Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 864 – Saving the Bright Moon School

Chapter 863 – The Bright Moon School Asks for Help

Translator: Xaiomoge

Different universes have different laws of heaven and earth. For the Gumana Universes powerhouses to freely use the Astral Boundary to attack and defend only shows that they have a deep understanding of the laws of this universe.

Yang Feng gazed at the astral passages, and regret flickered in his eyes: “To be able to abandon their subordinates so decisively, the Gumana Universes powerhouses seem to be used to fighting. It would be great if their main force launched an all-out attack against the Battle Demon Plane.”

Yang Feng has also deployed a level-5 Skynet in the Battle Demon Plane.

If all of the Gumana Universes powerhouses have attacked the Battle Demon Plane, Yang Feng would activate the level-5 Skynet to kill them all. But since they retreated so decisively, there is no need to activate the level-5 Skynet.

The level-5 Skynet is a great trump card that Yang Feng has up his sleeve. Once it is activated, it will wipe out all enemies. Consequently, once the enemy learns about the level-5 Skynet, they will naturally develop methods to deal with it.

After the main forces of the six hives escaped, the remaining powerhouses scattered in all direction and tried to flee. However, mechanical legion, without letting up, entwined with the remaining Gumana Universes powerhouses.

The strength of each of the Gumana Universes powerhouses is above the Starry Sky Warlock realm. If they descended on a place in the Battle Demon Plane without Warlock towers, they will be able to slay hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in a day.

However, the Gumana Universes powerhouses, who are besieged by at least five 4th generation battle robots, fundamentally cannot escape. Those who choose to run away only died faster.

The 5th generation battle robots such as the Dazzling Light Units and the Brilliant Star Hunters took this opportunity hunt the other universes Glorious Sun Warlock rank and Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses.

As they hunted the enemies, the Dazzling Light Units that absorbed enough power evolved into Bright World Warlock rank existences.

“The plane origin force is surging. After this battle, this plane will be upgraded to a grade 3 plane in one year. By slaying other universes powerhouses, the plane origin force can absorb their power and evolve. Furthermore, the more other universes powerhouses you slay, the more you will be blessed by the universe.”

Yang Feng operated the Fate Algorithm and vaguely felt that he is blessed by the universe.

Even though the universes blessing cannot make Yang Fengs strength soar and advance to the Warlock Monarch realm in one go. But the more the universe blesses him, rare events such as finding clues about treasure troves will become increasingly more common.

In short, the more the universe blesses him, the greater Yang Fengs luck will be in this universe.

A strange radiance shimmered in Yang Fengs eyes: “No wonder the Gumana Universes powerhouses started killing as soon as they came here. Killing us will bring them great benefits.”

Xing Rentu came to Yang Feng and said solemnly: “Sect master, the Bright Moon School sent a request for help. Their headquarters, the Clear Moon Plane, is being besieged by the Gumana Universes powerhouses.”

Yang Feng raised his brows slightly and asked: “How many hives are there?”

Xing Rentu gazed at Yang Feng with an expression of awe and replied: “There are four hives!”

Before Yang Feng integrated the resources of the Battle Demon Sect and deployed various defensive devices, two Gumana Universes hives could conquer the Battle Demon Plane by paying a heavy price.

In this battle, Yang Fengs mechanical legion killed more than half a million Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse, including 40 powerhouses with Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess. There is now no longer anyone in the Battle Demon Sect who opposes Yang Feng. His prestige has reached an extreme height in the Battle Demon Sect.

Yang Feng said: “Then lets send troops to help them! Great Elder Xing, mobilize more supplies. I need to refine more mechanical golems.”

A dignified shade flashed in Xing Rentus eyes, and he said in a deep voice: “Yes, Sect master! I will try my best to mobilize supplies.”

After Yang Feng became the sect master of the Battle Demon Sect, his authority skyrocketed, and he raked in a great number of resources, which is how he was able to build a large number of 5th generation battle robots and level-5 Skynets in a short time.

But the Battle Demon Sect is a huge sect with 17 great elders and countless elders after all. Yang Feng must take their sentiments into consideration as well. As such, he cant arbitrarily devote all of the sects resources to the construction of his mechanical legion. Otherwise, the Battle Demon Sect will divide and fall apart.

However, after going through a battle with the Gumana Universes powerhouses, the Battle Demon Sects Warlocks witnessed firsthand how formidable the mechanical legion is. Now if Yang Feng want to mobilize resources for his mechanical legion, there wont be any resistance.

The headquarters of the Bright Moon School, the Clear Moon Plane, is a grade 4 plane.

In the Clear Moon Plane, there are 36 celestial bodies suspended, each of which radiates resplendent moonlight, forming a huge moonlight domain.

Those 36 celestial bodies are the final trump card of the Bright Moon School — the Celestial Moon Array. Over the generations, the Bright Moon Schools powerhouses extracted 36 moons from other planes and used countless spells to enchant and refine them.

Once the Celestial Moon Array is fully activated, even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse can be defeated, or even quelled.

The Gumana Universes powerhouses rushed into the Celestial Moon Array alike ants, and dozens of Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses launched attacks on the 36 moons.

One of the moons has already been broken in half, and may shatter at any time.

13 gods of the Clear Moon Plane led angel legions to launch an attack against the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

The Bright Moon School has gone all out. In addition to the 2 strong divine force rank and 11 intermediate divine force rank gods, they still threw 2 Infinity Warlock rank and 13 Bright World Warlock rank blazing angels.

In the starry sky, there are still 25 weapons with Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess that have been mobilized.

In the Clear Moon Plane, Warlock towers stimulated all their power, and various powerful spells such as lightning, ice cones, fire, and wind blades soared into the sky, barreled towards the Gumana Universes powerhouses, and blasted them apart one after another.

However, there are too many Gumana Universes powerhouses. Except for the top-shelf 30 plus Warlock towers in the Clear Moon Plane, the rest of the Warlock towers are not a big threat to Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses.

The Gumana Universes Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses, who number close to 1,000, can easily block the Bright Moon Schools 25 Infinity Warlock rank weapons and blast them apart one by one.

Zhang Zhiqiao, dressed in a green armor and exuding junior Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power, is fighting frantically with a black-armored soldier. She is hurling exquisite spells at the other party.

The black-armored soldier, who can display Moonlight Warlock rank battle prowess thanks to the black armor, cannot measure up to Zhang Zhiqiao, who is a real Moonlight Warlock realm powerhouse. Under the bombardment of a dozen plus spells, the black armor of the black-armored soldier has cracked. He cant even get close to Zhang Zhiqiao.

Seeing that the black-armored soldier is about to be killed by Zhang Zhiqiao, five other black-armored soldier flew over from afar in an instant and attacked Zhang Zhiqiao.

Zhang Zhiqiao, who had no choice but to cast a spell to dodge the attacks of the five black-armored soldiers, let the first black-armored soldier escape.


Amid a loud blare, a moon suspended above the Clear Moon Plane shattered, and countless fragments scattered downward like raindrops.

Deafening cheers spread throughout the Gumana Universes army.

Looking at the shattered moon in the sky, Zhang Zhiqiao felt the formidable power inside her slowly fade, and then felt her blood run cold: “Broken! The Celestial Moon Array was broken! Is the Bright Moon School going to perish today?”

The moonlight domain formed by the Celestial Moon Array can not only greatly weaken the enemy, but can also greatly strengthen the Bright Moon Schools Warlocks. Thanks to the buff and debuff, the Bright Moon Schools powerhouses could barely hold on. But now that the Celestial Moon Array lost a moon, it is equivalent to the array weakening by more than half.

Without the buff and debuff of the Celestial Moon Array, the Bright Moon School cannot contend against the army led by dozens of Infinity Warlock rank and hundreds of Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses.

The morale of the Bright Moon Schools Warlocks plummeted, and despair flashed in their eyes.

“Curses, its hopeless! I let down the ancestors.”

The beautiful eyes of the pure and gorgeous Bright Moon Schools great elder the Goddess of the Moon Mei Shuanghua, who is enveloped in moonlight and exudes strong divine force rank fluctuations of power, flashed with bitterness, and countless thoughts surged in her heart. For a moment, she didnt know what to do.

In the starry sky, within the four hives.

An enigmatic ray shimmered in the eyes of a red rhombus race powerhouse with a red rhombus crystal on his forehead: “The Bright Moon School has no more cards to play! Lets mobilize all our forces and defeat them in one fell swoop.”


The other three hive leaders nodded in agreement.

Following flashes of light, crowds of Transcendent rank powerhouses flew out of the hives and rushed towards the Bright Moon School alike dark clouds.

“Were finished!”

When the Bright Moon Schools Warlocks saw the powerhouses fly out of the hives, their complexion changed dramatically, and their eyes shimmered with despair.

All of a sudden, a resplendent beam slammed into a hive, ran through it, and blasted it into pieces.

A huge fleet slowly emerged in the direction that the beam was shot from.

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