Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 87 – Black Dragon City

Chapter 86 – Crazy Training

Translator: Xaiomoge

When the spell Extreme Weakening fell onto Yang Feng, he immediately felt one third of his bodys strength leave him, becoming weakened.

“Im going to reap you apart!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed fiercely, his figure shook and he rushed at Bonney.

With top-notch black dragon bloodline and after Yang Feng begun practicing Black Dragon Morph, his physical constitution by far outmatched that of Bonney. According to reason, he should be a being without equals among the same rank.

Bonney looked coldly, recited an incantation and pointed at the ground. Thick vines extended from the ground and engulfed Yang Feng like tentacles.

Yang Fengs complexion changed greatly, he brandished his dragons claws, directly chopping those vines into countless fragments.

The moment those vine-fragments fell to the ground, a fiends claw pierced at Yang Fengs heart, directly digging it out.

“What happened? My physical constitution and the power of bloodline are obviously much more formidable than Bonneys!”

A sharp pain was transmitted from Yang Fengs heart, his vision turned black and he directly disappeared from that world.

“Then I choose Chinea as my opponent, combat landscape, plains!”

Yang Fengs eyes blurred and he once again appeared in the plains. Chinea stood fifty meters in front of him.

The moment after the signal was given, Chineas figure shook, holding a scimitar, the strong life force released from all over his body formed into a life force cover. He darted towards Yang Feng like a gust of wind.

“Black Dragon Scales!”

The instant after Yang Feng automatically cast his innate spell, still not having thought of how to cope with the situation, he was already ruthlessly cut by Chineas scimitar, falling to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut. Were it not for the defensive strength of Black Dragon Scales being powerful enough, the he would have already been dead.

After Chineas heavy hit landed on Yang Feng, Chinea then directly dropped his scimitar. Resorting to his grappling skills, dislocated Yang Fengs joints one after another, then grabbed Yang Feng with extreme viciousness and ruthlessly pounded him against the ground.

After being tortured for three minutes, his whole body being in sharp pain, only then did Yang Feng died. His vision became dark and he immediately disappeared from that world.

“Fuck! My actual combat ability is really too low!! Reduce the degree of the combat, adjust to the degree of a Great Knight.” Yang Feng ordered while somewhat annoyed.

Yang Feng quickly appeared in the plains, opposite to him was a Great Knight.

The difference between the Great Knight and Yang Feng in terms of physical constitution was truly too great. Yang Feng could clearly see the Great Knights each and every move, then after the other arrived, a fist blew the Great Knight away.

After regaining a bit of confidence, Yang Feng then started choosing Earth Knights as his opponents.

Although Earth Knights were somewhat troublesome, but with Yang Fengs freak-like physical constitution, he could still easily get rid of them.

Yang Feng then started choosing Earth Knights and level-3 Apprentice Warlocks as his opponents, continuously enhancing his combat ability in the Virtual Reality Battle Cabin.

Inside the Virtual Reality Battle Cabin, Yang Fengs various types of combat abilities were enhanced at a terrifying rate. After each battle, Yang Feng would reflect on his shortcomings, and then continue with the enhancement of his combat abilities.

Two days later, Yang Feng begun to choose Sky Knight Chinea to battle with.

With a physical constitution superior to that of Chinea, adding on the innate spell Black Dragon Scales, Yang Feng erupted with terrifying battle prowess. Finally, with an attitude of neither side wins, resulted in Chinea being grinded down until he died.

The first time after defeating a Sky Knight, Yang Fengs heart was brimming with delight and he threw himself into battles with even more excitement. With Chinea as his opponent, he continuously tempered his combat abilities.

Every day, Yang Feng would construct new level-1 spell models inside his spirit sea. After successfully constructing them, he would then enter the Virtual Reality Battle Cabin and continue to battle with Chinea.

Chinea, who originally could quickly and easily beat Yang Feng, became now a target, whom Yang Feng trampled and tested his spells on.

After it became easy for Yang Feng to dispose of Chinea, only then did he choose to do battle with Bonney, the Master of Black Cottage.

Although Bonney was equally a level-1 Warlock rank expert, but as an official Warlock, he was several times stronger than a Sky Knight like Chinea. Yang Fengs fight against Bonney was completely one sided.

Even though Yang Fengs overall physical constitution was above Bonneys, yet he still was beaten up badly by Bonneys various spells and then died over and over again.

After every death, Yang Feng would bitterly ponder and try to find a solution. Additionally, he would learn how to fight from Bonney, practice new spells and upgrade his battle prowess.

Although Bonney, the Master of Black Cottage, was merely a pinnacle level-1 Warlock. The fiend bloodline that he had transplanted, even though it was merely intermediate fiend bloodline, yet it also made him very formidable. Coupled with his more that a hundred years of cultivation and his very abundant battle experience. He was nearly invincible among the same level and was comparable to the weakest level-2 Warlock.

Even though Yang Feng had implanted the top-notch black dragon bloodline, he still wasnt Bonneys match. However, during his continuous battles, he changed at a terrifying rate and all of his potential was completely stimulated.

A month later, in the plains, with a body littered with bruises, Yang Feng finally clawed out Bonneys heart.

“Ah!! Ive finally killed him!!” Yang Feng faced the sky and let out a long shout, his shout was full of unspeakable joy.

Within this month, however, Yang Feng had been abused by Bonney. He didnt know how many times he had died, and now he finally defeated Bonney. This was a testimony of his strength genuinely crossing the boundary of pinnacle level-1 Warlock.

Exiting the Virtual Reality Battle Cabin, Yang Feng went directly to the bath house of Giant-Stone Citys palace, he undressed and jumped inside.

In a flash, a feeling of warmth and comfort filled Yang Fengs body, eliminating his fatigue.

“Master, may I wash your back?”

Yang Feng opened his eyes, only to see the figure of the fiery and alluring Judy. With twin peaks the size of small cantaloupe melons and dressed in a faintly transparent silk dress, she came over with a bashful smear on her pretty face.

Yang Feng looked at the fiery and alluring Judy, she was exuding an aura full of charm. His eyes were almost spitting fire and his mouth was dry, lust erupting from within. He jumped straight out of the bath. As Judy was crying out in surprise, he took the fiery and well developed young girl into his embrace and pressed her down beside the bath.

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