Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 869 – Severing Shackles

Chapter 868 – The Bai Family Asks for Help

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Luo Ans communications secret treasure suddenly lit up, his eyes flashed gravely, and he asked Yang Feng: “The Great Cloud Dynasty invites us to the Cloud Sea Plane to hunt the Gumana Universes main force. Sect Master Yang, what do you think?”

Mei Shuanghua said with a cold smile: “The Cloud Sea Plane is part of the Bai Familys foundation. The Bai Family, who has drove us out of the Cangzhi Plane before, is asking us to help them, how truly shameless.”

Xinghe Mingxuan sighed slightly: “The Bai Family has indeed gone to far at that time.”

At that time, Bai Wuqing launched a campaign against the Cangzhi Planes Ten Great Sects, drove them and many other top sects out of the Cangzhi Planes Eastern World, and monopolized the Cangzhi Planes resources.

The Cangzhi Plane is the birthplace of human Warlocks as well as the only know grade 1 plane in the universe. The Ten Great Sects lost a lot after they were expelled from the Cangzhi Plane. Naturally, none of them has a good opinion of the Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court.

Whether it is Mei Shuanghua or Xinghe Mingxuan, they wish to see the Bai Family exterminated.

Yang Feng suddenly said with a smile: “Although the Bai Family is a good-for-nothing, but it is also a human Warlock force. Since the Bai Family is in trouble, as human Warlocks, we shouldhelp them. I decided to go and have a look.”

With the 1 million 5th generation battle robots, with this huge fore in his hands, Yang Feng can even defeat Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Because there is a great barrier between the Gumana Universe and the universe of Warlocks, the Gumana Universes Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses cannot cross the barrier for the time being. Unless his luck is horrible and he is besieged by dozens of the Gumana Universes hives, Yang Feng wont be defeated.

Luo An thought for a moment, and then showed a smile: “Indeed, we shouldhelp the Bai Family.”

If the Bai Familys base is captured by the Gumana Universes forces, Yang Feng and company can just go and collect their treasures.

If the Bai Family and the Gumana Universes forces exhaust one another, Yang Feng and company can seize the opportunity to hunt down the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

When Yang Feng made his decision, the huge fleet flew directly into a warp gate inside a celestial body.

The Cloud Sea Plane, in the vast starry sky, a fist-sized astral passage suddenly appeared, and then a fleet flew out like a group of specters, completely invisible.

When the invisible fleet flew out, its battleships gradually expanded and restored their huge size.

Yang Feng glanced at the holographic projections on the bridge, and then said with a grave look in his eyes: “The Bai Family, as expected of a force that was in control of the Cangzhi Plane for tens of thousands of years, its underlying strength is really amazing!”

The Cloud Sea Plane is a grade 2 plane second only to the 36 primary material planes. There are stars floating in the planes outer space, with each star being a divine country.

As a grade 2 plane, the Cloud Sea Plane can accommodate more than 10,000 gods. The divine countries in the planes outer space number 7,000, and they are each above the feeble divine force grade.

The 7,000 divine countries shone and resonated with each other, forming a divine country boundary that covered the whole plane. Unless the Gumana Universes powerhouses destroy more than half of the 7,000 divine countries, they wont be able to break through the divine country boundary and enter the Cloud Sea Plane to slay ordinary people.

The 7,000 divine countries flickered, and angel legions, with their divine country as the base, engaged the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

When the angels are destroyed, as long as their heart is intact, they will return to the Angel Pool in their divine country, absorb the power inside, get reborn, and then plunge back into battle.

Among the 7,000 divine countries, 32 are strong divine force grade divine countries. They are the backbone of the resistance against the Gumana Universes forces.

In the center of the 32 strong divine force grade divine countries, there are 3 divine countries exuding mighty divine force rank splendor. The 3 mighty divine force rank gods are the Bai Familys most profound underlying strength.

The god path is both more difficult and simpler than the Warlock path. It is extremely difficult for a god to advance by themselves. It requires an understanding of laws, a perception of divine authority, and the support of enormous amounts of divine force. However, as long as you obtain a higher-level godhead, everything will become easy. You can quickly advance until the potential of the higher-level godhead is exhausted.

The godheads of the 3 mighty divine force rank gods are mighty divine force grade godheads that the Bai Family, which was in control of the Cangzhi Plane for tens of thousands of years, acquired through various means. Although the three mighty divine force rank gods can hardly leave the Cloud Sea Plane. However, they are the most powerful guardians of the Cloud Sea Plane.

In addition to the 3 mighty divine force rank gods, there are 26 Warlock Monarch grade weapons on the edge of the divine country boundary.

Although each of the 26 Warlock Monarch grade weapons is slightly weaker than the Star River Sects star giant, but when they act together, the 26 Warlock Monarch grade weapons are far stronger than the Star River Sects star giant.

In addition to the 26 Warlock Monarch grade weapons, the Bai Family has also mobilized 285 Infinity Warlock grade weapons. This shows how profound the underlying strength of the Cangzhi Planes strongest force is.

In the Cloud Sea Planes outer space, there are 36 hives floating. The Gumana Universes powerhouses poured out from the 36 hives and engaged the Bai Familys powerhouses.

700 plus infinity Warlock rank, 10,000 plus Bright World Warlock rank, hundreds of thousands of Glorious Sun Warlock rank, and 10 million plus Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses flew out from the 36 hives.

Countless rays interwove, making it appear like the whole world has crumbled.

In the Gumana Universes camp, there are 16 100-meter-long weapons with the body made from a small hive, a pointy head, eight pairs of eyes, seven pairs of wings on the back, six pairs of claws, and a scorpion tail behind.

The 16 weapons, which exude Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power, engaged the Bai Familys 26 Warlock Monarch rank weapons and even put the other party under tremendous pressure.

A freak covered in sharp tentacles, with the body made from a hive ten times as big as the small hives, a pair of wings on the back, eight 500-meter-tall giant eyes scattered around its body that leave it with no blind spots and contain countless pupils, its eight eyes gleamed and fired a beam barreling towards the Bai Familys 3 mighty divine force rank gods.

A grave expression on their faces, the Bai Familys 3 mighty divine force rank gods burned divine force crazily and unleashed formidable defensive divine spells to protect themselves from the eight beams, their eyes filled with wary.

Yang Feng observed the battlefield, carefully, saying: “It looks like the Bai Familys situation isnt that good!”

“The Bai Family hasnt gone all out yet!” Luo An uttered with a smile: “The Bai Family has two Empyrean grade secret treasures, namely the Zigud Wood Stuff from the archgod era and the Magic Note Throne. The Zigud Wood Stuff is a treasure that a Warlock Emperor rank archgod called Zigud forged from the corpse of another Warlock Emperor archgod they slayed and countless treasures of heaven and earth. After the collapse of the Dawn Dynasty, the founder of the Bai Family obtained the Zigud Wood Stuff by luck, which led to him establishing the Great Cloud Dynasty.”

Each Empyrean grade secret treasure has endless might and inconceivable powers. The number of Empyrean grade secret treasures refined by the Eight Warlock Dynasties isnt large, and practically all of them have an owner. However, there are still some ownerless Empyrean grade secret treasures from the Eternal and the archgod eras.

Mei Shuanghuas eyes flashed fiercely, and she said with a smile: “When the Bai Family goes all out and is in a dire situation, then well help them.”

In the alliance of the four sects, the Bright moon School is the weakest. Moreover, a greater part of the Bright Moon Schools foundation lies in the Cangzhi Plane. They are far behind the Battle Demon Sect and the other two sects in terms of development of other planes. As a result, the Bright Moon School is the one that hates the Bai Family the most.

Following a flash of light, wisps of light formed a figure in front of Yang Fengs fleet. It is the Great Cloud Dynastys current emperor Bai Wuqing.

Derision streaked past Bai Wuqings eyes, and he snapped: “Grand Duke of the North Lei Ming, I order you to take your fleet to attack the other universes freaks at once.”

A throne-like brand appeared on Bai Wuqings forehead. Virtually at the same time, a throne-like brand also appeared on Yang Fengs forehead.

The Fate Algorithm throbbed, and a sense of danger surged in Yang Fengs mind.

Yang Fengs countenance changed suddenly. By relying on the Warlock Monarch rank computing power of the level-5 optical computer network, he instantly guessed the truth of the matter: “Curses, its the power of the Empyrean grade secret treasure Magic Note Throne!”

The Empyrean grade secret treasure Magic Note Throne is not only a peerless secret treasure that can aid in Warlock cultivation, but it also possesses various mysterious powers.

“I shall obey!”

On the bridge, Yang Feng bowed to Bai Wuqing and transmitted his voice to outside with loudspeakers, decisive.

With that, the throne brand on Yang Fengs forehead disappeared.

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