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Chapter 855 – Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng

Chapter 854 – Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch

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Huang Yihe gazed at Yang Feng standing next to the Battle Demon Clock with a complicated look in his eyes: “Battle Demon Sects sect master trial by fire! To reach this point in such a shot time, his growth is too fast!”

At the beginning, Huang Yihe only gave Yang Feng a chance because he wanted to forge a good relationship with Shi Xue. At the time, he didnt expect that Yang Feng would seize that opportunity and experience a meteoric rise, to the point that he would challenge the sect master trial by fire in less than 300 years.

He Liannu and Yu Jingang glanced at each other, showing a bitter smile: “Old Huang, you got such a bargain!”

When Shi Xue revealed her superior level-8 soul aptitude, the four great elders were all present in the Battle Demon Sect. After seeing that Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian were fighting over Shi Xue, He Liannu and Yu Jingang hesitated for a while before giving up on her. They had no interest in Yang Feng at the time. As a result, Shi Xue and Yang Feng were left to Yue Wuxian and Huang Yihe respectively.

Now in less than 300 years, Shi Xue has been promoted to a Bright World Warlock (the Battle Demon Sect doesnt know Shi Xues true strength) and Yang Feng has now challenged the position of the true sect master. Seeing how brightly the two shine, He Liannu and Yu Jingang are full of complicated emotions.

A complex look in his eyes, one of the three strong divine force rank gods of the Battle Demon Sect the God of War Xing Rentu asked: “Yang Feng, since you rang the Battle Demon Bell, are you here to accept the sect master trial by fire?”

Yang Feng replied calmly: “I am!”

Xing Rentu uttered: “Only powerhouses above the Bright World Warlock rank can hold this position. Have you promoted to an Infinity Warlock?”

All eyes focused on Yang Feng.

Infinity Warlocks rank powerhouses can already destroy a plane by themselves.

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, many among the Ten Great Sects only have one or two Infinity Warlocks.

Yang Feng advancing to a Bright World Warlock before hes 300 years old has already come as a shock for everyone in the Battle Demon Sect. But if he advanced to an Infinity Warlock before hes 300 years old, that would be simply a monstrous feat. Even in the Cangzhi Plane, where there are countless experts and talents, such existences are very rare.

“I have already advanced to an Infinity Warlock!”

Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of powers slowly diffused from Yang Feng and spread towards the surroundings.

“Infinity Warlock!”

“Sure enough, he has promoted to an Infinity Warlock!”

“He is the most formidable genius in the history of the Battle Demon Sect not for no reason!”


When they sensed the Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, the complexion of the Battle Demon Sects upper echelon flickered and their eyes shimmered with a complex shade. They already guessed that since Yang Feng rang the Battle Demon Bell, he must have promoted to an Infinity Warlock. But now that their guess was confirmed, shock filled their hearts.

Standing in the crowd, Zhang Hanshan gazed at Yang Feng with complicated emotions in her beautiful eyes and sighed in her heart: “He already advanced to an Infinity Warlock?”

When Zhang Hanshan was a Starry Sky Warlock, Yang Feng was just a Great Warlock. But Yang Feng now has already promoted to an Infinity Warlock, yet she is still only a Moonlight Warlock. Furthermore, she has no confidence in promoting a Glorious Sun Warlock. The gap between the two is so big that she cant even feel jealous.

Xing Rentu said gravely: “The sect master trial by fire is very dangerous. If you make a slight misstep, you may end up losing your life. Yang Feng, are you sure you want to undergo the sect master trial by fire?”

Yang Feng replied: “I am.”

Without speaking any more superfluous words, Xing Rentu said decisively: “Okay, then lets go to the Battle Demon Pavilion!”

The Battle Demon Pavilion is located in the deepest part of the Battle Demon Sects headquarters. It is a sealed off, majestic hall that covers an area of thousands of hectares.

When they entered the Battle Demon Pavilion, they saw a 500-meter-tall evil ogre with a horn on his head and a ferocious face, engraved with countless mysterious runes all over his body, and enveloped in a black carapace, sealed in a stone formed from taboo stone fragments and other substances.

Taboo stone is a product of the Second Warlock Dynasty that uses taboo magic and the power of bloodline of some special archgods. Except for Warlock Emperors and Holy Spirit Warlocks, other Warlocks dont have the ability o refine taboo stones.

As for the Battle Demon Sect, it just collected taboo stone fragments and other sealing substances to seal the evil ogre in the Battle Demon Pavilion.

“Yang Feng, this is a Warlock Monarch Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch. He was captured by the founding ancestor of our Battle Demon Sect and sealed in the Battle Demon Pavilion. Even though the Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch has weakened by a lot after tens of thousands of years, but it should still possess supreme Infinity Warlock rank strength.”

“This evil ogre is fierce and cruel, and feels a deep hatred towards our Battle Demon Sect. More than seven people have died at his hands. Whether it is to lift the seal or seal him again, it takes a certain amount of time. Once the seal is released, we wont be able to guarantee your safety!”

Xing Rentu stared at Yang Feng and warned with a solemn expression.

Yang Feng is the most formidable genius in the history of the Battle Demon Sect. Even though the other great elders dont want to see his become the sect master and surpass them this early, but they dont want Yang Feng to die either.

As the Battle Demon Sect used to be one of the Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects, it also has a deep foundation and countless intelligence channels in the Cangzhi Plane. The information about the imminent great tribulation is no longer a secret to the upper echelon of the Battle Demon Sect. At this time, it is impossible for the Battle Demon Sect, which was originally already fairly united, to engage in internal strife.

Yang Feng replied: “Since the great tribulation is almost upon us, I can only forge ahead. If the Battle Demon Sect doesnt integrate its power, it will be difficult to support ourselves during the great tribulation.”

Xing Rentu hesitated for a moment, and then made a concession: “I see. We could establish a council of great elders with you as the chairman, what do you think?”

Some top Warlock groups in the Western World use the structure of the council of great elders to rule their group. Although the authority of the chairman of a council of great elders is much smaller than that of the true sect master, but it is still the most influential position in a council of great elders.

Yang Feng replied flatly: “Great elder Xing, open the seal!”

Xing Rentu frowned slightly, then released a long sigh, silently recited an incantation, took out his great elder identity jade card, and touched it with with a finger.

A black ray shot out from the identity jade card and entered the Battle Demon Pavilion.

The rest of the great elders also took out their identity jade cards, silently recited an incantation, and touched it with a finger.

The jade cards flew into the air one after another, and queer runes flew out of them and entered the Battle Demon Pavilion.

Countless queer runes appeared on the surface of the sealing stone, and the huge stone collapsed bit by bit and turned into a motes of light that sank into the mural behind it.

36 black rune chains wrapped around the Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch suddenly appeared, shone brightly, and then collapsed and disappeared.

The Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch opened his eyes, and a menacing Warlock Monarch rank breath slowly diffused from him.

The complexion of true disciples who only possess a Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base changed drastically, and they activated their defensive spells at once.

Evil qi as heavy as a mountain rolled out towards the Starry Sky Warlock rank true disciples, and their magic shields twisted and shattered like bubbles.

The God of Wind Zhuge Ding flicked a finger, and wind whirlpools enveloped the true disciples an formed wind barriers to resist the evil qi.

The countenance of the Moonlight Warlocks flickered, ripples rose on the life force fields they erected around themselves, and they felt a shortness of breath.

The Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch looked dismissively at Yang Feng, his eyes flashed fiercely, and he sneered: “Little ant, have you come to challenge me?”

Overwhelming evil qi spewed out from the Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch and swept towards Yang Feng like a tide.

All kinds of distorted, horrible, dark faces suddenly appeared and issued hair-raising wails.

When the Starry Sky Warlocks head the wails, their bodies became chaotic, and strange faces appeared on them.

Zhuge Ding waved his hand, and green light enveloped the Starry Sky Warlocks and teleported them away.

Standing outside the Battle Demon Pavilion, the great elders gazed nervously at the Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch with grave looks in their eyes.

The Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch is fully capable of slaying any great elder here. Only outside the Battle Demon Pavilion, do the great elders have a sense of security.

Yang Feng took a step forward and appeared in front of the Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch. Then, primal chaos runes appeared on his body, and he sent a palm slamming towards the other party.

“To compete with me in terms of strength, what an idiot!”

The Heavenly Evil Ogre Monarch grinned ferociously and slapped with his hand, and a world shrouded in evil qi and full of human, beast, ogre, and other kinds of faces rolled out.

Even if it is an Infinity Warlock, if they were enveloped by this terrifying world shrouded in evil qi, they would be eroded into freaks covered in evil qi.

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