Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 853 – Level-5 Stronghold

Chapter 852 – Shocking the Core World

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A blurry shadow flashed, and Yang Feng returned from to the real world from the Dream World.

Regret streaked across his eyes: “The Red Monarch State! Its a pity, but that force is not something that I can meddle in right now.”

After losing the Red Monarch, the Red Monarch States strength has declined greatly. It is not Yang Fengs match.

However, if Yang Fengs legion entered the core world, it would be considered as a provocation by the core world. If he provokes a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, Yang Feng wont stand a chance. He can only give up the Red Monarch State regretfully.

Yang Feng looked at the Red Monarchs soulless corpse, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “However, a Warlock Monarch body that is still full of vitality, plus the many treasures he carries with him, thats a great harvest.”

With the soul shattered, from the perspective of intelligent life forms, he is already dead. However, his Warlock Monarch body, which has gone through extensive tempering and evolution, is full of powerful vitality. Even though his soul has shattered, his body is still very much alive.

If a body which lost its soul yet maintains its vitality is cultivated by a Warlock using special secret methods, it can even bear a new soul.

However, the new soul is different form the bodys original soul. It can be molded according to the will of the Warlock who cultivated it.

The former marshal of the first legion of the 666th floor of the Abyss Agnipe looked at Yang Feng with complicated feelings in her beautiful eyes: “A Warlock Monarch died just like that. He is getting scary!”

An enigmatic ray flashed in Besskyas beautiful eyes: “Even a Warlock Monarch died at his hands. The speed at which his strength increases is really amazing.”

In the Abyss, the strong are respected and get everything, while the weak are oppressed and enslaved.

When Agnipe was captured, she was unwilling to submit to Yang Feng because he was not her creator, nor was he strong enough. But now that Yang Feng displayed terrifying strength, to the point of even slaying a Warlock Monarch, it finally netted him respect.

“Lets go!”

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he flew towards a mountain range with that hides a warp gate. For Yang Feng, the top priority is to use the Seven Color Aurora Star Rock to unlock the next level of xizu technology and improve his strength.


The figures of Agnipe and the other two fallen angels shook slightly, and they flew towards the warp gate along with Yang Feng.

Seeing the Red Monarch die before her eyes, the unruly and rebellions Knarissa became obedient.

The Red Monarch State, in a palace, there lays a green soul lamp.

A Glorious Sun Warlock dressed in a red Warlock robe is sitting in front of the green soul lamp with closed eyes, seeking enlightenment on the mysterious of magic.


Suddenly, a crisp sound rose, and the green soul lamp cracked and went out.

“The soul lamp cracked!”

The Glorious Sun Warlock suddenly opened his eyes, looked at the green soul lamp, and exclaimed in disbelief: “His Majesty has fallen!”

“His Majestys soul lamp cracked!”

“His Majesty has fallen!”

“His Majesty died, what do we do?”


Almost in an instant, the news of the Red Monarchs death spread to the core of the Red Monarch State, the Red Monarch City, and the Warlocks in the Red Monarch City entered a state of panic.

With the Red Monarch keeping watch, the Red Monarch State was regarded as a top Warlock group in the core world, its power immense.

In order to obtain more cultivation resources, the Red Monarch State offended many Warlock groups. There is no shortage of Warlock groups with Infinity Warlocks who were offended by the Red Monarch State.

When the Red Monarch was still alive, he had a vast network of friends, including several good friends that are Warlock Monarch. At the same time, with his tremendous strength, he could naturally suppress any opposition.

However, now that the Red Monarch died, the Red Monarch State doesnt has the ability to hold its lands. As a result, the Red Monarch States Warlocks are unsurprisingly panicked.

The Red Monarch State, in the Red Monarch Palace.

In the red monarch Palace, a very handsome, tall young man dressed in a Warlock Robe with a red moon embroidered sits on the throne.

In front of the throne, there sit seven people, who are the seven Infinity Warlocks of the Red Monarch State.

Resentment flashed in the eyes of the handsome young man, and he said: “Uncles, my father, the Red Monarch, went to deal with the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng. But, in a moment of carelessness, he fell in a vicious ploy. Uncles, please avenge my father.”

The seven Infinity Warlocks of the Red Monarch State were all silent.

The heart of the son of the Red Monarch thumped, his mind turned lightning fast, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Uncles, please help me avenge my father. The one who avenges my father will be the next Red Monarch of the Red Monarch State. I will make a public abdication and give him the throne of the Red Monarch.”

When these words sounded, greed flashed in the eyes of the Infinity Warlocks, but then silence resumed in a flash.

A glint of unwillingness in his eyes, an Infinity Warlock sighed slightly: “Little Fei, Yang Feng is a monster in the top 3 on the Infinity List. Additionally, he is an overlord of a formidable force and has many powerhouses as subordinates. The Red Monarch died at his hands. Even if we join hands, Im afraid that well just add some Infinity Cores to his collection. Youd better give up on revenge.”

Resentment shimmered in the eyes of the son of the Red Monarch, and he said in a deep voice: “My father has many friends. The Black Crow Monarch, the Sun Fire Spirit Monarch, and the Green Sea Monarch, they are all his good friends. If they step in, Yang Feng, who is is just a mere Infinity Warlock, is toast.”

“The Black Crow Monarch is here!”

A voice suddenly came from outside.

Countless black crows hovering between real and illusory flew over from the distance, landed in the Red Monarch Palace, and formed a handsome young man covered in black crow feathers.

“Uncle Black Crow Monarch!”

The son of the Red Monarch turned pale and glanced at the Infinity Warlocks. He vaguely understand what is about to happen.

If the Red Monarch States powerful barrier wasnt disabled, then even if it is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, they wouldnt be able to sneak into the Red Monarch Palace without any warning.

Obviously, someone with high authority must have disabled the barrier, allowing the Black Crow Monarch to enter. Thinking about what this signifies, the son of the Red Monarch shuddered.

The Black Crow Monarch sighed slightly: “Little Fei, I heard about your father. I will be in charge of this matter in your stead.”

An Infinity Warlock stood up and said: “Your Majesty Black Crow Monarch, our young master is young and weak. Im afraid that it will be difficult for him to preside over the Red Monarch State. Please take over the Red Monarch State, so as not to give others a chance to take advantage of us.”

The other six Infinity Warlocks stayed silent, making the blood of the son of the Red Monarch run cold.

The Black Crow Monarch pondered for a while before saying slowly: “Okay. Little Fei, until you reach the Infinity Warlock realm, I will manage the Red Monarch State in your stead.”

The son of the Red Monarch bowed his head and said respectfully: “Yes! Uncle!”

It didnt take long for the news that the Red Monarch was vanquished to spread throughout the core world, creating a sensation.

The further you tread along the Warlock path, the greater the gap there is between major realms. Even the No.1 on the Infinity List Titan Demon Lian Wuyi would at most be able to fight a Warlock Monarch to a draw.

A few days later, the Infinity List was updated.

“No. 1 on the Infinity List, the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng.”

“Nickname, Endless Darkness.”

“Record: Slayed the Red Monarch.”

The core world, in an unusual space. There are all kinds freaks fighting here.

Among the countless freaks, there is a tall man with short hair, engraved with countless mysterious runes, with a giant battle axe in hand, sitting on a 10,000-meter-tall mountain of bones that exudes Warlock Monarch realm breath and playing with a magic ball.

The tall man grinned, and his eyes flashed with crazy fighting spirit: “Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng? Interesting, it seems that I, Lian Wuyi, have another interesting opponent among human Warlocks.”

The core world, in a place enveloped in endless thunder and lightning.

Inside this space of lightning, there is an extremely handsome young man with long blue hair. A strange world filled with lighting has appeared behind the young man, devouring the lightning around him.

A peculiar ray flashed in the young mans eyes, and he closed his eyes: “Yang Feng slayed the Red Monarch. It seems that he does have some skill. But since I got the Archaic Thunder Archgods Archaic Thunder Archgod Realm, I should be weaker than him.”

In a secret space, there is a faintly visible figure, who said in a low voice: “He actually vanquished a Warlock Monarch. His progress is really fast.”

Inside the Taboo Dynastys palace.

Reclining on her throne, the Taboo Monarchs beautiful eyes flickered with dazzling light. “To be able to kill the Red Monarch, his progress is really remarkable. My lords discerning eyes are truly impressive.”

Inside the Star Dynastys palace.

The Star Heavenly Maidens beautiful eyes gleamed with strange light, and she said unhurriedly: “He slayed the Red Monarch. The speed at which his strength improves is too abnormal. Furthermore, there are no signs of his foundation being unstable.”

The Star Monarch is calm and collected, as if she has seen through everything: “There are worlds where the flow of time is different from ours. Such worlds are located at the junction of two or more universes. Only after the universes merge, will the flow of time return to normal. He should have obtained a world like that. However, without enough resources, even if you have such a world, it is useless.”

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