Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 860 – Gumana Universe

Chapter 859 – Annihilation

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Caught off guard, 70 plus of the 300 Bright World Warlock rank silver-armored warriors were slayed at once. Before they could restore themselves, the Brilliant Envoys light of purification slammed into their fragments and purified them.

Countless hidden Mistwalkers suddenly turned into mist that enveloped the battlefield and blocked the other universe warriors communication and senses.

The Mistwalkers mist also eroded the power of the other universe warriors.

Deprived of their senses inside the mist, the strength of the other universe powerhouses dropped by a fraction.

In the mist, Brilliant Star Hunters guided by optical computers swiftly slayed the other universe powerhouses.

The 100,000 Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses who have luckily escaped from the hive suffered heavy casualties, with a large number of powerhouses dying at every moment.


The face of a supreme Infinity Warlock rank golden-armored powerhouse flickered, his armor shone purple-gold, and he roared.

Although the other race powerhouses are using a language foreign to this universe, but the level-5 optical computers can easily interpret it.

The methods of Warlocks are queer and unfathomable, one of which is a spell called Alien Language Analysis. As long as this spell is cast, any language you dont understand can be analyzed. Only some languages full of mysterious laws and forces cannot be analyzed by this spell.

The language the other universe powerhouses use doesnt contain any extraordinary forces, which is how Yang Fengs level-5 optical computers analyzed it in an instant.

Following the order, rays of light shone, and the huge other race legion scattered and, while exerting a strange method, disappeared.

The armor of the other universe gold-armed powerhouses split open and radiated light and shade, and then the gold-armed powerhouses distorted and disappeared.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “Upon seeing that things are far from reassuring, they retreat decisively! This kind of enemy is really troublesome!”

Yang Feng likes enemies who wont retreat until they are slayed. Cunning enemies who run when they cant win are the trickiest.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly: “Unfortunately, you chose the wrong place to descend! If it was in another place, I wouldnt be able to deal with you, but this is one of my lairs. Since you came to my lair, how can I let you leave alive?”

With a thought, Yang Feng transmitted an order: “Start the Skynet!”

Radar-like machines extended in the mountains, plains, deserts, and oceans of the Light of Eternity Plane.

The many radar-like machines radiated light rays that shot in all directions.

In an instant, the entire Light of Eternity Plane was shrouded by the light rays. Shrouded by the light rays, the laws and forces of the Light of Eternity Plane were mastered and reconstructed by the light rays.

This is a top level-5 Skynet. This level-5 Skynet can change the laws of heaven and earth in this area and extract all the forces of this world for its use, integrating offense and defense.

Originally, with Yang Fengs resources, it was impossible to set up this level-5 Skynet. However, after integrating the colossus that is the Battle Demon Sect and using the huge amount of resources accumulated by the Battle Demon Sect, Yang Feng was able to set up a level-5 Skynet in several key locations.

Strange ripples spread in all directions, and the invisible black-armored warriors suddenly appeared.

The Brilliant Star Hunters and the Dazzling Light Units flickered and slayed the black-armored warriors.

As the ripples surged, the green-armored and silver-armored warriors emerged as well.

The ripples set off by the Skynet entwined with the other universe warriors like ropes and made them feel like there is a mountain weighing on them, and they slowed down considerably.

The hundreds and thousands of Dazzling Light Units rushed towards the green-armored and silver-armored powerhouses. Only by slaying the Glorious Sun Warlock rank green-armored warriors and the Bright World Warlock rank silver-armored warriors can the Dazzling Light Units evolve rapidly. The Moonlight Warlock rank black-armored warriors have very limited effect on the evolution of the Dazzling Light Units

“Go to hell!”

Eyes shot with blood, a Bright World Warlock rank silver-armored warrior released countless silver blade rays and slashed the Dazzling Light Units around him.

The silver blade rays sliced the energy shields of the Dazzling Light Units activated, and then cut open huge wounds in the Dazzling Light Units outer armor.

Silver light shone and the Dazzling Light Units repaired themselves at a speed visible to the naked eye.

One after another, the Dazzling Light Units knocked into the net of blade rays formed by the silver-armed powerhouse and hit the enemy blade with their swords, and then were knocked away.

After hundreds of Dazzling Light Units were knocked away, eight Dazzling Light Units seized the moment when the silver-armored warrior was weakened. Two Dazzling Light Units blocked the silver-armored powerhouse with their swords, while the other six Dazzling Light Units slashed the other party with their blade, inflicting the enemy heavy injuries.

Besiege by the hundreds of Dazzling Light Units, the silver-armored powerhouse was eventually sliced into countless pieces, and most of his power was directly absorbed by the Dazzling Light Units.

When the silver-armored powerhouses appeared, they were besieged and slayed by Dazzling Light Units.

The black-armored powerhouses were instakilled by Brilliant Star Hunter as soon as they appeared.

Yang Feng came to a conclusion through the analysis of the level-5 optical computers: “One Dazzling Light Unit is equivalent to one green-armored powerhouse and 100 Dazzling Light Units are equivalent to one silver-armored powerhouse in terms of strength. Fortunately, I have integrated the resources of the Battle Demon Sect. Otherwise, even if I could defeat these other universe powerhouses, it would be difficult to wipe them out. Additionally, my strength would have decreased by a lot.”

Each 5th generation battle robot is comparable to a Glorious Sun Warlock. If a 5th generation battle robot descends on a grade 7 plane, it will become an invincible existence capable of crushing all resistance.

While the 5th generation battle robots are really powerful, they require massive amounts of resources to be built. If Yang Feng had not taken control of the Battle Demon Sect and mobilized countless resources from the Battle Demon Sect, he wouldnt be able to produce 1 million Level 5th generation battle robots in such a short time.

The Skynet released ripples, which superimposed to the 36th layer.

The space distorted, and a two-meter-tall, extremely handsome man with a green rhombus crystal embedded in the forehead, a horn on his head, and purple hair, exuding Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, appeared suddenly.

The man with purple hair struggle frantically as if there are ropes binding him, yet he cant seem to break free.

When the man with purple hair appeared, sixteen good-looking men and women with a horn on the head, yet without a rhombus crystal embedded in the forehead, exuding Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power, appeared suddenly.

Since the Skynet can suppress even Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, the Infinity Warlock and the Bright World Warlocks rank powerhouses stand no chance against it.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered gravely: “An Infinity Warlock and sixteen Bright World Warlocks. This is the true strength of this hive. However, after equipping the golden armors, their strength can increase by a great level. The high energy level universe civilization is indeed extraordinary.”

The Warlock path gets progressively harder. In the Cangzhi Plane, even if a Bright World Warlock gets a level-9 secret treasure, it is hard for them to display Infinity Warlock rank fighting strength. But the other universe Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses can use the power of the strange armor to easily break the barrier between realms and display Infinity Warlock rank strength. Thats simply incredible.

The Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Master flew over and pointed with a finger, and petals suddenly flew out, entered the other universe powerhouses, and sealed them.

As the ripples continued to spread, the black-armed, green-armed, and silver-armed warriors were locked firmly, and then were besieged by the 5th generation battle robots.

After a Dazzling Light Unit slayed five silver-armored powerhouses, it trembled slightly, a crystal appeared on its forehead, it expanded by a circle, new runes appeared inside it, and it emitted queer breath similar to that of intelligent life forms.

When Yang Feng saw this scene, he smiled: “It evolved. The first Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Unit, not bad. When it evolves into an Infinity Warlock realm powerhouse, it will have become an initial form Dazzling Ruler.”

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