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Chapter 867 – Selling Arms

Chapter 866 – Rescuing the Saint Demon Sect

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Besieged by the three forces, the Gumana Universes 20 Infinity Warlock rank and 500 plus Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses were quickly wiped out.

After all, the Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses used external objects to upgrade their strength. Most of them only truly possess Bright World Warlock rank strength, and can only use numbers to win. As such, besieged by Yang Feng and other top-shelf experts, they were easily defeated.

“Thank you, Sect Master Yang, Great Elder Mei for your help. The Star River Sect will never forget this act of kindness.”

The great elder Xinghe Mingxuan, with the Star River Sects 21 great elders in tow, bowed to Yang Feng and spoke.

The great elder Xinghe Mingxuan gave Yang Feng a deep look, a complex look in his eyes.

Xinghe Mingxuan is the Star River Sects Infinity Warlock with the highest status in the Cangzhi Plane, responsible for presiding over all of the Star River Sects matters in the Cangzhi Plane. In the eyes of Xinghe Mingxuan, Yang Feng was just a junior with infinite potential. Yet in less than 300 years, this junior has become the sect master of the Battle Demon Sect, wielding tremendous power. Naturally, hes feeling somewhat envious.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Our four sects are allies, it is only natural to help each other. The Saint Demon Sect also sent a request for help to the Battle Demon Sect. I must lead troops to support them, so Ill take my leave now.”

After Yang Feng destroyed a hive and annihilated 20 Infinity Warlock rank and 500 plus Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses, 10 Dazzling Light Units have evolved. At present, he already has 30 Bright World Warlock rank Dazzling Light Units.

Although Dazzling Light Units can evolve into Dazzling Rulers, but it requires countless fierce battles to achieve that.

Yang Feng actively assisted the Bright Moon Sect and the Star River Sect, on the one hand, it was to help his allies and reap the favor of the universe, on the other hand, it was to let the Dazzling Light Units evolve through battle.

Xinghe Mingxuan stepped forward and said: “Sect Master Yang, on behalf of the Star River Sect, I will go with you to provide assistance to the Saint Demon Sect.”

Xinghe Mingxuan is an intermediate Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. Coupled with his Warlock grade secret treasure, he can fight against an advanced Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. His fighting power is in the top five in the Star River Sect. Him going to fight is proof of the Star River Sects sincerity.

Yang Feng agreed: “Okay!”

The Saint Demon Plane is the Saint Demon Sects headquarters.

At this time, there are five hives floating in the starry sky outside the Saint Demon Plane.

An almost endless stream of the Gumana Universes powerhouse poured out from the five hives and rushed towards the Saint Demon Plane.

In the Saint Demon Plane, lights shone, and a 10,000-meter-tall One-eyed Evil Ogre King exuding Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power and a 10,000-meter-tall Gold Giant King radiating gold light and enveloped by countless runes fought madly with the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

Swarms of angels, evil ogres, abyss creatures, fiends, and other powerful existences flew out of the Saint Demon Plane and engaged the hives Transcendent rank powerhouses.

In the alliance formed by the Battle Demon Sect and the other three forces, the Saint Demon Sect has the strongest fighting power and the deepest roots.

Using the One-eyed Evil Ogre King and the Gold Giant King as shields, 28 intermediate divine force rank gods and 5 strong divine force rank gods fought the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

In the battlefield filled with screams, powerhouses of the Saint Demon Sect and the Gumana Universe died from time to time.

The Saint Demon Sect, who played all their cards, was in a slight advantage. But then, even more powerhouses flew out from the five hives and engaged the Saint Demon Sects powerhouses.

The seriously injured Gumana Universes experts flew back into the hives, recovered 90% of their combat power within a few breaths, and then plunge into the battlefield again.

The Saint Demon Sect was gradually put at a disadvantage, and their intermediate divine force rank gods were blown apart by the Gumana Universes powerhouses one after another.

The Saint Demon Sects strongest elder, the God of Darkness Luo An, turned into a river of darkness and obstructed 13 of the Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses in one breath.

None of the 13 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses are Luo Ans opponent. But when the 13 people joined forces, they pressured him so much that he couldnt catch his breath.

Every one of the 5 strong divine force rank gods can block at least five of the Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.

However, the Gumana Universes Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses number 1,000 plus individuals. Every time the 1,000 plus Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses attack, a number of the Saint Demon Sects powerhouses is blasted to pieces.

“Dammit, where, where are the reinforcements!”

Luo An, who has transformed into a river of darkness, was frantically burning divine force crystals and bitterly resisting the attacks of the Gumana Universes powerhouses. On several occasions, the river of darkness was blown apart, almost unable to reassemble. Luo An can only roar wildly in his heart.

Far a way, the space rippled, and a bright beam of light suddenly shot out, slammed into a hive, and blasted it apart.

The interstellar fleet commanded by Yang Feng emerged from the empty space, and a concentrated rain of light barreled towards the Gumana Universes powerhouses like a tide.

In the wake of the rain of light, countless powerhouses of the Gumana Universe turned into ashes.

Doors opened on the huge fleet, and a mechanical sea formed from countless 4th generation battle robots quickly plunged towards the Gumana Universes powerhouses and engaged them.

While commanding the 1 million 5th generation battle robots, Agnipe and the other two supreme Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels as well as Yu Yan, Alexia, and Yu Tianling pounced at the Gumana Universes Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses like a dagger and started to hunt them.

Even though the Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses are not genuine, but they still possess Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess. They arent easy to kill. The Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses, on the other hand, are a much easier target.

Besieged by the 1 million 5th generation robots, the 1,000 plus Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses suffered disastrous casualties.

Seeing that things are far from reassuring, the four hives chose to retreat at once.

“Thank you, Sect Master Yang, Great Elder Mei, Great Elder Xinghe, the Saint Demon Sect wont forget your act of kindness.”

When the four hives disappeared, Luo An brought the remaining 20 great elders of the Saint Demon Sect to Yang Feng and saluted.

Before the battle with the Gumana Universes powerhouses, the Saint Demon Sect had a total of 39 great elders. But now only 21 are left.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Our four sects are allies, so it is a matter of course to help each other.”

Luo An uttered with a light smile: “Sect Master Yang, your assistance to the Saint Demon Sect must have come at a considerable expenditure. Please make a list. The Saint Demon Sect will certainly not let you suffer any losses.”

Xinghe Mingxuan said: “Yes, Sect Master Yang, the Star River Sect wont let you suffer any losses either.”

Mei Shuanghua smiled and said: “The Bright Moon Sect will never let its allies suffer any losses.”

Luo An and the other two are wily old foxes. They are well aware that if they dont give Yang Feng some benefits, then the next time their headquarters is attacked, no one may come their rescue.

“Then I wont stand o ceremony!”

Without standing on ceremony, Yang Feng produced a list that was equivalent to 30 times of his actual losses and handed it to Luo An and the other two respectively.

If the three factions pay the resources on the list, Yang Feng can create another 1 million 5th generation battle robots.

After Luo An and the other two looked at the list, their brows jumped up slightly, yet they didnt put forward any objections. Although the materials on the list are a lot and many of them are precious, but they arent necessary for the practice of cultivation. Furthermore, it is better to give them to Yang Feng, than to be killed by the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

Yang Feng waved the list in his hand and said with a slight smile: “Luo An, Mingxuan, and Shuanghua, the Gumana Universes powerhouses have launched a comprehensive offensive. If you have any friends who cannot withstand their attacks, they can also pay some resources and ask me to help them. As long as they are willing to pay twice as much resources, I am willing to go help them.”

This time, the the Gumana Universe has only launched an exploratory comprehensive offensive. Even though it is only an exploratory comprehensive offensive, but except for the 36 primary material planes, it is difficult for the rest of the forces to resist this offensive.

Since Yang Feng holds such an elite legion in his hands, he naturally has to take this opportunity to destroy the legions of the Gumana Universe one by one. On the one hand, hell be able to inflict damage to the Gumana Universes vitality and get the favor of this universe, on the other hand, he can upgrade his mechanical legion in terms of quantity and quality.

When Luo An and the other two heard Yang Fengs words, their eyes lit up, and they took out communication secret treasures and contacted their connections.

Xinghe Mingxuans face flickered, and he said with complex emotions: “The headquarters of the Myriad Snow Gate has already been destroyed!”

When these words came out, Luo An and the others felt a chill in their heart.

The Myriad Snow Gate used to be one of the Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects. Even though it was slightly weaker, but it was still a Warlock group with huge underlying strength. Yet such a behemoth was destroyed in the first round of the Gumana Universes offensive. Naturally, Luo An and them, who are also part of the Ten Great Sects, are sympathetic.

Luo An said: “The Flame of Illusory Dragon has always been friendly with my Saint Demon Sect. They are still holding on. They are willing to pay three times the materials on the list. Please help them.”

Yang Feng replied decisively: “Then Ill help the Flame of Illusory Dragon.”

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