Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 868 – The Bai Family Asks for Help

Chapter 867 – Selling Arms

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The Gumana Universes powerhouses were very cautious. Yang Feng, commanding his fleet, fought tirelessly. He defeated six hive legions in a row and saved six Warlock groups, who were stronger than the Battle Demon Sect.

Although the Battle Demon Sect is one of the Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects and posses great power, but there are many other powerful human Warlock groups in the boundless universe.

“Someone got here first!”

As soon as Yang Fengs fleet flew out in the Astral Boundary, it detected two huge forces fighting the Gumana Universes powerhouses far away.

One of the forces sent 10 archdevils engraved with countless runes and exuding Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power. The 10 archdevils roared wildly and unleashed various innate abilities and spells.

When the 10 Warlock Monarch rank archdevils join forces, their power is simply terrifying. Bombarded by the innate abilities and spells of the 10 archdevils, a large swath of the Gumana Universes powerhouses was blasted to ashes, and even Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses were instakilled.

In addition to the 10 Warlock Monarch rank archdevils, this force also sent 60 Infinity Warlock rank abyssal fiends, evil gods, evil ogres, and other extraordinary life forms, every one of which is a living being, not a mindless weapon.

Yang Feng looked at the fearsome legion with a dignified shade in his eyes: “What a frightening force!”

10 Warlock Monarch rank archdevils plus 60 Infinity Warlock rank extraordinary life forms, this is a terrifying force that could destroy Yang Fengs forces before he upgraded the stronghold to level-5. Even if the Battle Demon Sect uses its underlying strength, it cant stop such terrible force.

Luo An, Xinghe Mingxuan, Mei Shuanghua, and other powerhouses gazed at the Warlock Monarch rank archdevils, a dignified flash in their eyes.

The 10 archdevils are all alive. Even if it is the Saint Demon Sect, they arent willing to fight one Warlock Monarch rank archdevil, much less 10.

Mei Shuanghua took a closer look, and the said: “Those archdevils have the marks of the Transcendent Dynasty on them. They are from the Transcendent Dynasty. This is the elite Transcendent legion of the Transcendent Dynasty.”

Luo An sighed with emotion: “The Transcendent Dynasty, as expected of one of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, theyre really formidable.”

In the heyday of the Transcendent Dynasty, the Transcendent legion contained not a small number of Holy Spirit Warlock rank evil gods, archfiends, true dragons, and other extraordinary life forms.

After its collapse and the passage of countless years, for the Transcendent Dynasty to still be able to easily mobilized 10 Warlock Monarch rank archdevils and 60 infinity Warlock rank Transcendents, it shows how fearsome the Transcendent Dynasty is.

Xinghe Mingxuan sighed in relief: “Fortunately, we still have the Six Warlock Dynasties to rely on, or else we humans would have no hope of getting through this great tribulation.”

The power of the Gumana Universe scared Xinghe Mingxuan. According to the information Xinghe Mingxuan received, 13 major forces that have been on friendly terms with the Star River Sect have been razed to the ground by the Gumana Universes forces. If it wasnt for Yang Fengs assistance, the Star River Sect would have been part of that list.

Yang Feng sneered in his heart: “Can the Six Warlocks Dynasties be relied on? In this great tribulation, you can only rely on yourself. Only by constantly improving your strength can you hope to survive!”

Yang Feng sent a voice transmission cautiously: “We are the support troops sent by the Battle Demon Sect. Friends of the Sea of Red Stars, do you need our assistance?”

A domineering and unruly voice came from the battlefield: “Youre not needed here, screw off!”

The face of Luo An and the other powerhouses fell. They are all great elders of formidable forces. For the voice to tell them to screw off, this naturally filled them with indignation.

A cold look on his face, Yang Feng gave the order to jump, decisive.

An astral passage suddenly appeared, and the huge fleet flew inside.

“Damn it, Old Yan, you son of a bitch. It took me a lot of effort to invite the Battle Demon Sects reinforcements, yet this is how you treat me? Suit yourself. Next time you are besieged by the other universes powerhouses, if I come to save you, Ill be a son of a bitch.”

When they entered the astral passage, Luo An took out a communications secret treasure and roared angrily at the Sea of Red Stars great elder Yan Ming, exasperated.

Yan Ming, on the other end, smiled bitterly and said: “Old Luo, I didnt know that people from the Transcendent Dynasty would appear. Im sorry for what happened. However, the Sea of Red Stars has also paid a price. After this war, we will be incorporated into the Transcendent Dynasty.”

Luo An was speechless.

Although the Sea of Red Stars was rescued by the Transcendent Dynasty, but it also has to pay a huge price, that is, the entire Warlock group would be annexed by the Transcendent Dynasty, losing its autonomy.

Xinghe Mingxuan and Mei Shuanghua sank into their thoughts. The exploratory offensive of the Gumana Universe made them witness the power of the Gumana Universe and realize the danger of the great tribulation. And this was only an exploratory offensive. When the Gumana Universe truly unleashes an all-out offensive, Warlock groups such as the Star River Sect and the Bright Moon School will be crushed easily.

“Ladies and gentlemen, these are the battle units of my mechanical legion. You have already witnessed their strength. What do you think of them?”

Yang Feng smiled, light shone, and a few 5th generation battle robots appeared in front of him.

Xinghe Mingxuan stared at the 5th generation battle robots with a burning shade in his eyes: “What powerful golems. Each unit possesses Glorious Sun Warlock rank battle prowess, and in some ways, they also possess Infinity Warlock rank characteristics.”

Luo An and the other two powerhouses looked at the 5th generation battle robots with a scorching shade in their eyes.

When commanding the 1 million 5th generation battle robots, Yang Feng was like the sharpest spear, unleashing earth-shaking might with every attack. More than a dozen Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses have died in the mechanical sea composed of 5th generation battle robots, making it a first-class legion.

The Star River Sect, the Saint Demon Sect, and the Bright Moon School, they all have fewer than 1,000 Glorious Sun Warlocks.

The power of a mechanical legion composed of 1 million fearless Glorious Sun Warlock rank battle robots is simply appalling. Luo An and them are gazing at the 5th generation battle robots with a fervent look in their eyes.

Yang Feng handed a list containing the price of the several 5th generation battle robots to Luo An and them with a smile: “These are the new types of golems I developed after luckily getting my hands on a legacy of the Golem Lord. Originally, I wanted to hide them and treat them as a trump card of the Battle Demon Sect. But seeing that the great tribulation is upon us and that you are good friends of the Battle Demon Sect, if you wish, I can sell them to you in large quantities.

Luo An received the list and looked at it carefully, and then revealed a smile of excitement.

Yang Feng is selling the 5th generation battle robots for five times the price is costs to build them. Even so, the resources needed to purchase a 5th generation battle robot are more than 1,000 times less than the resources necessary to cultivate a Glorious Sun Warlock. The disadvantage of the 5th generation battle robots is that its hard to upgrade their strength.

However, now that the great tribulation has arrived, the most important thing is to seize time to enhance the strength of your force.

Major forces such as the Battle Demon Sect, the Bright Moon School, the Star River Sect, and the Saint Demon Sect have huge resource reserves, which ordinarily are not allowed to be used. They can only be used at the most critical times.

Even though Yang Feng has taken control of the Battle Demon Sect, he couldnt use the sects strategic reserves. However, after the battle with the Gumana Universes powerhouses, the Battle Demon Sect as a whole agreed to activate the strategic reserves and make every effort to improve their combat strength.

After going through the battle with the Gumana Universes forces, the Star River Sect and other formidable sects will use their strategic reserves to upgrade their strength at all costs.

Luo Ans eyes flashed with a burning shade, and he said in a loud voice: “100,000 units, no, 500,000 units, no, 1 million units, the Saint Demon Sect can buy 1 million units of these golems.”

Xinghe Mingxuan spoke decisively: “1 million units, the Star River Sect will buy 1 million units of these golems as well.”

Mei Shuanghuas gorgeous eyes sparkle with determination, and she uttered: “1.5 million units, Sect Master, the Bright Moon School will buy 1.5 million units of these golems. Based on out friendship, I ask that you prioritize our order, Sect Master Yang.”

Xinghe Mingxuans face fell, and he said: “The Star River Sect will increase the price by 10%. Sect Master Yang, please give priority to the Star River Sects order.”

Luo An uttered somewhat anxiously: “30%, the Saint Demon Sect will increase the price by 30%. Sect Master Yang, please give priority to the Saint Demon Sect. The Saint Demon Sect is a good friend of the Battle Demon Sect.”

The Star River Sect and the other two sects are frightened of the Gumana Universes forces. Only when they have at least 1 million 5th grade battle robots, can they sleep soundly. Otherwise, who knows when the Gumana Universes forces may eliminate their headquarters.

Luo An and them, who are crafty individuals, naturally know that for Yang Feng to sell them the 5th generation battle robots so generously, he is bound to set up several backdoors. However, due to the threat coming from the Gumana Universe, they have no choice but to buy the golems from Yang Feng. Furthermore, they are fighting to buy them.

Yang Feng smiled, saying: “Dont worry, I will make sure to sell the golems to you in the shortest possible time. But you have to pay upfront.”

Luo An and them spoke resolutely “No problem.”

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