Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 870 – Assassination

Chapter 869 – Severing Shackles

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Grand Duke of the North, I order you to take your troops…”

Before Bai Wuqings projection could finish speaking, transparent threads suddenly appeared on his body, and the projection became dull and spiritless.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with the shade of dignity, and he uttered slowly: “When I was forced to accept the official post of the Great Cloud Dynasty, I didnt think there was such a hidden danger!”

Mei Shuanghua took a look at Yang Feng, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with enigmatic light: “The Undying Mountains Lei Ming, it turns out that he is the Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming who established a great foundation in the Great Cloud Dynasty.”

Xinghe Mingxuans eyes flickered with complicated emotions: “The Grand Duke of the North Lei Ming! The Grand Duke of the North who is in charge of the Li Gui Province, the Yu Province, and the Bright Moon Province, no wonder his strength has risen so fast.”

In recent years, the Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming has become a top figure in the Cangzhi Plane and has taken control of three provinces, wielding countless cultivation resources and tremendous power.

The Bright Moon School and the Star River Sect naturally pay close attention to top figures like Lei Ming. However, Yang Feng, who has been hiding very well, only recently revealed some flaws. Only those who have been tracking down the details about the Undying Mountains Lei Ming know that Yang Feng is Lei Ming.

Luo Ans eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he uttered slowly: “This is one of the powers of the Magic Note Throne. Anyone who accepts an official post or a title conferred by the Magic Note Throne must obey reasonable orders issued by Bai Wuqing. Otherwise, they will suffer a backlash from the Magic Note Throne. The stronger they are, the greater the backlash they will suffer.

Xinghe Mingxuan said: “When we the Ten Great Sects sent our top disciples to the Imperial Court for training, after they reached a bottleneck, we had them resign from their official posts and return to the sect, so that they wouldnt be bound by the shackles of the Magic Note Throne.

The Great Cloud Dynastys Three Grand Ministers, Nine Ministers, the heads of the Six Ministries, and the palace eunuchs, most of them are loyal to the Bai Family because they were bestowed great power by the Magic Note Throne. At the same time, the Magic Note Throne can deprive them of said power.

“I, Undying Mountains Lei Ming, shall resign from all my official posts and titles of the Great Cloud Dynasty.”

Yang Feng ran the Fate Algorithm, and countless mysterious runes appeared in his eyes.

As if he plunged into a sea of fate, threads of fate appeared around Yang Feng.

Yang Feng saw that among the countless threads of fate tied to him, there is one thread of fate emitting a strange black gas. The moment when his words fell, the thread of fate dissipated by half.

An illusory, transparent blade of fate suddenly appeared and slashed towards the thread of fate.

Light flashed, and Bai Wuqing strangely appeared before the thread of fate and said in a clear, loud voice: “Yang Feng, the great tribulation is upon us. Only when we human Warlocks unite, may we be able to survive the great tribulation. If you join the Great Cloud Dynasty, I will grant you a hereditary peer title of grand prince and use the power of the Magic Note Throne to help you become a Warlock Monarch.”

“What I want is real power, not false power under anothers control.”

Yang Feng smiled and pointed with a finger, and the illusory, transparent blade of fate severed the black thread of fate.

When the black thread of fate was severed, Yang Feng felt his body relaxed. Although he also felt his strength weaken at once. But at the same time, he felt more comfortable and in control.

A great amount of black gas emitted from the black thread of fate and formed a black throne brand that was engraved on Yang Fengs forehead.

The Cloud Sea Plane, in a luxurious palace, Bai Wuqing sitting on the throne opened his eyes, took a deep look in Yang Fengs direction, and said unhurriedly, expressionless: “He broke free from the Magic Note Thrones shackles. From now on, the tiger has returned to the mountain. I wonder whether this is a disaster or a blessing to the Bai Family.”

Yang Feng touched the black brand on his forehead: “This magic seal is the power of the Magic Note Throne. It wont dissipate before I fulfill Bai Wuqings order.

Once the power of the Magic Note Throne was unleashed, even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses will hardly be able to resist it.

Yang Feng sensed the Devourers in the small worlds inside him stir, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “But I have the Devourers, the nemesis of such curse-like spells.”

“However, its not yet time for this card to be exposed. Furthermore, its in my best interest to fight against the Gumana Universes forces.”

Those who slay Gumana Universes powerhouses can reap the favor of the universe. Thanks to this, your endeavors will go more smoothly in this universe, and the small probability of some lucky events taking place will be greatly amplified. This has great benefits in the long run.

When Yang Fengs subordinated experts and mechanical legion slay the Gumana Universes powerhouses, the universes favor can be superimposed on him. Naturally, hes rather interested in hunting down the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

A Star Destroyer Battlestar suddenly emerged from empty space, its doors opened, and a dense crowd of enhanced 4th generation battle robots flew out and, as if blanketing the sky, rushed towards the battlefield.

Yang Feng unleashed 1 million enhanced 4th generation battle robots at once.

In recent years, Yang Feng has never stopped the construction of battle robots. Because of constraint of resource, he has only produced 1 million plus 5th generation battle robots. But the number of 4th generation battle robots has already reached 3 billion.

The 1 million enhanced 4th generation battle robots are just a drop in the bucket for Yang Feng. Even if they are all destroyed, he wont feel a thing.

Instead of flying directly into the center of the battlefield, the 1 million 4th generation battle robots hunted Gumana Universes Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses on the edge of the battlefield.

When the mechanical legion composed of 1 million Moonlight Warlock rank robots plunged into the battlefield, the Bai Familys situation turned for the better.

A supreme Infinity Warlock rank fire qilin flew out and plunged into the battlefield. However, it cunningly only attacked easy pray on the periphery of the battlefield, not daring to plunge into the center of the battlefield.

A 10,000-meter-long astral dragon snake, a 1,000-meter-long manta stone wolf, a 10,000-meter-long giant dragon turtle, and a 10,000-meter-tall evil ogre, all exuding fearsome breath, plunged into the battle. However, they just stayed at the edge of the battlefield and picked off easy targets, hunting Gumana Universes Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses. They arent willing to fight against the Gumana Universes Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.

In addition, the powerhouses of dozens of Warlock groups were forced to join the extremely cruel battlefield.

After the Warlock groups joined the battlefield, the situation was still in a stalemate.

If the Warlock groups have tried their best and fought to the death, it would be possible to break the stalemate. However, the Warlock groups, who were forced to come help, dont have the intention to fight for the Bai Family with all their might. Much like Yang Feng, they just hunt weak prey. When they meet a strong enemy, they retreat immediately. Since they mostly care about protecting their lives, its naturally impossible to reverse the situation.

Although Bai Wuqing urged repeatedly, but the Warlock groups turned a deaf ear, refusing to fight with all their might.

The power of Magic Note Throne has limitations. Although Bai Wuqing can issue reasonable orders, but the target can disobey orders that will lead to their death.


Along with a blare, a weak divine force grade divine country in the Cloud Sea Planes outer space exploded. The terrifying explosion set off ripples in the divine country boundary.

10 Infinity Warlock rank, 200 Bright World Warlock rank, and 1,000 Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe flew out from the explosion.

The divine country is the residence and the strongest fortress of the gods. A weak divine force rank god can contend against even an Infinity Warlock inside their divine country.

However, despite how powerful a divine country is, it will still be destroyed in front of absolute power. A weak divine force rank gods divine country, which can barely contend against an Infinity Warlock, stands no chance against a force composed of 10 Infinity Warlock rank, 200 Bright World Warlock rank, and 1,000 Glorious Warlock rank powerhouses.

After the explosion of the divine country, the eight-eyed freak that pressured the Bai Familys three mighty divine force rank powerhouses fired a beam from an eye that entered empty space.

In the empty space, a huge hole opened at once.

Four hives shook slightly and flew out from the hole.

Yang Fengs face flickered: “Shit, this monster can transfer hives. If things go on like this, the Bai Family will stand no chance.”

At the sight of the four hives, the complexion of the Warlocks changed dramatically.

Until this point, the human Warlock side was at a complete disadvantage. Yet now four more hives appeared. If there is no miracle, the loss of the human Warlock side is all but guaranteed.

Yang Feng contemplated for a while, and then ordered: “Fire!”

In an instant, a bright beam fired by the Starfield Battlestar pierced through one of the hives that have been transferred, and the hive exploded into pieces.

Yang Fengs huge fleet suddenly appeared, and countless main artillery and secondary artillery shone. A rain of light slammed into the Gumana Universes powerhouses and blasted them to shreds one after another.

“So strong!”

“To destroy a hive with a single shot, awesome.”

“Whats the secret treasure is that, how can it be so powerful!?”


When the Warlock groups who came as reinforcements saw this scene, astonishment welled up inside them.

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