Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 857 – The Sky Collapses

Chapter 856 – Dazzling Light Uni


Astral Boundary, a fleet consisting of a Star Destroyer Battlestar, an Interstellar Carrier, and 36 frigates is flying towards a grade 7 plane.

“Theyre here!”

“The bastards from the Battle Demon Sect are here.”

“Get started! Annihilate them, dont let a single person off.”


On a celestial body on the route of the fleet, the eyes of several bizarre-looking beings flashed with strange runes as they peered at the fleet tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Countless extraordinary life forms have gathered on that celestial body and formed armies. They are clearly prepared to ambush the fleet of the Battle Demon Sect.

Suddenly, the Star Destroyer Battlestars secondary artillery flashed, and a rain of energy beams slammed into the celestial body.

Bombarded by the energy beams, droves of extraordinary life forms were blasted into fragments.

“Damn it, we were discovered!”

“How could this be? We are tens of thousands of kilometers, how did they discover us?”

“Traitors, there are traitors among us!”


The several extraordinary life form chiefs roared frantically with an alarmed look on their faces.

An astral extraordinary life form that looks like a snake, is covered in black scales, and is enveloped in mist, gritted its teeth and said: “Lets go, lets kill them! Everything will be resolved so long as we kill them.”

Astral extraordinary life forms, who are born strong and rely on that strength to rampage across the world, are generally simple and crude. They are easily duped by human Warlocks. However, there are also some astral life forms that are not only powerful, but also far more cunning than human Warlocks. They are the most difficult beings to deal with. The astral life forms on the celestial body are evidently not in that category.

“Lets go!”

“Lets eat them!”


The eyes of the formidable extraordinary life form chiefs flashed fiercely, and they released piercing howls that spread underground of the celestial body.

Crowds of extraordinary life forms flew out from the celestial body and rushed towards the Battle Demon Sects fleet.

The Battle Demon Sects fleet, which was evidently prepared long ago, fired their artillery at the enemy while pulling back. Guided by optical computers, a rain of light accurately slammed into the extraordinary life forms and harvested their lives

“The secret treasures of the sect master are really something. With them, the Battle Demon Sect will shine brightly.”

Sitting on the bridge of the Star Destroyer Battlestar, Zhang Hanshan looked at the holographic projection of the battlefield with elation.

On the celestial body, there are extraordinary life forms from several planes and some forces of astral races that wander the Astral Boundary gathered. In the past, the Battle Demon Sect would have to send at least three Glorious Sun Warlocks, 10 Moonlight Warlocks, and a large number of Starry Sky Warlocks and Great Warlocks to be able to defeat such a force at the lowest cost. And even then, it would steal suffer a lot of casualties, which may even include Moonlight Warlocks.

But now Zhang Hanshan alone leading a fleet can slaughter that force of extraordinary life forms. With the fleets frightening movement ability and long range, it is possible to eliminate this force of extraordinary life forms from a distance.

It was the first time that Zhang Hanshan experienced such an easy battle.

A transparent, invisible figure, without causing any ripples, flew towards the Star Destroyer Battlestar.

Decapitation strike has always been the favorite tactic of extraordinary life forms that are exceedingly powerful on an individual basis.

As soon as the transparent figure came within 10,000 meters of the Star Destroyer Battlestar, the battlestars secondary artillery turned and flashed, and countless energy beams barreled towards the transparent figure.

Countless runes appeared on the transparent figure, and a 10-meter-tall freak covered in a black carapace, with four arms, which hold a black spear, a sword, a blade, and a black shield respectively, exudes Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power, suddenly appeared.

The black shield shone, and a shield of light formed from countless runes enveloped it. Bombarded by the rain of light, the shield of light distorted and shifted aside.

After most of the power of the energy beams was deflected, the remaining power was not enough to penetrate the black shield.

The Glorious Sun Warlock rank freak is extremely fast. As it resisted the bombardment of the Star Destroyer Battlestars secondary artillery, it approached the Star Destroyer Battlestar at a rapid speed.

Sitting on the bridge of the Star Destroyer Battlestar, the corners of Zhang Hanshans mouth rose into a slight smile, and she uttered: “A Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouse, they really think highly of me.”

If it were before, even though he is a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect, the Moonlight Warlock Zhang Hanshan would only flee in embarrassment if she met a Glorious Sun Warlock rank freak. And if it was a surprise attack, she would even be in danger of dying.

But at this time, Zhang Hanshan sitting on the bridge is extremely calm. She pressed a button.

On the hull of the Star Destroyer Battlestar, a hatch suddenly opened, and a 10-meter-tall Dazzling Light Unit emerged. The Dazzling Light Unit is green, has blades of different lengths on its joints, has a diamond-shaped head inlaid with four electronic eyes, is engraved with countless runes, and exudes wisps of soul fluctuations.

When the Dazzling Light Unit appeared, without the sound of an engine starting, it shook slightly, and then appeared in front of the Glorious Sun Warlock rank freak and slashed at it.

The freak swung its blade and slashed at the Dazzling Light Unit as well.

The Dazzling Light Unit, who allowed the freaks blade to slam into, blew into pieces.

Green blade rays also slammed into the freak, severing three of its arms and shredding most of its carapace.

With a flash of black light, the freak regenerated at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The freak smiled coldly: “Humph, to compete with me in terms of resilience and defense, what a reckless thing. Golems are just brainless things.”

Since the Dazzling Light Unit dealt it quite a bit of damage, the freak had to admit that the Dazzling Light Unit is rather formidable. However, since it was able to destroy the Dazzling Light Unit, the freak couldnt help but feel a little proud.

A green light shone, and the remains of the Dazzling Light Unit quickly joined together. The fully recovered Dazzling Light Unit appeared in front of the freak.

“How could this be? How did it recover so quickly?”

The freak was struck dumb. Green blade rays engulfed the freak.

After dozens of breaths of time, the Glorious Sun Warlock rank freak was chopped into countless pieces. At the same time, the Dazzling Light Unit absorbed pure soul force, making it even more powerful.

The Dazzling Light Unit is quite special. It not only possesses undying properties, but it can also evolve. When a Dazzling Light Unit evolves into its perfect form, it is known as Dazzling Ruler, which is an ultimate xizu weapon much like Devourer and Phantom Ruler.

At their peak, the xizu had only less than 20 Dazzling Rulers. This shows how difficult it is to produce Dazzling Rulers. Dazzling Rulers, which could suppress a galaxy, had an extremely important position among the xizu.

Ten Type III Undyings suddenly flew out from the Star Destroyer Battlestar and led countless modified 4th generation battle robots rushing towards the extraordinary life forms like a tide.

“The Multi-armed Black Armor King is dead!”

“How is this possible? Zhang Hanshan is just an insignificant Moonlight Warlock, how could she have killed the Multi-armed Black Armor King?”

“This is impossible!”


Seeing that the Glorious Sun Warlock rank freak was killed by Zhang Hanshan, the extraordinary life form chiefs suddenly felt their blood run cold and cried out.

The gap between the Glorious Sun Warlock and the Moonlight Warlock realms is huge. Even though Zhang Hanshan is a Moonlight Warlock from a major sect, but she still stands no chance against a Glorious Sun Warlock rank freak.

For the Multi-armed Black Armor King, who was a top powerhouse even among Glorious Sun Warlock rank freaks, to die at Zhang Hanshans hands is simply shocking.

Almost in an instant, the Type III Undyings led countless battle robots into the midst of the extraordinary life forms.

Attacked by the modified 4th generation battle robots, the extraordinary life forms suffered disastrous casualties at once and disappeared almost at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Two hours later, countless bodies of extraordinary life form appeared in the ice-cold Astral Boundary. The six Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms were also slayed by the Dazzling Light Unit one after another.

After wiping out the huge army of extraordinary life forms, countless robots flew out and began to sweep the battlefield, collecting the bodies of the extraordinary life forms. The bodies of extraordinary life forms represent a great wealth. There are many Warlocks in the Cangzhi Plane who need these bodies to conduct experiments.

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