Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 862 – Escape in Defeat

Chapter 861 – Siege on the Battle Demon Sect

Translator: Xaiomoge

In the fight of annexation between two universes, the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. In order to survive such a great tribulation and take control of your own destiny, you have to become the strongest.

The starry sky outside the Battle Demon Plane. Suddenly, lights gleamed, the space distorted, and six Gumana Universes battle unit hives appeared.

“This is the Battle Demon Sect, one of the former Ten Great Sects of the Great Cloud Dynasty as well as one of the emerging forces in this universe. If we destroy it, well receive great recognition when we go back.”

In the deepest part of a hive, a handsome young man with a red rhombus crystal on the forehead and red hair smiled slightly.

In front of the young red rhombus race powerhouse, there is a huge round table with a blurry shadowclaw powerhouse, a tall hyperion powerhouse, a shirake powerhouse who seems to be engulfed by endless darkness, a purple rhombus race powerhouse with a purple rhombus crystal embedded in the forehead, and a hideous looking ghostblade powerhouse covered in sharp blades.

These six powerhouses are the masters of these six hives.

The blurry shadowclaw expert said: “The Battle Demon Sect? This Warlock group is not only extremely powerful, but they also have Monarch grade secret treasures. Its a little troublesome to break through their lair. I cant help but admit, but the aboriginals of the world of Warlock are rather strong, second only to our former great enemies of the Muja Universe and the Sarah Universe.”

The Muja Universe was the first powerful enemy the Gumana Universe encountered. At the time, the Spirit Eyes Eternal nearly died in the war with the Muja Universe, giving the Wing Eternal a chance to advance to an Eternal, and then defeat the Muja Universe and annex it.

The Sarah Universe is the second strong enemy the Gumana Universe encountered. At the time, the Spirit Eyes Eternal and the Wing Eternal were forced to let the Frost Eternal advance to an Eternal.

The shadowclaw powerhouse clearly thinks highly of the world of Warlocks.

The red rhombus race powerhouse said slowly: “This is a powerful universe that gave birth to Eternals before after all. It cannot be underestimated. Thats why we have to destroy all forces with potential. Otherwise, even though they are rubbish now, but with the meddling of the universe will, they may become a great enemy of our universe.”

The remaining powerhouses fell silent, and then nodded.

Whenever two universes devour each other, the universe will of both universes will try their best to breed strong entities of their to compete with the strong entities of the enemy universe.

When the Gumana Universe devoured other universes, it had encountered this situation many times. Seemingly unassuming nobodies developed rapidly in the universe war and eventually grew into terrifying existences that could threaten the Gumana Universe.

If it werent for the Gumana Universes Eternals, who quelled one outstanding individual of the other universes after another, The Gumana Universe might have already been devoured by another universe.

Lately, the Battle Demon Sect has developed at an astonishing speed and annexed many minor planes. It has become one of the key targets of the Gumana Universe.

The red rhombus race powerhouse uttered with a light smile: “Then lets begin!”

Two hives opened at once, and crowds of black-armored warriors, green-armored warriors, and silver-armored powerhouses led by ten gold-armored powerhouses flew out and shot towards the Battle Demon Plane.

A hive unfolded, countless blurry, shadow-like existences flew out abruptly.

A hive unfolded, and 100-meter-tall hyperions with infinite power, engraved with mysterious runes, suddenly flew out and rushed towards the world below.

A hive unfolded, and fuzzy and twisted beings shrouded in darkness flew out suddenly.

A hive unfolded, and freaks with sharp blades growing everywhere, which are shrouded in queer runes, flew out suddenly.

The powerhouses of the six hives flew out and rushed towards the Battle Demon Plane from six directions.

“Open fire!”

Xing Rentu gazed at the swarms of Transcendent rank powerhouses in the sky, his eyes flickered gravely, and he ordered coldly.

In the Battle Demon Plane, mountains, deserts, plains, and forests suddenly parted, and energy beam turrets and live ammunition turrets extended.

The entire Battle Demon Plane suddenly turned into a terrifying fortress. A rain of light burst out from the Battle Demon Plane and swept towards the sky.

Engulfed by the rain of light, the freaks that flew out from the six hives burst into fragments.

Xing Rentu watched countless Transcendent rank powerhouses in the sky die with delight: “The inheritance the sect master got from who knows where is something else! To be able to display such might without consuming magic crystals, amazing!”

The Battle Demon Sect has set up formidable offensive arrays in their headquarters over generations. However, these offensive arrays come with a tremendous expenditure.

The mechanical turrets use high-energy crystals as the power source. Although, unlike magic crystals, the high-energy crystals cannot increase a Warlocks extraordinary power, but they are much easier to obtain.

Suddenly, an extra eye appeared on the forehead of the purple rhombus race and the red rhombus race powerhouses, who wear armors of different colors, and beams shot out and barreled towards the countless turrets below.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The beams slammed into the turrets with great precision and blasted them apart one after the other.

At this moment, Yang Feng silently came to the Battle Demon Plane. As he watched the battle unfold through holographic projection, he analyzed: “The Gumana Universes powerhouses also have the power to attack from a distance. However, the evolution of the Gumana Universe is geared towards individual military strength. They cannot match up to the xizu technology in terms of long-range firepower.

There are three Eternals in the Gumana Universe as well as eighteen Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, each of which has the power to suppress an ordinary universe.

Under these circumstance, the civilization of the Gumana Universe naturally evolved in the direction of personal strength. For example, the golden armor can enable Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses to display Infinity Warlock rank fighting strength, which is simply unimaginable in the world of Warlocks. Therefore, it is not surprising that their long-range firepower is much worse than that of the xizu, who specialized in interstellar warfare.

After paying the price of tens of thousands of casualties, the Transcendent rank powerhouses of the six races crossed the enemys artillery defense perimeter and appeared above the headquarters of the Battle Demon Sect.

The six races sent a total of 60 powerhouses with Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess and 1,800 powerhouses with Bright World Warlock rank battle prowess. This is a despair inducing force.

After all, the Battle Demon Sect currently only has a sect master and seventeen great elders with the cultivation base above the Glorious Sun Warlock rank. On paper, there is a huge gap between both sides in terms of strength.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Start the Dragon King Array!”

Countless mysterious runes gleamed and endless power surged towards the floating continent where the Battle Demon Sect is located.

In the center of the floating continent, a huge mountain range stretching for thousands of kilometers trembled slightly and split open, and a 1,000-meter-long archaic dragon king covered in shiny runes flew out, a dull look in its eyes.

As soon as the archaic dragon king appeared, it fired a gold pillar of fire sweeping towards the sky.

Swept by the gold fire, twenty-odd Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses screamed and disappeared into ashes and smoke.

All of a sudden, countless angels flew out from the Battle Demon Sects headquarters and flew towards the Gumana Universes powerhouses in the sky. The Battle Demon Planes gods cast various formidable divine spells that greatly boosted the strength of the angels.

The angels are mostly composed of Great Warlock rank soldiers, which are quite lacking compared the Gumana Universes powerhouses, which are mostly composed of Moonlight Warlock rank soldiers. However, the angels can serve as cannon fodder to hold back the Gumana Universes powerhouses, allowing the Battle Demon Planes turrets to display a more terrifying offensive.

When the archaic dragon king appeared, it plunged directly into the center of the battle, fired pillars of fire, and burned Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses to ashes.

Flames soared from the Battle Demon Planes floating continent and formed a sea of fire that nourished the archaic dragon king, who exudes Warlock Monarch rank breath, allowing it to easily mobilize the power of fire elemental particles to burn the enemy.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses have extremely rich combat experience. The 60 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses led the 1,000 plus Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses to attack the archaic dragon king.

All kinds of attacks slammed into the archaic dragon king and blasted open wounds on its body.

After all, the archaic dragon king is dead. Even though it has the upper hand against 10 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. But the fact that it wasnt instantly done for by 60 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses is already a rather impressive outcome.

Yang Feng furrowed his eyebrows slightly and pressed a button.

10 Star Field grade main artillery rapidly rose from the Battle Demon Planes floating continent and flashed, and 10 beams tore through the void and barreled towards the 6 hives in the starry sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the bombardment of the 10 terrifying beams of light, 3 of the 6 hives instantly disappeared into smoke and ashes and the other 3 fragmented. Countless Gumana Universes powerhouses flew out and fled, all the while cutting a sorry figure.

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