advancing to the Warlock Monarch realm. This is the reason why he wasnt able to take down Yang Feng.

If it was a Warlock Monarch who formed a small world instead, they would be able to defeat Yang Feng with a full strength blow.

“The essence of devour sure is extraordinary! However, I am your opponent, you are bound to lose.”

Seeing that his spells practically have no effect against Yang Feng, the eyes of the Red Monarch flickered gloomily. He spread the finger of a hand, and the Monarch grade secret treasure Red Moon Sacred Bead suddenly emerged.

The Red Moon Sacred Bead flew behind the Red Monarch.

A red moon rose behind the Red Monarch, and the Red Moon Sacred Bead flew inside. Next, the illusory red moon turned substantial, radiated red moonlight that sealed the space, and shot towards Yang Feng.

A dignified look in his eyes, Yang Feng extracted world force from the nine worlds inside him via the World Ring, and then nine Devour Black Moons rose and barreled towards the red moon.

When the Devour Black Moons knocked into the red moon, they collapsed like bubbles.

The nine Devour Black Moons resisted the red moon for only a moment before they collapsed completely.

“As expected of a Warlock Monarch, this is his true strength! He is indeed formidable!”

Yang Fengs expression flickered. All of a sudden, the Mountain Shield flew out, and then mountain ranges appeared and blocked in front of him one after another.

When the red moon slammed into the mountain ranges, it crushed them one after another.

Seeing that the red moon is about to crush all the mountain ranges, three black rays shot out of the void and stabbed at the Red Monarch with the Fallen Angel Swords in their hand from different directions.

“Supreme Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels!”

As soon as the three fallen angels appeared, the Red Monarchs eyes shimmered with graveness, and he made a prompt decision. He gave up the opportunity to give Yang Feng a heavy blow.

One on one, supreme Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels are not a match for the Red Monarch. But when faced with a surprise attack perpetrated by three supreme Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels, if he doesnt make a proper response, then even as strong as the Red Monarch is, he will be in danger of dying.

At this moment, the Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared behind Yang Feng.

The Phantom Ruler, which hovers between real and illusory, took advantage of the moment when the Red Monarchs attention was on the three fallen angels and opened the Eye of Illusion, and illusory light shot out from the Eye of Illusion and slammed into the Red Monarch.

The Red Monarch used all his strength to operate the red moon, which has the Red Moon Sacred Bead as the core, and it trembled slightly. In the next moment, he was hit by the illusory light, and he shivered and fell into a fantasy world for a moment.

Resplendent red light radiated from the Red Monarch, and he regained his senses in an instant.

At this moment, the three Fallen Angel Swords stabbed the Red Monarch from three crafty angles.

“Fuck off!”

The Red Monarch roared and chanted an incantation, and fearsome life force erupted and blasted the three fallen angels away.

Yang Feng pressed the Ruler Magic Cube with his hand, and the Ruler Armor enveloped him. Next, he took a step, appeared in front of the Red Monarch, and stabbed at the other party with his sword.


The Red Monarch smiled madly and pointed at Yang Feng.

That red moon suddenly barreled towards Yang Feng with the weight of a mountain.


Yang Feng struck the red moon with a sword ray. The sword ray, which could easily cut stars and crush moons, collapsed in front of the red moon.

When the invincible red moon slammed into Yang Feng, the Ruler Armor and the Battle Demon Armor enveloping Yang Feng collapsed and shattered.

At this moment, the Phantom Ruler opened its second eye, the Eye of Dreams, and queer dream force shot out from its eye and shone on the Red Monarch, who has gone all out to eliminate Yang Feng.


The Red Monarchs countenance changed drastically. As he was about to perform a spell to call the red moon back and protect him, he suddenly felt his head spin, and he appeared in the distorted, chaotic, freakish, unreasonable Dream World.

“Soul sword!”

The Red Monarch extended hi hand, and tremendous soul force gathered in his hand and formed a 10-meter-long soul sword that burst out with dazzling red light. There is a solemn expression on his face.

In the Dream World, the laws are different from those in the real world. Warlocks can only use the power of their soul here. Only Warlocks who have analyzed the rules of the Dream World and entered it with their fleshly body, or Warlocks who possess the bloodline of dream life forms can exert their full strength in the Dream World.

“Its no use! Red Monarch! In this Dream World, I am the ruler!”

A distorted and blurry figure appeared thousands of meters away in front of the Red Monarch, and a huge hand formed from biscuits, candy, insects, gold, human faces, animal teeth, and other weird things slammed towards the Red Monarch.

“Screw off!”

The Red Monarch roared and slashed with the soul sword in his hand, and a soul sword ray formed from soul force sliced the huge hand apart.

The moment the Red Monarch sliced the huge hand apart, his body suddenly became transparent.

The most scary thing about the Dream World is that people without the bloodline of dream life forms cannot replenish the soul force they consume.

Many Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are consumed by low-level dream life forms when they enter the Dream World.

Yang Feng sneered: “No matter how you struggle, its pointless! How will you replenish the soul force you consume in this place?”

The Phantom Ruler reappeared. A huge hand made of various weird things emerged out of thin air and, as if mocking him, slammed toward the Red Monarch again.

The Red Monarchs countenance changed sharply, and he said decisively: “Yang Feng, I surrender, please spare my life. I am willing to exchange the Red Monarch State for my life.”

Yang Feng sneered: “Red Monarch, you alone are more dangerous than the entire Red Monarch State. How can I let you live? You should just die!”

The Red Monarch radiated dazzling red light and forcibly blocked the Phantom Rulers huge hand.

The Red Monarch snarled frantically: “I can surrender to you and become your subordinate! Now that the great tribulation is approaching, an additional Warlock Monarch like myself will be of great benefit to you. Spare my life!”

Yang Feng gazed at the other party with a detached look in his eyes. The Phantom Rulers huge hand squeezed the Red Monarch and erased him from the Dream World.

Yang Feng looked at the place where the Red Monarch disappeared and sneered: “Red Monarch, you have a vast network of friends, which also includes Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. What would they think if you were still alive? Only a worthless deceased will make them wary and fearful. This way, they wont confront me until they have learned of my underlying strength.”

As a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, the Red Monarch is not only strong, but also has a vast network of contacts and tremendous influence. If he does not die, his friends and allies will come to his help. But everything will be over after he dies. Upon his death, his allies and friends will have to consider whether it is worth or not being an enemy of a terrifying existence like Yang Feng.

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