Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 861 – Siege on the Battle Demon Sect

Chapter 860 – Gumana Universe

The Light of Eternity Plane, in the center of a large underground laboratory, there is a huge hive. Only a part of the hive remains after it was bombarded by a Star Field Battlestar.

The door of the large underground laboratory suddenly opened, and a flesh mechanical golem avatar of Yang Feng strode inside.

After Yang Feng integrated the resources of the Battle Demon Sect, he obtained countless precious resources.

This mechanical golem avatar possesses junior Infinity Warlock rank fighting strength. But since it consumes too much resources, Yang Feng produced only two units.

“This hive is still alive! How surprising.”

As soon as Yang Feng came to the hive, he took a closer look and saw that there is black mucus flowing out from black tubular tissue similar to blood vessels of broken parts of the hive, repairing the damage inside the hive.


With a thought from Yang Feng, a crowd of ant-like robots rushed into the laboratory and crawled towards the inside of the hive.

The ant-like robots are called Analysts and are responsible for analyzing the technology contained in the spoils of war.

The xizu was not a race stuck in the old ways, as many of their technologies came as spoils of war from strong enemies they defeated.

The energy level of the universe where the xizu lived was half an energy level lower than that of the world of Warlocks, while the energy level of the world of Warlock was half an energy level lower than that of the other universe. In other words, the universe energy level of the universe where the xizu lived was an entire energy energy level lower than that of the other universe. Therefore, although Yang Feng has mastered the technology of the xizu, he also attaches great importance to the technology of the other universe.

When the crowd of Analysts crawled into the hive, the hive ejected black acid spraying at the Analysts from the tubes.

Swept by the black acid, their energy shields and the ant-like Analysts themselves were corroded at once.

After the black acid corroded all the robots, it slowly merged with the hive and turned the robots into nutrients for the hive.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered gravely: “Awesome, the defense mechanism of this hive is really formidable. The hive has suffered so much damage, yet its defense mechanism hasnt yet been destroyed.”

After it was bombarded by a Star Field Battlestars main artillery, two-thirds of the hive have been destroyed. At the tome, a large amount of its power has been deployed to protect the other universes powerhouses. This is how the other universes 100,000 Transcendent rank powerhouses managed to come out unscathed.

If it hadnt been for the hive deploying its power to guard them, 80,000 or so of the 100,000 Transcendent rank powerhouses would have been blasted apart by the bombardment of Yang Fengs main artillery. If they were unlucky, even a few Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses might have died.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then walked directly into the hive.

Without the hive having analyzed the karma spell fluctuations, it cant trace back to the true body by killing the avatar.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the hive, strange ripples pervaded the hive and swept him.

Sharp, pitch-black tentacles stabbed towards Yang Feng from all directions like spears.

With a thought from Yang Feng, a transparent magic shield appeared around him.

When the sharp, spear-like tentacles stabbed into the magic shield, they were deflected.

A flow of data flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, analyzing the defense mechanism of the hive: “Judging by their intensity, the attacks can slay Moonlight Warlocks. But it has little effect on Glorious Sun Warlocks.”

After the sharp tentacles bounced off, they suddenly opened, revealed chrysanthemum-like mouthparts, and ejected black acid spraying at the transparent magic shield.


Sizzling sounds came from the magic shield as the black acid corroded it.

“The extremely corrosive can corrode Glorious Sun Warlock rank magic shields. The hives defense mechanism was indeed damaged.”

Yang Feng, who activated a magic shield, strode into the hive. With a casual wave of his, wind blades cut off blood-vessel-like tentacles one after another.

The hive suddenly swelled, and countless runes appeared throughout the hive.

“Shit, its going to explode!”

Yang Fengs face fell, and he blurred into motion and flew towards the outside.

The black hive suddenly collapsed on itself, and then exploded in an instant. Endless black light radiated in all directions. When the black light hit the laboratorys walls, the walls rippled.

“What a formidable method.”

When the frightening black light hit Yang Fengs magic shield, it set off ripples, causing him to frown slightly.

If it he could analyze the secrets of the hive, it would naturally be of great benefit to Yang Feng. It would be possible to upgrade xizu technology. But the other universe has a strong sense of secrecy. As such, its not that simple to analyze its technology.

The eyes of the Infinity Warlock rank flesh golem avatar darkened, and Yang Feng pulled his consciousness away from the golem.

The Light of Eternity Plane, in a prison that is divided into many single rooms with an ice coffin each. The ice coffins have sealed the other universes powerhouses Yang Feng captured.

With a flash of light, an ice coffin disappeared, and then appeared in a laboratory.

Many sharp, mechanical tubes pierced into the head of the other universes powerhouse in the ice coffin and tried to extract information.


There was a crisp sound, and the head of the other universes powerhouse explode. A huge explosion enveloped the laboratory and destroyed a large number of mechanical tubes.

“Failed again! The head of other universes Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses has a chip implanted. Once you touch the memory chip, their head will explode. In order to read their memories, you need to circumvent this problem.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly as he watched the other universes powerhouse explode.

In a war, intelligence plays a key role. Intelligence is vital to the world of Warlocks. Since the energy level of the universe on the other side of the rift is a half an energy level higher, who knows how many formidable beings they have. If they cant obtain intelligence on the other universe, then the wold of Warlocks will suffer tremendous damage before things fully develop.

“However, the defense of the Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses is slightly weaker, and their mind can barely be read.”

Yang Feng looked at the large number of other universes powerhouses, who look quite similar to humans, lying on experimental platforms in a laboratory, and revealed a smile.

Before long, various machines in the laboratory extracted a lot of precious information from the Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses.

The other universes powerhouses call their universe the Gumana Universe.

The Gumana Universe is controlled by three Eternals, namely, the Spirit Eyes Eternal, the Wing Eternal, and the Frost Eternal.

Among them, the Spirit Eyes Eternal is the oldest Eternal, who once dominated the entire Gumana Universe and has lived for more than 3 billion years.

Originally, with the Spirit Eyes Eternal present, it was impossible to give birth to other Eternals. However, the Gumana Universe had a battle of devour with another universe 2 billion years ago. At that time, the Spirit Eyes Eternal suffered major damage, and the Wing Eternal suddenly emerged and took this opportunity to promote to an Eternal.

1 billion years ago, there was yet another battle of devour, from which the Frost Eternal emerged as the Gumana Universes third Eternal.

The Spirit Eyes Eternal has the bern divine race as subordinates, the Wing Eternal has the winged divine race as subordinates, and the Frost Eternal has the frost divine race as subordinates.

The three divine races dominate the entire Gumana Universe.

Under the three divine races, there are the eighteen sacred races, each of which has a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse standing guard.

In addition to the eighteen sacred races, there are countless other races of different sizes attached to the sacred races. The stronger other races have Holy Spirit Warlocks standing ground.

The ones who invaded Yang Fengs territory were the private troops of baron Loanka of the green rhombus race, one of the eighteen sacred races

The Gumana Universes powerhouses have already disseminated the information that the universe where Warlocks live, which they call the Jeddah Universe, is a low energy level universe.

The powerful races of the Gumana Universe were mobilized to start the fight to annex the Jeddah Universe.

Baron Loanka was sent on a reconnaissance mission. His main task was to gather intelligence on the Jeddah Universe. But he unluckily bumped into Yang Feng, and was wiped out by him, whose strength has just increased.

“Its bad! Its real bad! Three Eternals, there are three Eternal in the Gumana Universe. This news is so bad that it cant be any worse.”

After Yang Feng obtained a large amount of information, an oppressive feeling overcame him.

Eternals are beings that time cannot cleanse and are far stronger than Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

If it werent for the barrier separating the two universes, an Eternal could descend on the universe where Warlocks dwell and wipe out any resistance.

A trace of understanding surged in Yang Fengs heart: “Unless one can advance to an Eternal before the two universes are completely connected, one basically cannot control ones destiny.”

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